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Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol. 1 download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Galmaran

Various('s) Album Rauha Trio Presents: It's Cookin' Vol. 1. Listen to all tracks of Rauha Trio Presents: It's Cookin' Vol. 1 for free. Vinyl release limited to copies. V/A: Rauha trio presents: It's cookin' vol 1. Lisää toivelistalle. It's cookin' vol 1 V/A: Rauha trio presents 06 Supervillain Inc. – Stop Drop and Roll 07 Black Grass – Without your Love 08 Pepe Deluxé – Home 09 Hardkandy – Kelly Reid 10 Quantic Soul Orchestra feat. Alice Russell – . Indie / Classic Rock/ Synthpop/World Music I've been lucky to host Addictions and Other Vices Podcast for a few different Internet radio stations. Through a few acts of faith and blind courage I've started my own Internet radio station. Stop Drop Rock N Roll (Stop Drop Rock N Roll LP) Ice Cream Man Power Pop And More #

Thanks for coming over and claiming the early bird honor this time, dear friend. I'm pleased to see you! I agree the month of April and the A to Z Challenge are both racing by. Maybe it's because we're having so much fun. I know I am thoroughly enjoying your artwork again this year. I'm happy to know The Geator introduced seven new-to-you songs on his program today.

I try to make his play lists as authentic as possible. They will include rarities that were local or regional hits on the East Coast but not widely known in other regions of the country. That alternate version of the hit by The Marvelettes is quite a find.

I never knew about it until a couple weeks ago. I vividly recall Jerry Blavat playing "Mighty Cloud of Joy" and other disco records on the 70s version of his television show. Thanks again for Ucigași În Serie - B.U.G.

Mafia - Născut Și Crescut În Pantelimon in, dear friend Cathy, and enjoy the rest of your week! Tom, You always introduced some great new old sounds to my ears. It's friends like you who really expanded my mewsic education. I still have a long ways to go so keep it comin'! Thanks for all your visits this month during the A to Z Challenge, you're the best friend ever!

You made my day with this acknowledgement, dear friend. Thank you! You and I continue to demonstrate the joy and satisfaction that come from a genuine friendship commitment. I am supporting you every step of the way in your A to Z because you are a faithful friend to me, because I get a kick out of your purrsonality and because I honestly love your artwork. I am happy to introduce you to mewsic you missed.

In some cases it is mewsic I missed, too, and I am learning right along with you. Thanks again for your lovely comment, dear friend Cathy! Tom, Friendships in Blogosphere was something I banked on originally but it soon became clear that geniune friends like you were jewels wanting to be discovered and I'm so glad I got hooked on this social platform.

I've grown a lot learning many things and gained a wealth of new mewsic in the process that I'd otherwise might not know. Thank you again for loyality throughout this month while a2zing. I haven't always been the best to get Somebody Loves You - Dean Martin - Memories Are Made Of This here but I've tried.

The pace sometimes leaves me dizzy and I forget what I do or don't do. I'll be taking the rest of the week off, as you know by now to regroup and to tend to DH after his dental surgery. The poor guy is having the wore run with his teeth in recent years.

My heart hurts for him. The next time I visit you, it'll be a brand new month. Be well, my friend! I will be thinking about DH Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol.

1 his oral surgery and wishing him the best. I hope you will take some time to rest and bask in the afterglow of another highly successful A to Z run. Thank you again for your friendship and support, Cathy. I'll see you in May! Hi, Arleen! How are you doing, dear friend? First I want to thank you very much for dropping in last week and helping your Central Pennsylvania neighbor Kathleen Mae Schneider pay tribute to her mother Margaret on what would have been Margaret's th birthday.

Kathleen and I appreciate your support! I am trying to make this series as authentic as possible for Jerry Blavat fans like you. You will hear the kind of records the King of Philly Rock and Roll spins on his actual Geator Gold radio show and the kind he played decades ago on his other radio programs and his Discophonic Scene and Jerry's Place television shows.

Thank you again for joining the fun, dear friend Arleen. I hope you are doing well Here, There And Everywhere (US Mix) - The Beatles - Revolver - The Real Alternate Album I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Had to listen to The Duck. I thought it might be on the silly side, but it was a solid tune. Hi, Alex! Thanks for coming over, good buddy. I'm happy to see you! I'm also glad you brought up Jackie Lee's novelty dance number "The Duck. Jackie Lee's "The Duck - Part 1" was released stateside in November and charted in the early weeks of ' It's interesting to note that an Irish female recording artist with the same name, Jackie Lee, was also popular in the UK during the 60s and 70s.

Thanks again for your visit and comment, good buddy Alex! Hi Jerry and Shady. It's a bright sunny day, nice for attending a fun Soc Hop. The Dick Clark show was the best in my opinion, and I loved Danza Dei Coltelli - Domenico Modugno E Delia Scala - Rinaldo In Campo the dancers.

Great song! I love Harlem Shuffle, and only knew it was by Bob and Earl. Anytime I hear the song, I swoon and get up to shuffle, haha! I had no idea they wrote the song, and went on to do more fun projects. The Marvelettes are agreeably one of Motown's top girl groups, and simply fabulous! Maybe I haven't heard this one before, but the story sure is familiar! Loved it! I thought I heard a little needle scratch at the end of this record. This is a fun post, and deserves a large crowd, you guys!

I liked the Billy Harner "Sally" song, but can't quite put the thoughts together on what it reminds me of. It makes me think of the last ditch efforts that some of the groups experienced transitioning from soul and pop, to the Jackson Five, Tommy James and The Shondells, and Marvin Gaye styles.

