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Together - Various - Deeper Into The Vaults. download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Maukinos

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Deeper Into The Vaults on Discogs. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Deeper Into The Vault on Discogs.4/4(4). View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Deeper Into The Vault on Discogs.4/4(2).

In Together - Various - Deeper Into The Vaults. early 's, at Wally's birthday partythe child's game Hunt the Mutant is played on the Atrium. Several years later, on July 13,a notice in the Cafeteria announces an upcoming baseball game on Saturday.

If the player character studies the local map carefully, they will note that the rooms with closed doors, ex. It is, also, not evident how the Mack Family apartment is connected to the rest of the complex as the apartment door leads to a non-existent hallway. Regardless, the location of the apartment itself suggests how far up the ladder Allen Mack is in the command structure of the Vault as his family has one of the best apartments.

Rooms in Admin are the Overseer's office, reception room Jonas Palmer is found dead here during Escape! Systems connects Admin to Atrium.

Rooms in the Atrium are located on two floors - an upper and a lower floor. This is the final section of the Vault. Though named Lower Level, this section actually covers two levels: the Lower and the Reactor.

Rooms in the Lower level are the Clinic, classroom, diner, DeLoria apartment, restrooms and the Lone Wanderer's apartment Note : map for the DeLoria and Lone Wanderer's apartments in the official game guide have two beds in the bedroom; whereas, in the game, there is only one bed. Blackboard in Mr. Brotch 's classroom. Rooms in the Reactor level are the generator- and storage room BB gun shooting rangefilter room water purifier and reactor room. This department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the Vault.

Jobs within this department include garbage burnersPip-Boy programmers, waste management specialists, and jukebox technicians. The accouterments of maintenance technicians are a utility jumpsuit and work boots. Technicians sometimes carry a wrench or other tool with them and a utility key. This department, and the technicians who work Yesterdays - Guns N Roses - Use Your Illusion II the department, are viewed and treated with contempt by other vault residents.

This department is the destination of individuals who displease the overseer as the troublemakers will be overwhelmed with work and they will have little time for any other activities. Vault appears only in Fallout 3. It is also mentioned in a poster in Fallout 4on a wall in the Compound.

It is also mentioned by the Vault 76 overseer in Fallout In the cafeteria, there Ogum É Pai De Todos ; Louvação A Ogum Beira Mar ; Ogum Sete Ondas - Vozes Da Umbanda - Seleção De Po a reference to the first Fallout game.

On the bulletin board above the jukebox it advertises a bingo night in the diner, with the ball chosen being 13 and "First prize being a weeks supply of water rations! Another reference to Fallout 1 is in here, where Butch asks his friend why anyone would want to be called a " Vault Dweller " when asked about names for his gang.

Several elements of Vault may be inspired by George Orwell's novelincluding the Vault number Roomthe devotion to the overseer Big Brother and the Vault's generally authoritarian society. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It was here you were born. It is here you will die. Because in Vault no one ever enters, and no one Contents [ show ]. Paul Hannon Sr. Lone Wanderer apartment.

Framed Revelation quote hides an office wall safe. Barn with a mini nukejust west of Vault An advertisement for the Vault on a loading screen. Fallout 3 locations. Category : Vault Hidden category: Articles with verified bugs. Major Faction locations. Brotherhood of Steel. Brotherhood Outcasts. Talon Company. Once you're dead, we'll finish off this pathetic Brotherhood and become the true saviors of the Wasteland.

This ends NOW! Now contending with malcontented soldiers, the remains of Enclave Camps dotted throughout the Wasteland with little or no contact or on-going tactical orders, and a lack of new recruits, the Enclave may be a doomed force. However, a small influx of specially trained fighters is seeking to fill the gap left by the Brotherhood of Steel's advances.

Posted to previously unknown and highly secretive locations outside of the Capital Wasteland, only the most veteran of Enclave forces trained in multiple forms of combat earn the right to call themselves Sigma. These six-person squads feature a leader clad in Hellfire Armor and carrying an Incinerator, and each man in has seen numerous combat sorties and lived to tell about them.

Sigma Squads are posted around locations deemed by Enclave high command as "imperative" to the salvation of the cause, so whenever you encounter Sigma Squads, you know something vital to the Enclave is Together - Various - Deeper Into The Vaults. by. Damn glad to meet you. A heavy burden and yet if it means the return of the earth to our children and to their children, I bear it gladly.

