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Oct 26,  · Bang Yong Guk's older twin brother Bang Yong Nam commented on the B.A.P member's hiatus from the group due to an anxiety disorder. The B.A.P members themselves have already addressed the issue. Jul 31,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Ng Beng Whye is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Ng Beng Whye and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected.

Singapore is chosen as one of the filming locations for the programme as the country is well known as a food haven offering diverse and distinct cuisine to suit every palate.

In Go Go With Mr. Paik in Singapore, viewers will also get an authentic visual experience of Time Is On Our Side - Various - From Minimal Wave With Love; home cooking as Chef Paik, Onew and Jung Chae-yeon explore the local markets in Little India and Chinatown for ingredients to whip up some local delicacies, such as kaya toast,laksa, bak ku teh and chicken rice.

Paik, Chef Paik travels to various cities in Southeast Asia with one male idol and one female idol, making use of local ingredients to create Southeast Asian cuisines. Related Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. View all posts by kpresssg. Voters who do not belong to either major political party dragged down the state's overall t u r nout to 81 percent this year. That was lower than the nearly 86 percent of Oregon voters who turned out in The picture is a bit different in Crook County, where Republican votes outnumbered registered Democrats by more than a third.

Republicans still outnumber Democrats in Deschutes County, but nonaffiliated voters also make up a large bloc and had high turnout. Jefferson County also skews red, but registered Independents in the county had higher turnout than the state average. Unofficial ballot returns from the OregonSecretary of State's office include information onturnout for each party:.

Out of 2, registered Oregon voters, 1, cast ballots, for an overall turnout of 81 percent. Here's how the top four party affiliations turned out. Out of12, registered Crook County voters, 10, cast ballots, for an overall turnout of Didnot Of5, registered Republican,5,cast ballots Vot e d v o te. Out of 98, registered Deschutes County voters, 82, cast ballots, for an overall turnout of 84 percent. Out of 9, registered Crook County voters, 8, cast ballots, for an overall turnout of Various - Sit Back T ake David Abusheikh.

At a g e 15, he started lifting weights for two hours a day, six days a week. Now that he is a senior at Fort Hamilton High School in Brooklyn, he has been adding protein bars and shakes to his diet to put on muscle without gaining fat. Whether it is long hours in the gym, allowances blown on expensive supplements or even risky experiments with illegal steroids, the price American boys are willing to pay for the perfect body appears to be on the rise.

In a study to be published today in the journal Pediatrics, more than 40 percent of boys in middle school and high school said they regularly exercised with the goal of increasing muscle mass. Thirty-eight percent said they used protein supplements, and nearly 6 percent said they had experimented with steroids. Some 1, students in Central Oregon school districts were homeless in the last school year, a slight increase despite the state's overall homeless student count dropping, according to data released last week by the Oregon Education Department.

The 1,plus homeless student population represents 4. It's up from the academic year, when an overall rate of 3. Students in a variety of circumstancesare counted as homeless. The classification is given to any student lacking a "fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence," under federal law. That includes students in households with two families doubled up in one home, or other situations like motels, trailers or shelters.

In Oregon, there are 20, homeless students across the state — 3. But it remains a serious problem, state and local education officials say. That's up from students, or 4. David Abusheikh, 18, who works out six days a week, lifts weights earlier this month at Dolphin Fitness Club in New York.

In 15 years of teaching, University of Pennsylvania classicist Peter Young Mothers - Diana Ross - Diana Ross Anthology has guided perhaps a few hundred students annually in his classes on Greek and Roman mythology through the works of Homer, Sophocles, Aeschylus and others — "the oldest strands of our cultural DNA.

Discoveries, breakthroughs, trends, names in the news — things you need to know to start your day. The U. Food and Drug Administration is investigating deaths linked to popular caffeine drinks. These highly caffeinated beverages are the fastestgrowing type of soft drink in the U. What follows is a look at how caffeine.

Signals movebetweennervecells by the release and absorption oftwo "neurotransmitter" chemicals. Chairwoman Elizabeth C. Editor-in-Chief John Costa Caffeine's effects Improves short-term memory, mental function, alertnessandreaction time; can also disrupt sleep Boosts blood pressure; speeds upheart Promotes urination, making body losecalcium in urine; canreducebone.