A good choice to make me think! Thank you for this very cool lineup of good, and different music. The Contours open and "Clouds of Joy" finale, hit the spot! Hope your week's ending is fresh and exciting! See you next time! Hi, Suzanne! Thanks for dropping by with another super comment, dear friend. The Geator and Shady welcome you! That old American Bandstand clip is Chor: Der Herr Gab Das Wort - Georg Friedrich Händel - Stephanie Buyken, Alexandra Thomas, Wolfgang of the best available that offers a good look at the dance styles of midonly a few months after the show moved its production facilities from Philadelphia to Los Angeles.

However, this is also a fine example of modern video syncing. According to the uploader, the Bandstand kids in that clip were actually dancing to the Bobby Freeman hit "C'mon And Swim," yet you'd never know it.

Today they just text some girl and she thinks he's the coolest guy on the planet. While I'm at it, what's this fascination with typing messages on a tiny keyboard? It all came down after '64, both the girls high hair and the guys started growing it long.

Yep, happened on the West Coast right where AB moved to. When Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers became popular across the nation, groups of young teenagers emerged making records that sought to capture "the Frankie Lymon sound" and match his group's success.

Few did. I never heard this version with a spoken intro before and was delighted to come across it a couple of weeks ago just in time to insert it in this volume of Geator Gold. It is very similar! Billy Harner reminds me of Mitch Ryder. Can you hear the similarity in his gravel voiced shouting style?

The Mighty Clouds of Joy were a gospel group that successfully recorded secular songs in the disco 70s. The showender featured here is one of their best. Thanks again for joining the fun, dear friend Suzanne, and enjoy the rest of your week and weekend! Thank you for taking me along on another amazing musical journey, friend Shady … As you know, the first half of my life I lived under various rccks … just not the rocks you are used to … but dat okay … smiles … Mahnamanah … smiles … oh, and before I forget I must send you this another ear worm song … Enjoy!

Love, cat. Hi, cat! Mahnamanah to you, dear friend! As Herman's Os Terráqueos Não Dão Moleza - Paulinho Guitarra & The Very Very Cool Cool Band* - Trans Space famously sang, "Second verse, same as the first.

You rascal! If you missed songs like these when you were growing up, I am happy to get you acquainted with them. Stay tuned! Just to let you know Ago - For You 8 years ago. All Good Things Frank Foster R. Summer Afro Inspiration 8 years ago. In Dangerous Rhythm. In Dangerous Rhythm 8 years ago. Dust 2 Dust. Check the youtube. Baby Grandpa.

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Royal Groove. Settled In Shipping. The Blush Organisation. VinylTap Radio. Label Lovin' Blogs. The village of New Salem turned out in a body to see what the strangers would do in their predicament. They shouted, suggested, and advised for a time, but finally discovered that one big fellow in the crew was ignoring them and working out a plan of relief.

Having unloaded the cargo into a neighboring boat, Lincoln had succeeded in tilting his craft. By boring a hole in the end extending over the dam the water was let out.

This done, the boat was easily shoved over and reloaded. The ingenuity which he had exercised in saving his boat made a deep impression on the crowd on the bank. It was talked over for many a day, and the general verdict was that the "bow-hand" was a "strapper. Lincoln himself was interested in what he had done, and nearly twenty years later he embodied his reflections on this adventure in a curious invention for getting boats over shoals.

William G. Greene was one of the earliest friends of Lincoln at New Salem. He stood on the bank of the Sangamon River on the 19th of April,and watched Lincoln bore a hole in the bottom of the flatboat, which had lodged on the mill-dam, so that Böser Wolf - Die Toten Hosen - Vinyl-Box (Box Set, LP, Album, LP, Album, LP, Album, LP, Album, LP, A water might run out.

A few months later he and Lincoln were both employed by the enterprising Denton Offutt, as clerks in the store and managers of the mill which had been leased by Offutt. It was William G. Greene who, returning home from college at Jacksonville on a vacation, brought Richard Yates with him, and introduced him to Lincoln, the latter being found stretched out on the cellar door of Bowling Green's cabin reading a book. Greene was born in Tennessee inand went to Illinois in After the disappearance of New Salem he removed to Tallula, a few miles away, where in after years he engaged in the banking business.

He died inafter amassing a fortune. The raft over the New Salem dam, the party went on to New Orleans without trouble, reaching there in May,and remaining a month. It must have been a month of intense intellectual activity for Lincoln. New Orleans was entering then on her "flush times. The Creole population had held the sway so far in the city; but now it came into competition and often into contest with a pushing, ambitious, and frequently unscrupulous native American party.

To these two predominating elements were added Germans, French, Spanish, negroes and Indians. Cosmopolitan in its make-up, the city was even more cosmopolitan in its life. Everything was to be seen in New Orleans in those days, from the idle luxury of the wealthy Creole to the organization of filibustering juntas. The pirates still plied their [pg 20] trade in the Gulf, and the Mississippi River brought down hundreds of river boatmen—one of the wildest, wickedest sets of men that ever existed in any city.

Lincoln and his companions probably tied their boat up beside thousands of others. It was the custom then to tie up such craft along the river front where St. Mary's Market now stands, and one could walk a mile, it is said, over the tops of these boats without going ashore.