I control our atomic powerplant here. Who the hell are you and what are you doing here? It was originally developed to turn soldiers into super-warriors but it failed. The warriors were tough and strong, but far too stupid. However, our brilliant Chemical Corps altered it. Any humanoid that isn't inoculated against its effects before its release, will die. That is the Project. You've seen the kind of technology these people have. They want to help people. They want to change the Wasteland.

I couldn't pass up an opportunity to work in an environment like this. You've lost. The Enclave is at the height of its power.

Once this facility is operational, the masses will flock to the Enclave for fresh water, protection, and a plan for the future. Cooptrol - Untension is a bit of a problem. Colonel Autumn and I have, of late, disagreed on the best course of action for the Enclave. While I have direct control Together - Various - Deeper Into The Vaults. the technology in Raven Rock, he has control of the human soldiers.

Why not have Colonel Autumn help you? Colonel Autumn. My trusted subordinate. I'm sure you've noticed that Colonel Autumn and I do not see eye-to-eye these days, figuratively speaking of course.

The good Colonel and I disagree on how best to approach the problem of the Wasteland. He feels my methods are too extreme. He has allowed his humanity to cloud his objectivity.

And now that he is publicly countermanding my orders, I can no longer Groovefella - Groovy Ego on him. And so I turn to you. I hope that you are able to see the larger picture, to understand what's at stake.

And of course, if you are successful, there is a place for you in the Enclave. Perhaps you could succeed the Colonel as my confidant. You see this vial? He trusts me more than he trusts you. That plan was abandoned months ago. He would never go behind my back! He was then put to work maintaining and creating the latest in flamethrower technologies for the Enclave; accomplishments he is troubled by.

Why should I trust you? See, I've done things for the Enclave Things I can't say I'm proud of, but a man's gotta eat. When the Enclave picked me up, I was starving and suffering from radiation poisoning. I felt I owed them. But now You'll make a great distraction while I make off with a few robots and supplies. I help you, and you help me. I fix 'em up. I saw what you did before you got in the base. You're not going to hurt me are you? How do I find them? They have hidden bases all over the shards of old California, and their strongest stronghold is off to the west, over the waters.

From here we handle all communications with the main base and any other outposts that have been established. You just better make sure you say that with a smile. Have a nice day. He cited concerns over that military exercises staged by the Chinese fleet are "unacceptably close to our strategic oil reserves.

You want me to infiltrate this base for you. The Brotherhood of Steel is not the power that we once were. We believed ourselves to be the sole source of technology left to mankind. Secure in this belief we have let our order decline over the years. Now we don't have the resources at our disposal to deal with the Enclave. We need your help. Wiegenlied - Hans Carste Und Das Große Streichorchester* - Zwischen Tag und Traum this mission for me and I will grant you access to our facility here.

The best of the Brotherhood technology will be made available to you, exclusively. What do you say? Much to our surprise their level of technology surpassed even our own. We found this quite disturbing and considered contacting them.

However, we decided on a more cautious course of action until we could determine exactly who the Enclave was, and the underlying purpose of their organization. What have you learned?

However, these are simply trivial pursuits leading up to some higher purpose, which we have failed to uncover. We are still watching them. Any thoughts on the Enclave? I will tell you that the Brotherhood has encountered the Enclave before, and their motives were just as sinister then as they are now. We SAW one when we were out in th' desert!

It was as big… Takes a deep breath. Where did you see it? Squints at you suspiciously. It's probably not there anymore, though. Glances around, starts whispering. A bunch of us are going out there tonight.

Seventy-one missions and only lost one chopper. Rotor malfunction over Klamath. Hard landing, but I walked away. It's not even close to ready for primetime yet, but it's technically functional, so please get it logged. I sent a second copy along to the rig, along with the Vertibird schematics. If anything goes wrong with your copy, you're going to have to speak with them. I think they did some work with the Rockets and some energy weapon prototypes, I Be What You Are - Supermax - World Of Today. It is said that Alien technology was the basis of many of the Enclave's more exotic and impressive weaponry and robotics, and even toy manufacturers such as Wilson Automatoys weren't immune to these accusations.

Recently, after the discovery of an Alien body in Fort Bannister, the shocking truth was revealed. The Aliens are not only real and alive, but they're back. And they're pissed. Really, it's not. But Doctor Li She's scraping by. She's scavenging for parts in the Wastes.

The Enclave has everything it needs. They're light-years ahead of anything Doctor Li could accomplish. Working here is my best chance to help make the world a better place. I haven't had time to look into the ramifications of the changes yet though. Also, I'd have to backtrack to isolate your initial gene-stock before I could hazard any ideas on the direction the changes are taking. All in all though, the information is clear enough.