Magazine Ben Salmon Business Tim Ooran Andrew Clevenger Sixth St. Redmond, OR Mailing address Box Redmond, OR Goon Squad - DJ MBA AKA Young Jezus* - Beng! Beng! you know ofan error in a story, call us at Check paymentsmay be converted to anelectronic funds transfer.

Chandler Ave. Periodicals postagepaid at Bend, OR. TheBulletin retains ownership andcopyright protection of all staff -prepared news copy,advertising copy and news or adilustrations. They maynot be reproducedwithout explicit pnor approval. Now a team of researchers has drawn insight from a jellyfish's tentacles to design a better way to capture dangerous cancer cells roving through the bloodstream.

Cancer cells are often most threatening when they break off from their original site and start invading other parts of the body, a process called 666 - Various - Can You Scream!. To find out if that's happening in a patient, doctors often look for them in a sample of blood.

A study published last week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences looked to nature for a solution to this intractable problem. Senior author Jeffrey Karp, a b ioengineer at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University thought about the way marine animals like jellyfish and sea cucumbers use long tentacles or arms with sticky patches to snag tiny prey out of the water.

Thus inspired, they designed a device with (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Judy Emanuel* - A Natural Woman chains of DNA made out of aptamers — repeating, " sticky" blocks o f D N A — specially made to latch on to a protein called tyrosine kinase 7, which is found in certain leukemia cells as well as in lung and colon cancers.

The researchers also cut the flow surface into a herringbone pattern, w hich made any cancer cells more likely to get snared by the DNA tentacles. He just joined this season. The atheist's anti-God mes- of many in the atheist commusage alongside a l i f e-sized nity has been, if you can't beat Nativity display in a park over- them, join them," said Charles looking the beach ignited a Red Hot - Manzano - Red Hot Haynes, a senior scholar at bate that burned Carbonara - Various - Rock Times Plus Vol.7 1979/82 than the First Amendment Center any Christmas candle.

The change "It's a sad, sad commentary underscores the conviction on the attitudes of the day that held by many nonbelievers that a nearly year-old Christmas their views are gaining a foottradition is now having to hunt hold, especially among young for a home, something like our adults. Atheists took drama will be Vix and his fel- heart from the report, although low atheists, who are not par- Pew researchers stressed that ties to the case.

Their role out- the category also encompassed side court highlights a tactical majorities of people who said shift as atheists evolve into a they believed in God but had vocal minority eager to get no ties with organized relitheir non-beliefs into the public gion and people who consider square as never before.

Tenyearsago:Inamoment that drew criticism, singer Michael Jackson briefly held his youngest child, Prince Michael II, over a fourth-floor balcony rail at a Berlin hotel in front of dozens of fans waiting below.

The secular coalition won 18 of 21 spaces. The two others went to the traditional Christmas displays and one to a Hanukkah display. The atheists used half their. What myths do you see'? The Santa Monica Nativity Scenes Committee argues in its lawsuit that atheists have the right to protest, but that freedom doesn't trump the Christians' right to free speech.

After five days of punishing Israeli airstrikes on the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip and no letup in the rocket fire in return, representatives ofIsrael and Hamas met separately with Egyptian officials in Cairo on Sunday for indirect talks about a truce.

The talks came as an Israeli bomb struck a house in Gaza on Sunday afternoon, killing 11 people, in the deadliest single strike since the conflictbetween Israel and Hamas escalated Wednesday. The strike, along with several others that killed civilians across the Gaza Strip, signaled that Israel was broadening its range of targets on the fifth day of the campaign.

By theend of the day, Gaza health officials reported that 70 Palestinians had been killed in airstrikes since Wednesday, including 20 children, and that had been wounded. Peretz resigned months after the war in Lebanon, which was. The naysayers nowarefew. In the five days since Israel began its fierce assault on the militant infrastructure in Hamas-run Gaza. Developed with significant U. Israelis have been killed and at least 79 wounded by unrelenting rocket fire out of Gaza into southern Israel and as far north as Tel Aviv.

Hamas, badly outgunned on the battlefield, appeared to be trying to exploit its increased. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel stuck to his demand that all rocket fire cease beforethe air campaign lets up, and Israeli tanks and troops remained lined up outside Gaza on Sunday. Tens of thousands of reserve troops had been called up. Reda Fahmy, a member of Egypt's upper house of Parliament and of t h e n ation's dominant Islamist party, who is following the t alks, said Hamas' position was just as unequivocal.