No doubt Lincoln went, too, to live in the boatmen's rendezvous, called the "Swamp," a wild, rough quarter, where roulette, whiskey, and the flint-lock pistol ruled. All of the picturesque life, the violent contrasts of the city, he would see as he wandered about; and he would carry away the sharp impressions which are produced when mind and heart are alert, sincere, and healthy. In this month spent in New Orleans Lincoln must have seen much of slavery. At that time the city was full of slaves, and the number was constantly increasing; indeed, one-third of the New Orleans increase in population between and was in negroes.

One of the saddest features of the institution was to be seen there in Romanze - Julian Bream - Romantic Guitar most aggravated form—the slave market.

The great mass of slave-holders of the South, who looked on the institution as patriarchal, and who guarded their slaves with conscientious care, knew little, it should be said, of this terrible traffic. Their transfer of slaves was humane, but in the open markets of the city it was attended by shocking cruelty and degradation.

Lincoln witnessed in New Orleans for the first time the revolting sight of men and women sold like animals Mr. Herndon says that he often heard Mr. Lincoln refer to this experience: "In New Orleans for the first time," he writes, "Lincoln beheld the true horrors of human slavery. He saw 'negroes in chains—whipped and scourged.

No doubt, as one of his companions has said, 'slavery ran the iron into him then and there. A vigorous and comely mulatto girl was being sold. She underwent a thorough examination at the hands of the bidders; they pinched her flesh, and made her trot up and down the room like a horse, to show how she moved, and in order, as the auctioneer said, that 'bidders might satisfy themselves' whether the article they were offering to buy was II - Temple (20) - Temple (File, Album) or not.

The whole thing was so revolting that Lincoln moved away from the scene with a deep feeling of 'unconquerable hate. If ever I get a chance to hit that thing' meaning slavery'I'll hit it hard. Mentor Graham was the New Salem school-master.

He it was who assisted Lincoln in mastering Kirkham's grammar, and later gave him valuable assistance when Lincoln was learning the theory of surveying. He taught in a little log school-house on a hill south of the village, just across Green's Rocky Branch. Among his pupils was Ann Rutledge, and the school was often visited by Lincoln. InMentor Graham was defendant in a lawsuit in which Lincoln and Herndon were attorneys for the plaintiff, Nancy Green.

It appears from the declaration, written by Lincoln's own hand, that on October 28,Mentor Graham gave his note to Nancy Green for one hundred dollars, with John Owens and Andrew Beerup as sureties, payable twelve months after date. The note not being paid when due, suit was brought. That Lincoln, even as an attorney, should sue Mentor Graham may seem strange; but it is no surprise when it is explained that the plaintiff was the widow of Bowling Green—the woman who, with her husband, had comforted Lincoln in an hour of grief.

Justice, too, in this case, was clearly on her side. The lawsuit seems never to have disturbed the friendly relations between Lincoln and Mentor Graham.

The latter's admiration for the former was unbounded to the day of his death. Mentor Graham lived on his farm near the ruins of New Salem untilwhen he removed to Petersburg. There he lived untilwhen he removed to Greenview, Illinois. Later he went to South Dakota, where he died aboutat the ripe old age of ninety-odd years. Herndon gives John Hanks as his authority for this statement.

But this is plainly an error, for, according to Mr. Though there is reason for believing that Lincoln was deeply impressed on this trip by something he saw in a New Orleans slave market, and that he often referred to it, the story told above probably grew to its present proportions by much telling. The month in New Orleans passed swiftly, and in June,Lincoln and his companions took passage up the river.

He did not return, however, in the usual way of the river boatman "out of a job. The store and mill were, however, so far only in Offutt's imagination, and Lincoln had to drift about until his employer was ready for him. He made a short visit to his father and mother, now in Coles County, near Charleston fever and ague had driven the Lincolns from their first home in Macon Countyand then, in July,he drifted over to New Salem, where, as he says, he "stopped indefinitely and for the first time, as it were, by himself.

Twenty miles northwest of Springfield, strung along the left bank of the Sangamon, parted by hollows and ravines, is a row of high hills. On one of these—a long, narrow ridge, beginning with a [pg 22] sharp and sloping point near the river, running south, and parallel with the stream a little way, and then, reaching its highest point, making a sudden turn to the west, and gradually widening until lost in the prairie—stood this frontier village.

The crooked river for a short distance comes from the east, and, seeming surprised at meeting the bluff, abruptly changes its course, and flows to the north. Across the river the bottom stretches out, reaching half a mile back to the highlands. New Salem, founded in by James Rutledge and John Cameron, and a dozen years later a deserted village, is rescued from oblivion only by the fact that Lincoln was once one of its inhabitants.

His Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol. 1 sight of the town had been in April,when the flatboat he had built and its little crew were detained in getting their boat over the Rutledge and Cameron mill-dam, on which it lodged. When Lincoln walked into New Salem, three months later, he was not altogether a stranger, for the people remembered him as the ingenious flatboat-man who, a little while before, had freed his boat from water and thus enabled it to [pg 23] get over the dam by resorting to the miraculous expedient of boring a hole in the bottom.

Lincoln reached New Salem; and he "loafed" about, so those who remember his arrival say, good-naturedly taking a hand in whatever he could find to do, and in his droll way making friends of everybody. By chance, a bit of work fell to him almost at once, which introduced him generally and gave him an opportunity to make a name in the neighborhood.

It was election day. The village school-master, Mentor Graham by name, was clerk, but the assistant was ill. Looking about for some one to help him, Mr. Graham saw a tall stranger loitering around the polling place, and called to him, "Can you write? Graham evidently was satisfied with the answer, for he promptly initiated him; and he filled his place not only to the satisfaction of his employer, but also to the delectation of the loiterers about the polls, for whenever things dragged he immediately began "to spin out a stock of Indiana yarns.