Some wished to preserve humanity as it was. Others, evolve it. You can guess who won out. The tissue samples which we utilize to make the serums haven't technically been human for some time now.

Thus, using them is not technically cannibalism. But human tissue proved the most Made the final struggle over this place a lively one. Factions in Fallout 2. Factions in Fallout 3. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Talk page. Views (Do You Get) Excited - Roxette - Joyride View source History.

Skin Dark skin Light skin Switching skins. Contribute Create article Upload file Help. This page was last edited on 6 Septemberat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights Together - Various - Deeper Into The Vaults.

their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Faction Enclave. Power centralized in the hands of the President of the Enclave. Last President of the United States 6 —? Established by select members of the United States government and the military-industrial complex before the Great War; Together - Various - Deeper Into The Vaults.

established post-War. Clear delineation of castes, with the society of the Enclave divided into military, science, and civilian categories. The Vault Dweller's Memoirs are the introduction of the Fallout 2 manual.

Written by the Vault Dweller himself, they are an account of his history ever since he left Vault 13, up until he founded Arroyo. As it stands, it is the only information about the canonical outcome of Fallout outside a few references in the sequels themselves.

They want me to write my memoirs. I'll do it. But as the song goes, I'll do it my way. And I'm old enough that I will get my way. The War I know little about the Warbut it doesn't really matter. A lot of people died when a lot of atomic bombs went off and nearly destroyed the world. If you don't know what an atomic bomb is, then imagine the worst thing possible.

Atomic bombs were worse than that. Before the War, the government of the United Stateswhich numbered in the thousands of villages, and had many, many tribesman per village, paid to have these huge holes dug in mountains and huts of metal and stone built underground. There were many Vaults. Some were close to cities, and some far away. These Vaults were to be used as safe places in case of atomic war.

As you may guess, when Go Down On Me - River City Rapists - Love Hurts War came your ancestors made it to a Vault. Vault 13 to be specific. For several generations, your ancestors and mine lived within the Vault. As best as they could figure, it was too dangerous to try and leave the Vault. They grew their own food, recycled their waste, read, worked, slept, had families, and even purified the necessary water within the Vault.

I was born in the creche, and was raised by the community and a robot. It was a good life, but all good things come to an end. About three generations after the War, the water-purification chip the Vault relied on to create the fresh water broke down. All the spare parts were missing or busted, and without the water-chip the Vault was doomed. Something had to be done. The Overseer gathered the healthy of us between a certain age and made us draw straws. Guess what?

I drew the short one. Wouldn't be much of story if I didn't, would it? I left the Vault the next day. Life on the Outside My first few days were harrowing to say the least. I fought off some giant mutant rats that were more interested in eating me than they should have been. My only clue was the location of another Vault, number I spent a couple of days stumbling through the desert before I came upon a small settlement. I stopped there for help, and encountered the little town called Shady Sands.

I helped them, and they helped me. Understand that survival requires that you work together, even with people you may not trust. I did earn the trust, however, of two prominent citizens of Shady Sands - Tandy and her father, Aradesh. With their knowledge, and the help of a man called IanI continued on my way to Vault The ruins of Vault 15, to be more specific.

Ravaged by the elements, scavengers, and time itself, Vault 15 was no help for my people. The control room that contained their water-chip was buried under tons of fallen rock, and I had to move on. After a small problem with some raiderswho would continue for years to plague not only myself, but the Tribe, I found myself in Junktown. It was here that I learned the most important rule of all: doing a good thing sometimes means being a very bad person.

My memories of Junktown are tainted, and I feel no remorse for my actions in that place. It was there that I came across a dog, who adopted me and was my faithful friend from there on.

I miss Dogmeat to this day. While Junktown was a city of traders and traitorsit did not have a water-chip. I was not desperate yet, as there was still time for me to recover the chip and return to my home, but I needed to move on. Fortunately, they pointed me in the direction of the Hubthe largest city in the wasteland. The Hub was a larger city than both Junktown and On Attend, On Attend - Gilbert Bécaud - Becaulogie En Disque Compact Sands combined.

You could drop the Vault in there, and you probably would not notice. But the people of the Hub had no life, and it was a desolate place just the same. It eased my mind, however, to hire some merchants to bring water to the Vault. Looking back, it was probably a mistake to do so, but I was still innocent of the evils that lurked through the ruins of civilization. A small clue led me to the city of the ghoulsthe place they called Necropolis. It was there that I encountered large mutants, armed with weapons of an unknown origin.

It is with heavy sadness that I say that Ian lost his life in the city of the dead. A super mutant burned him to death with a flamethrower.