On the Israeli part, they want to stop the missiles from one side. How is that'? According to lawmakabout the Sept. Consulate in Beng- ings, Petraeus said the referhazi, Libya, and why a final ence to al-Qaida was removed draft omitted the CIA's ear- from Goon Squad - DJ MBA AKA Young Jezus* - Beng! Beng! final version of talkly conclusion that terrorists ing points, although he wasn't were involved. Ambassador spoke on condition of anonymSusan Rice, described the ity because the official was attack for days afterward not authorized to discuss the as a p rotest against an process publicly, said the alanti-Islam video that spon- Qaida reference was deleted taneously turned v i olent because the information came and why they played down from classif ied sources and the any potential link to al-Qa- links were tenuous.

Hill briefings last week repreAdministration officials sented the FBI, State Departhave defended the portray- ment and CIA, but officials did al of the attack as relying on not address what role political the best information avail- appointees such as Rice might able at the time that Living Guitars - Teen Beat Discotheque have played in the generation compromise classified in- of the talking points.

Democrats say licans said they want Rice to CIA and other intelligence testify about what she knew officials signed off on the and when she knew it. Republicans have alleged ery member in the intelligence a W a tergate-like c o v er community says that referencup, accusing White House es to al-Qaida were removed aides of hiding the terror- by somebody, they don't know ism link in the run-up to the who," said Sen.

Saxby ChamNov. Carl Levin, D-Mich. Services Committee, said Pe"I know th e n a rrative traeus had signed off on the was wrong and the intel- final talking points and that ligence was right We're going after Rice was a useless going to get to the bottom witch hunt. Mike Rogers, R-Mich. Dianne Feinstein, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she too has lingering concerns about how the talking points were created when it was clear early on that the military-style Goon Squad - DJ MBA AKA Young Jezus* - Beng!

Beng! wasn't a simple protest gone awry. She said Congress has asked the administration to provide an explanation. Obama journeyed to this storied tropical outpost of pagodas and jungles early today to "extend the hand of friendship" as a land long tormented by repression and poverty begins to throw off military rule and emerge from decades of isolation.

Obama arrived as the first sitting U. With the promise of more financial assistance, Obama vowed to. While Obama planned to stay just six hours, his visit was seen here as a validation of a new era. He made a point of not only scheduling a meeting at the government headquarters with President Thein Sein but also a personal pilgrimage to the home of the opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, where she was confined under house arrest for most of two decades before her release two years ago.

His mom joined him onstage as hecollected the trophy, beating out Rihanna, Maroon 5, Katy Perryand. John Allen, is the exception, not the rule. The FBI commonly declines to pursuecyberstalking cases without compelling evidence of serious or imminent harm to an individual, victims of online harassment, advocacy groups and computer crime experts told The Associated Press. Butinthesensationalepisode that uncovered the spy chief's adulterous affair, the FBI's cyberdivision devoted months of tedious investigative work to uncover who had sent insult.

The bureau probably would have ignored Kelley's complaint had it not been for information in the emails that indicated the sender was aware of the travel schedules of Petraeus and Allen, the top U. How the FBI's investigation unfolded — especially its decision not to alert the White House, the director of national ing and anonymous messages intelligence or Congress about. Mueller and h i s d eputy, Sean Joyce, have met privately with lawmakers to defend We Can Leave The World (Radio Cut) - Various - Popcorn Superhits Vol.

1 the inquiry was handled. Holder said on Thursday that law enforcement officials did not inform the president and Congress about the probe because it did not uncover any threat to national security. President Barack Obama said he w a s w i t h holding judgment until he learns more.

He promised, referringto himself, that the state had a "homeboy" in the White House. The visit came less than three weeks after President Barack Obama's well-publicized tour of New Jersey with Chris C h ristie, the state's Republican governor, justdays before the presidential election. C ity l a w m akers a r e scheduled to I.N.R.I. - ID:Vision - Plazmadkaos Tuesday on an ordinance that would prohibit nudity in most public places, a blanket ban that representsan escalation of a two-year tiff between a devoted group of men who strut their stuff through the city's famously gay Castro District and De Nattergale - Folmers Polterabend supervisor who represents the area.