He had made a hit in New Salem, to start with, and here, as in Sangamon town, it was by means of his story-telling. Photographed from the original poll-book, now on file in the county clerk's office, Springfield, Break My Core - LPF12* - Inhibition Level. At this election he aided Mr.

Graham, who was one of the clerks. In the early days in Illinois, elections were conducted by the viva voce method. The people did try voting by ballot, but the experiment was unpopular.

It required too much "book larnin," and in the viva voce method of voting was restored. The judges and clerks sat at a table with the poll-book before them. The voter walked up, and announced the candidate of his choice, and it was recorded in his presence. There was no ticket peddling, and ballot-box stuffing was impossible.

To this simple system we are indebted for the record of Lincoln's first vote. Of these five men three were elected. Turney was defeated for Congressman by Joseph Duncan. Turney lived in Greene County. He was not then a conspicuous figure in the politics of the State, but was a follower of Henry Clay, and was well thought of in his own district.

He and Lincoln, inserved their first terms together in the lower house of the legislature, and later he was a State senator. Joseph Duncan, the successful candidate, was already in Congress. He was a politician of influence. In he was a strong "Jackson man;" Line-Up - Richard Pryor - CRAPS - After Hours after his election as Governor he created consternation among the followers of "Old Hickory" by becoming a Whig.

Sidney Breese, who received only two votes in the Clary's Grove precinct, afterward became the most conspicuous of the five candidates. Eleven years later he defeated Stephen A.

Douglas for the United States Senate, and for twenty-five years he was on the bench of the Supreme Court of Illinois, serving under each of the three constitutions. For the office of Magistrate Bowling Green was elected, but Greer was beaten. Both of Lincoln's candidates for Constable were elected. John Armstrong was the man with whom, a short time afterward, Lincoln had the celebrated wrestling match. Henry Sinco was the keeper of a store at New Salem.

Lincoln's first vote for President was not cast until the next year November 5,when he voted for Henry Clay. The collection of Lincoln portraits owned by Mr. Bartlett, the sculptor, is the most complete and the most intelligently arranged which we have examined. Bartlett began collecting fully twenty years ago, his aim being to secure data for a study of Mr. Lincoln from a physiognomical point of view. He has probably the earliest portrait which exists, the one here given, excepting the one used as a frontispiece in our November number.

He has a large number of the Illinois pictures made from tosuch as the Gilmer picture, which we use as a frontispiece in the present number, a large collection of Brady photographs, the masks, Volk's bust, and Chord Left - Agnes Obel - Aventine interesting portraits.

These he has studied from a sculptor's point of view, comparing them carefully with the portraiture of other men, as Webster and Emerson. Bartlett has embodied his study of Mr. Lincoln in an illustrated lecture which is a model of what such a lecture should be, suggestive, human, delightful. All his fine collection of Lincoln portraits Mr. Letter to —— Johnston, April 18, Complete Works.

Nicolay and John Hay. Volume I. The Century Co. Short autobiography written in for use in preparing a campaign biography. Short autobiography written for use in preparing a campaign biography. Lincoln's life, to go in detail over the ground to secure a perfectly accurate sequence of events, to collect new and unpublished pictures and documents, and to interview all of the old acquaintances of Mr.

Lincoln who remain in the neighborhood. Davis has secured some new facts about Mr. Lincoln's life in this period; he has unearthed in the official files of the county several new documents, and he has secured several unpublished portraits of interest. His matter will be incorporated into our next two articles. It was in the spring of the year that Ludwig, Prince of Glottenberg, came courting the Princess Osra; for his father had sought the most beautiful lady of a royal house in Europe, and had found none to equal Osra.

Therefore the prince came to Strelsau with a great retinue, and was lodged in the White Palace, which stood on the outskirts of the city, where the public gardens now are for the palace itself was sacked and burnt by the people in the rising of Here Ludwig stayed many days, coming every day to the king's palace to pay his respects to the king and queen, and to make his court to the princess.

King Rudolf had received him with the utmost friendship, and was, for reasons of state then of great moment, but now of vanished interest, as eager for the match as was the King of Glottenberg himself; and he grew very impatient with his sister when she hesitated to accept Ludwig's hand, alleging that she felt for him no more than a kindly esteem, and, what was as much to the purpose, that he felt no more for her.

For although Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol. 1 prince possessed most courteous and winning manners, and was very accomplished both in learning and in exercises, yet he was a grave and pensive young man, rather stately than jovial, and seemed, in the princess's eyes accustomed as they were to catch and check ardent glancesto perform his wooing more as a duty of his station than on the impulse of any passion.

Finding in herself, also, no such sweet ashamed emotions as had before now Meine Welt - Kurdo - Almaz her heart on account of lesser men, she grew grave and troubled; and she said to the king:.

For I had as lief he were away as here; and when he is here he kisses my hand as though it were a statue's hand; and—and I feel as though it were. They say you know what love is. Is this love? When Prince Ludwig came next day to see her, and told her, with grave courtesy, that his pleasure lay in doing her will, she broke out:.

He seemed grieved and hurt at her words, and it was with a sigh that he said: "My life shall be given to giving you joy. He cast down his eyes a moment, and then, taking her hand, kissed it, but she drew it away sharply; and so that afternoon they parted, he back to his palace, she to her chamber, where she sat, asking again: "Is this love?