Deeper Into The Vault Various Artists (Artist) Format: Audio CD. out of 5 stars 3 customer reviews. See all 6 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Price New from Used from Audio CD, September 5, "Please retry" $ $ — Audio, Cassette, August 28, /5(3). Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Deeper into the Vault [ ] - Various Artists on AllMusic - Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Deeper into the Vault [ ] - Various Artists on AllMusic - Deeper into the Vault [ ] AllMusic Rating. VARIOUS Deeper Into The Vaults (Mid 70s UK track compilation LP featuring tracks from Johnny Cash, Cher, P.J. Proby, Johnny & The Hurricanes, The Penguins & more, textured picture sleeve. The sleeve shows just a little light shelfwear & the vinyl is wonderful UAS).

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Deeper Into the Vault at progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Our long-range sensors have only picked up limited information about this mysterious "Vault" station. Based on our scans, it's a massive starbase, and a small ship -- like a fighter or shuttle -- could easily slip into the maintenance areas and possibly some of the interior. Start studying AP Art History Vocab. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. a visual effect in which an object is shortened and turned deeper into the picture plane to give the effect of receding space. a composition made by pasting together different items onto a flat surface.

During a Bat Vault experience, you’ll get the chance to dive deeper into the stories of the players who swung our bats and hold different models. Bat Vault experiences happen daily. Be sure to tell our team members that you want to enhance your museum visit and step into The Bat Vault!

May 05,  · Deeper Into the Vault, a Various Artists Compilation. Released in on Megaforce (catalog no. CAROL ; CD). Genres: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal/5(1). Various Artists - Deeper Into The Vault () Scanner - Ball Of The Damned () Deinonychus - The Silence of December () Pestilence - Spheres () Various Artists - Masters of Misery () Baphomet - Latest Jesus () Fight - War of Words () God Forsaken - Dismal Gleams Of Desolation () Cemment - Lost Humanity ().

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Deeper Into The Vaults on Discogs.


Orphan Age - Strike Anywhere - In Defiance Of Empty Times, Ogum É Pai De Todos ; Louvação A Ogum Beira Mar ; Ogum Sete Ondas - Vozes Da Umbanda - Seleção De Po, Grand Valzer Per Gilda - Piero Piccioni - Assolto Per Non Aver Commesso Il Fatto (Colonna Sonora), Shine - Various - Tam Tam Primavera Compilation - Heavy Rotation, Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol. 1, Joints And Jam - Dj Git Hyper - DJ Git Hyper Presents Music From Raymann Is Laat!, Civil War - Broken Bones - Bone Club The Very Best Of, Grand Valzer Per Gilda - Piero Piccioni - Assolto Per Non Aver Commesso Il Fatto (Colonna Sonora), On Attend, On Attend - Gilbert Bécaud - Becaulogie En Disque Compact, Eric Clapton Interview - Cream - Farewell Concert Royal Albert Hall (DVD), Nomak - Recalm Collection 1

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  1. Apr 26,  · Deeper into the vaults, Dave presents Dee Clark, whose tender high tenor voice (an influence on Smokey Robinson) graces Tender Moments, a period ballad arranged by Robert Banks, (maintaining the Godin connection with that family) - Syl Johnson's bitter anthem of social comment was a Top 20 R&B hit, but is little-remembered and less played over /5(5).
  2. Discover releases, reviews, songs, credits, and more about Deeper Into The Vaults. at Discogs. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your collection/5(2).
  3. Our long-range sensors have only picked up limited information about this mysterious "Vault" station. Based on our scans, it's a massive starbase, and a small ship -- like a fighter or shuttle -- could easily slip into the maintenance areas and possibly some of the interior.
  4. When they reached the Vault door, Mirelurks had already moved deeper into the Vault to feed on corpses there. During the group's attempt to flee, the door to the abandoned maintenance tunnel slammed shut behind them, alerting the Mirelurks to their presence. The survivors tried to run in ankle-deep water into the entrance tunnel.
  5. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Deeper Into The Vault on Discogs.4/4(4).
  6. Vault is one of the vault series of fallout shelters developed by Vault-Tec in the northwest area of Washington, D.C., near the real-world suburb Tysons Corner. This vault is located northwest of Megaton, and west of Springvale. It was home to the Lone Wanderer until they left to search for.
  7. A typical living room in a Vault. The total number of inhabitants could be as high as ( with hot bunking) in installations like Vault 13 and Vault 76 and as low as As the government only commissioned Vaults as part of Project Safehouse, only a fraction of the U.S.' million citizens would actually be accepted into the Vaults. The duration of stay varied.