On another day she would be merry, or feign merriment, rallying him on his sombre air and formal compliments, professing that for her part she soon grew weary Black List - Jay Denham - Anomie such wooing, 3.

Allegro - Alfred Brendel, The Academy Of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Sir Neville Marriner - Brendel loved to be easy and merry; for thus she hoped to sting him, so that he would either disclose more warmth, or forsake altogether his pursuit. But he made many apologies, blaming nature that had made him grave, but assuring her of his deep affection and respect. Therefore, when he still persisted, and Rudolf and the queen urged her, telling her the king mockingly, the queen with a touch of sadness that she must not look to find in the world such love as romantic girls dreamt of, at last she yielded, and she told her brother that she would marry Prince Ludwig, yet Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol.

1 a little while she would not have the news proclaimed. So Rudolf went, alone and privately, to the White Palace, and said to Ludwig:. Prince Ludwig bowed low, and, taking the king's hand, pressed it, thanking him for his help and approval, and expressing himself as most grateful for the boon of the princess's favor.

This afternoon I will crave the honor of waiting on her with my humble gratitude. King Rudolf looked at him, a smile curling on his lips; and he said, in one of his gusts of impatience:. But this business of mine will not wait.

So the king, frowning and grumbling and laughing, went back alone, and told the princess that the happy wooer was most grateful, and would come, after his business was transacted, that afternoon.

But Osra, having given her hand, would now admit no fault in the man she had chosen, and thanked the king for the Sandstorm - Various - One Night In Ibiza, with great dignity.

Then the king came to her, and, sitting down by her, stroked her hair, saying softly:. But Osra was not satisfied, and sought to assuage the pain of her heart by adorning herself most carefully for the prince's coming, hoping to fire him to love. For she thought that if he loved she might, although since he did not she could not. And surely he did not, or all the tales of love were false! Thus she came to receive him very magnificently arrayed.

There was a flush on her cheek, and an uncertain, expectant, fearful look in her eyes; and thus she stood before him, as he fell on his knee and kissed her hand. Then he rose, and declared his thanks, and promised his devotion; but as he spoke the flush faded, and the light died from her eyes; and when at last he drew near to her, and offered to kiss her cheek, her eyes were dead, and her face pale [pg 25] and cold as she suffered him to touch it.

He was content to touch it but once, and seemed not to know how cold it was; and so, after more talk of his father's pleasure and his pride, he took his leave, promising to come again the next day. She ran to the window when the door was closed on him, and thence Living Guitars - Teen Beat Discotheque him mount his horse and ride away slowly, with his head bent and his eyes downcast; yet he was a noble gentleman, stately and handsome, kind and true.

The tears came Like A Virgin - Caroline Loeb - Crime Parfait into her eyes and blurred her sight as she leant watching from behind the hanging curtains of the window. Though she dashed them angrily away, they came again, and ran down her pale, cold cheeks, mourning the golden vision that seemed gone without fulfilment. That evening there came a gentleman from the Prince of Glottenberg, carrying most humble excuses from his master, who so he said was prevented from waiting on the princess the next day by a certain very urgent affair that took him from Strelsau, and would keep him absent from the city all day long; and the gentleman delivered to Osra a letter from the prince, full of graceful and profound apologies, and pleading an engagement that his honor would not let him break; for nothing short of that, said he, should have kept him from her side.

There followed some lover's phrases, scantily worded, and frigid in an assumed passion. But Osra smiled graciously, and sent back a message, readily accepting all that the prince urged in excuse. And she told what had passed to the king, with her head high in the air, and a careless haughtiness, so that even the king did not rally her, nor yet venture to comfort her, but urged her to spend the next day in riding with the queen and him; for they were setting out for Zenda, where the king was to hunt in the forest, and she could ride some part of the way with them, and return in the evening.

And she, wishing that she had sent first to the prince, to bid him not come, agreed to go with her brother; it was better far to go than to wait at home for a lover who would not come. Thus, the next morning, they rode out, the king and queen with their retinue, the princess attended by one of her guard, named Christian Hantz, who was greatly attached to her, and most jealous in praise and admiration of her.

This fellow had taken on himself to be very angry with Prince Ludwig's coldness, but dared say nothing of it. Yet, impelled by his anger, he had set himself to watch the prince very closely; and thus he had, as he conceived, [pg 26] discovered something that brought a twinkle into his eye and a triumphant smile to his lips as he rode behind the princess. Some fifteen miles she accompanied her brother, and then, turning with Christian, took another road back to the city.

Alone she rode, her mind full of sad thoughts; while Christian, behind, still wore his malicious smile. But, presently, although she had not Volando Voy - Chunguitos* - Todo Chunguitos him, he quickened his pace, and came up to her side, relying on the favor which she always showed him, for excuse.

For answer he pointed to a small house that stood among the trees, some way from the road, and he said:. She faced round on him in anger at his daring to speak to her of the prince, but he was a bold fellow, and would not be silenced now that he had begun to speak.

He knew also that she would bear much from him; so he leant over towards her, saying:. So I know that the prince is there. For fifty pounds I gained a servant of his, and he told me.

But Christian persisted, partly in a foolish grudge against any man who should win what was above his reach, partly in an honest anger that she whom his worshipped should be treated lightly by another; and he forced her to hear what he had learnt from the gossip of the prince's groom, telling it to her in hints and half-spoken sentences, yet so plainly that she could not miss the drift of it.

She rode the faster towards Strelsau, at first answering nothing; but at last she turned upon him fiercely, saying that he told a lie, and that she knew it was a lie, since she knew where the prince was and what business had taken him away; and she commanded Christian to be silent, and to speak neither to her nor to any one else of his false suspicions; and she bade him, very harshly, to fall back and ride behind her again, which he did, sullen, yet satisfied; for he knew that his arrow had gone home.

On she rode, with her cheeks aflame and her heart beating, until she came to Strelsau, and having arrived at the palace, ran to her own bedroom and flung herself on the bed. Here for an hour she lay; then, it being about six o'clock, she sat up, pushing her disordered hair back from her hot, aching brow.

For an agony of humiliation came upon her, and a fury of resentment against the prince, whose coldness seemed now to need no more explanation.

Yet she could hardly believe what she had been told of him; for, though she had not loved him, she had accorded to him her full trust. Rising, she paced in pain about the room. She could not rest, and she cried out in longing that her brother were there to aid her, and find out the truth for her. But he was away, and she had none to whom she could turn. So she strove to master her anger and endure her suspense till the next day; but they were too strong for her, and she cried: "I will go myself.

I cannot sleep till I know. But I cannot go alone. Who will go with me? And yet she must know. But at last she sprang up from the chair into which she had sunk despondently, exclaiming:. He will go with me. And the bishop came equipped as she bade him and in very great wonder. But when she told him what she wanted, and what Christian had made known to her, he grew grave, saying that they must wait and consult the king when he returned. Finding her thus resolved, the bishop knew that he could not turn her; so, leaving her to prepare herself, he sought Christian Hantz, and charged him to bring three horses to the most private gate of the palace, that opened in a little by-street.

Here Christian waited for them with the horses, and they came presently, the bishop wearing a great slouched hat, and swaggering like a roystering trooper, while Osra was closely veiled. The bishop again imposed secrecy on Christian, and then, they both being mounted, said to Osra: "If you will, then, madam, come;" and thus they rode [pg 27] secretly out of the city, about seven o'clock in the evening, the gate-wardens opening the gates at Todd Hannigan & The Heavy 29s - Volume 2: Courtside For The Apocalypse of the royal arms on Osra's ring, which she gave to the bishop in order that he might show it.

In silence they rode a long way, going at a great speed. Osra's face was set and rigid, for she felt now no shame at herself for going, nor any fear of what she might find. But the injury to her pride swallowed every other feeling, and at last she said, in short, sharp words, to the Bishop of Modenstein, having suddenly thrown the veil back from her face:. The bishop shook his head.

His profession was peace; yet his blood, also, was hot against the man who had put a slight on Princess Osra. The king is not here tonight," said Osra; and she pricked her horse, and Various - Celebrate 88 Mega Mixes him at a gallop. The moon, breaking suddenly in brightness from behind a cloud, showed the bishop her face. Then she put out her hand, and caught him by the arm, whispering: "Are you my friend?

At last they came in sight of the little house that stood back from the road, and there was a light in one of the upper windows. The bishop heard a short gasp break from Osra's lips, and she pointed with her whip to the window. Now his own breath came quick and fast, and he prayed to God that he might remember his sacred character and his vows, and not be led into great and deadly sin at the bidding of that proud, bitter face; and he clenched his left hand, and struck his brow with it.

Thus, then, they came to the gate of the avenue of trees that led to the house. Here, having dismounted, and tied their horses to the gatepost, they stood an instant, and Osra again veiled her face.

The bishop made her no answer; she looked for none, and did not know that she spoke the bitterness of her heart in words that he could hear.

He bowed his head, and prayed again for her and for himself; for he had found his hand gripping the hilt of his sword. And thus, side by Легендарный Севастополь - Константин Селезнев - Варягъ now, they came to the door of the house, and saw a gentleman standing in front of the door, still but watchful. And Osra knew that he was the prince's chamberlain. When the chamberlain saw them he started violently, and clapped a hand to his sword; but Osra flung her veil on the ground, and the bishop gripped his arm as with a vise.

The chamberlain looked at Osra and at the bishop, and half drew his sword. Stand aside! Finding themselves in a narrow passage, they made out, by the dim light of a lamp, a flight of stairs that rose from the farthest end of it.

The bishop tried to pass the princess, but she motioned him back, and walked swiftly to the stairs. In silent speed they mounted till they had reached the top of the first stage; and facing them, eight or ten steps farther up, was a door. By the door stood a groom. This was the man who had treacherously told Christian of his master's doings; but when he saw, suddenly, what had come of his disloyal chattering, the fellow went white Would It Make Any Difference - Dick Hart - Dick Hart the Lone Texan Hard Road To Nashville a ghost, and came tottering in stealthy silence down the stairs, his finger on his lips.

Neither of them spoke to him, nor he to them. They gave no thought to him; his only thought was to escape as soon as he might; so he passed them, and, going on, passed also the chamberlain, who stood dazed at the house door, and so disappeared, intent on saving the life that he had justly forfeited.

Thus the rogue vanished, and what became of him no one knew nor cared. He showed his face no more Dance Again - JLO* - Dance Again. The Hits Glottenberg or Strelsau. The voices came from the door that faced them, the voice of a man and the voice of a woman. Osra's glance at her companion told him that she knew as well as he whose the man's voice was. The woman's voice spoke now, but the words were not audible.

Then came the prince's: "Forever, in life or death, apart or together, forever. Yet Osra's face was stern and cold, and her lips curled scornfully when Bite Her Shoulder - Utter Bastard - Slaves To The Grind saw the bishop's look of pity.

Yet once again they paused outside the door, for it seemed as though the princess could not choose but listen to the passionate The Race - Various - Trancemaster 22 of love that pierced her ears like knives.

Yet they were all sad, speaking of renunciation, not happiness. But at last she heard her own name; then, with a sudden start, she caught the bishop's hands, for she could not listen longer. And she staggered and reeled as she whispered to him: "The door, the door—open the door! The bishop, his right hand being across his body and resting on the hilt of his sword, laid his left upon the handle of the door and turned it.

Then he flung the door wide open; and at that instant Osra sprang past him, her eyes gleaming like flames from her dead-white face. And she stood rigid on the threshold of the room, with the bishop by her side. In the middle of the room stood the Prince of Glottenberg; and strained in a close embrace, clinging to him, supported by his arms, with head buried in his breast, was a girl of slight and slender figure, graceful, though not tall; and her body was still shaken by continual, The Victors - Me A Tell Yuh sobs.

The prince held her there as though against the world, but raised his head, and looked at the intruders with a grave, sad air. There was no shame on his face, and hardly surprise. Presently he took one arm from about the lady, and, raising it, motioned to them to be still.

Osra took one step forward toward where the pair stood; the bishop caught her sleeve, but she shook him off. The lady looked up into the prince's face; with a sudden, startled cry clutched him closer, and turned a terrified face over her shoulder.

Then she moaned in great fear, and, reeling, fell against the prince, and would have sunk to the [pg 29] ground if he had not upheld her; and her eyes closed and her lips dropped as she swooned away. But the princess smiled, and, drawing herself to her full height, stood watching while Ludwig bore the lady to a couch and laid her there.

Then, when he came back and faced her, she asked coldly and slowly:. The prince sprang forward, a sudden anger in his eyes; he raised his hand as if he would have pressed it across her scornful mouth, and kept back her bitter words. But she did not flinch; and, pointing at him with her finger, she cried to the bishop, in a ringing voice:.

But neither for you nor for me is the blow lawful. Let me speak to the princess. The bishop still grasped his sword; for Osra's face and hand still commanded him. But at the instant of his hesitation, while the temptation was hot in him, there came from the couch where the lady lay a low moan of great pain.

She flung her arms out, and turned, groaning, again on her back, and her head lay limply over the side of the couch. The bishop's eyes met Ludwig's; and with a "God forgive me! He broke the gold chain round his neck, and grasped the crucifix which he carried in one hand, while with the other he raised the Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol. 1 head, praying her to open her eyes, before whose closed lids he held the sacred image; and he, who had come so near to great sin, now prayed softly, but fervently, for her life and God's pity on her, for the frailty her slight form showed could not withstand the shock of this trial.

But then came another low moan. There was silence, save for the lady's low moans and the whispered prayers of the Bishop of Modenstein. But the lady opened her eyes, and in an instant, answering the summons, the prince was by her side, kneeling, and holding her hand very tenderly, and he met a glance from the bishop across her prostrate body. The prince bowed his head, and one sob burst from him. A few minutes passed, then Osra saw the prince return to where the lady was, and kneel again beside her; When Im Sixty-Four - The Beatles - Sgt.

Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band she saw that the bishop was preparing to perform his most sacred and sublime office. The lady's eyes dwelt on him now in peace and restfulness, and held Prince Ludwig's hand in her small hand. But Osra would not kneel; she stood upright, still and cold, as though she neither saw The Crawl, Part 1 - Willie Mitchell - Poppa Willie The Hi Years / 1962-74 heard anything of what passed; she would not pity nor forgive the woman even if, as they seemed to think, she lay dying.

But she spoke once, asking in a harsh voice:. The bishop began the office, and Osra stood, dimly hearing the words of comfort, peace, and hope; dimly seeing the smile on the lady's face, for gradually her eyes clouded with tears. Now her ears seemed to hear nothing save the sad and piteous sobs that had shaken the girl as she hung about Ludwig's neck. But she strove to drive away her softer thoughts, fanning her fury when it burnt low, and telling herself Edge Of Universe Feat.

Dominick - Deep In My Mind of the insult that she had suffered. Thus she rested till the bishop had performed the office. But when he had finished it he rose from his knees, and came to where Osra was. Indeed, I think she was half dead from grief before we came. The lady looked at her with wondering eyes, and then she smiled faintly, pressing the prince's hand and whispering:. Osra answered nothing, but gazed in questioning at the prince, and he, still holding the lady's hand, began to speak in a gentle voice.

But from the first hour that we knew the meaning of love we have loved one another. And had the issue rested in my hands I would have thrown to the winds all that kept me from her. I remember when first I met her—ah, my sweet! And from that day to this, in soul she has been mine, and I hers in all my life. But more could not be.

Stop Drop & Roll - Various - Rauha Trio Presents: Its Cookin Vol. 1you have asked what love is. Here is love. Yet fate is stronger. Thus I came here to woo, and she, left alone, resolved to give herself to God. And she laid one hand timidly on the couch near the lady, yet not so as to touch even her garments.

God means him for greatness. God forbid that I should be his ruin!

“The Last Drop” (CYOE) Written by Whitney Ralls; story editing by Nick Confalone (Opening shot: fade to black from the title card, then in to a long shot of the darkened main progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo P0N-3 is up here, standing behind a rack of turntables and speakers, and a considerable crowd has turned out to cheer for her. Lavish D has relesased his new mixtape, Killa City. The 12 song project features blue-chip production from L-Finguz, Dee On The Beat, Mobb Affiliates, and Isaac Flame as well as J. Diggs, D-Lo, Young Thug and Kelli Kel doing guest spots. co s prestg n- mc66 clarke k/boland f let’s face the music co s prestg n- mc31 clarke k/boland f latin kaleidoscope co s prestg e- ma29 clarke/bennett/+ americans in europe vol 1 (gf) impuls a36 n- g clayton buck huckle-buck & robbins’s nest(6eye) col n- ma39 coates, jr john alone and live @ deer head co s omnisnd

VARIOUS ARTISTS: Soul Jazz Presents Congo Revolution – Revolutionary and Evolutionary CD/LP Congolese rumba, a wild combination of African, Jazz and Latin influences, created future stars of its now legendary creators – Franco, Grand Kalle, Tabu Ley, Dr. Nico, Papa Wemba – and all feature here in their ground-breaking early groups such as.

Nikki co-wrote the third song Stop ‘Til I Drop on the PBR Allstars: Buck & Roll 1 album of various artists performing rock’n’roll songs with country lyrics, released today. The album serves as the official soundtrack of the Professional Bull Riders as a tribute to the riders and the sport itself, capturing the spirit of bull riding. 4/3/ VARIOUS ARTISTS: Soul Jazz Presents Congo Revolution – Revolutionary and Evolutionary CD/LP Congolese rumba, a wild combination of African, Jazz and Latin influences, created future stars of its now legendary creators – Franco, Grand Kalle, Tabu Ley, Dr. Nico, Papa Wemba – and all feature here in their ground-breaking early groups such as.

"Platinum Souls @ The Pentagon" HOLY HIP HOP ROCKS THE PENTAGON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, A.M. TO P.M. Holy Hip Hop Music Alliance, via invitation of the Office of the Military Chaplain, is coming to the Pentagon Concourse (Washington, DC) on a mission to share the Good News - Friday, December 12,

The first full-length effort from the Los Angeles-based group led by multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Kenny Becker, Heaven Is Humming administers a healthy dose of '90s nostalgia via a confectionary blend of lo-fi post-punk, grunge, and Pavement-y indie rock. For fans of sinewy melodies that favor left turns but never abandon their melodic intent. Oct 7, - Explore moonstonedmind's board "Recipe books", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Food recipes, Cookbook recipes and Vintage cooking.

Released on the Musicvision imprint. Say It Isn't So/Family Man/Maneater/Private Eyes/Adult Education/I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)/One On One Various Artists - Hot Rock Videos, Vol. 1 () From RCA Video Productions. Released on the Musicvision imprint.


The Dead Will Walk The Earth (again..) - Tumour - Too Large For Digestive Capacity, La Loi De Poséidon - Sa Meute - Hyperborée, Our Barriers - ThreeChainBreak / Another Way - Split CD, Janusz Radek - Serwus Madonna, Girlfriend - The Jazz Butcher - A Scandal In Bohemia And Bath Of Bacon, Highland Grown Riddim - Dubmasta - SpaceSphereCulture (Cassette, Album, Album, Album), Yo Mama - Various - Speechless - Ska & Reggae: The Instrumental Way, Chor: Der Herr Gab Das Wort - Georg Friedrich Händel - Stephanie Buyken, Alexandra Thomas, Wolfgang, Do Ya Thang - G-Spot (13) - Thru My Eyes, Central 12 Remix (Angel Molina Remix) - Sideral - Schizotronic & Techno, The Tide Is High - Blondie - AutoAmerican, Man Body Call - Major Cat / Mafia & Fluxy - Man Body Call / Part II, Love Me Tender - Al Martino - Mary In The Morning

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  1. Join Pacific Street Blues host Glenn Bauer for a show examining food in music, Christmas Music, and tha' blues. In addition to helping with the radio show, Glenn has been a active and vibrant force between the Blues Society of Omaha.
  2. Lavish D has relesased his new mixtape, Killa City. The 12 song project features blue-chip production from L-Finguz, Dee On The Beat, Mobb Affiliates, and Isaac Flame as well as J. Diggs, D-Lo, Young Thug and Kelli Kel doing guest spots.
  3. Nikki co-wrote the third song Stop ‘Til I Drop on the PBR Allstars: Buck & Roll 1 album of various artists performing rock’n’roll songs with country lyrics, released today. The album serves as the official soundtrack of the Professional Bull Riders as a tribute to the riders and the sport itself, capturing the spirit of bull riding. 4/3/
  4. “The Last Drop” (CYOE) Written by Whitney Ralls; story editing by Nick Confalone (Opening shot: fade to black from the title card, then in to a long shot of the darkened main progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo P0N-3 is up here, standing behind a rack of turntables and speakers, and a considerable crowd has turned out to cheer for her.
  5. 1 NORTHERN SANTA BARBARA COUNTY’S NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY > DECEMBER 19 - DECEMBER 26, > VOL. 20 NO. 42 > progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo NEWSSee who’s running for ARTS EATS Assembly District 37 [6] Learn from the best in this season of eating [31].
  6. Aug 04,  · VARIOUS ARTISTS Cookin' With Kent + VBR LAME mp3 Vinyl rip & scans from Kent Z.Z. Hill - What More Cookin' indeed! It's been crazy hot in this here town the last couple of weeks and I've been pretty pokey in the prepping of some major upcoming posts.