S upervisor Scott W i ener's proposal would make it illegal for a person over the age of 5 to "expose his or her genitals, perineum or anal region on any public street, sidewalk, street median, parklet or plaza" or while using public transit. Syria reprimands other nations BEIRUT — Senior Syrian officials lashed out on Sunday at foreign governments that have recognized the opposition, while armed skirmishes around the country includedafresh salvo across the border with Israel.

Syria's information minister, Omran al-Zoubi, accused France, Turkey and Qatar of supporting "terrorism" in Syria by extending diplomatic recognition to the new National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, including the acceptance of an official envoy in Paris, according to a summary of his remarks carried by SANA, the offi.

The new coalition does not represent anybody, alZoubi said, calling it a creation of foreign states and thus ineligible to participate in any national dialogue. In Tehran, Iran held a meeting on Sunday of about members of the officially sanctioned opposition, but La Canzone Del Bosco - Punkreas - Paranoia E Potere members of the new coalition were invited.

It was unclear who those attending actually represented. Security C o uncil's first debate today on piracy's rise as a threat to world peace and security. In the past, the council has focused on v a r ious regional outbreaks of the s courge.

But p i racy h a s been metastasizing worldwide with hotspots off Somalia, Cousin Kevin - The Who - Tommy (Vol. 1) Gulf of Guinea o ff West A f r ica an d i n Southeast Asia. Today's Security Council debate was called by the council's president, Indian Ambassador Hardeep Singh Puri, representing a country that has many sailors held hostage by modern pirates.

Seven percent of all maritime workers are Indian nationals. Paul area, but typify what doctors say is a national phenomenon — said they exercised at least occasionally in order to add muscle. Harrison Pope, a psychiatry professor at Harvard who studies bodybuilding culture and was not involved in Man Body Call - Major Cat / Mafia & Fluxy - Man Body Call / Part II study.

The portrayal of men as fat-free and chiseled "is dramatically more prevalent in society then it was a generation ago," he said. W hile c o l lege-age m e n have long been interested in bodybuilding, p e diatricians say they have been surprised to find that now even Goon Squad - DJ MBA AKA Young Jezus* - Beng!

Beng! school boys are so absorbed with building muscles. And their youth adds an element of risk. Boys are not alone in their p ursuit o f m u s cularity. A majority of girls in the Minnesota study said they had changed eating or exercise habits to build muscle, with 21 percent using protein supplements and nearly 5 percent using steroids.

David Abusheikh, 18, is 5 feet tall and weighs pounds. He Kenem Emanation - Vida Desconocida he would prefer not to take supplements but needed the extra weight for his school's bodybuilding contest. Supplement worries Just as girls who count every I Finally Found Someone - Bryan Adams - MP3 Collection in an effort to be thin may do themselves more harm than good, boys who chase an illusory image of manhood may end up stunting their own development, doctors say, particularly when they turn to supplements — or worse, steroids — to supercharge their results.

Shalender Bhasin, a professor ofmedicine at Boston Medical Center. Some contain anabolic steroids, and even. Anabolic steroids pose a special danger to developing bodies, Bhasin said.

Steroids "stop testosterone production in men," he said, leading to terrible withdrawal problems when still-growing boys try. Still, the constant association of steroids with elite athletes like Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds perpetuates the notion that they can be managed successfully. Online, in bodybuilding forums for teenagers, boys barely out of puberty share weightlifting regimens and body fat. On Tumblr and Facebook, teenagers post images of ripped athletes under the heading "fitspo" or "fitspiraton," which are short for "fitness inspiration.

Paul Ryan, R-wis. Ryan has been tapped to help strike a deal to avoid big tax increases and spending cuts by the end of the year, and to bring along fellow Republicans. Ryan, who declined to be interviewed, was largely silent.

But his conservative base might the product. With the demise of guaranteed pensions in the workplace and the inability of many workers to save enough for retirement, Social Security and Medicareare increasingly indispensable. Paradoxically, the emphasis on weight lifting among adolescents may be depleting the number of contestants in Many of these boys probing out may not quite qualify teenage bodybuilding meets, ably see themselves in Mike as a health hazard.

And inbecause many children can't Sorrentino, "The Situation" structors like Rivera say that pass a drug test. You can't put on 30 pounds in a high of 30 students this year.

But How do I gain muscle'? How to gain weight in general," he because of his small stature, many times a week should I said. Cristiano Ronaldo, the he needed the extra bulk to work out? The Squirrel Crossed The Road - Jane Siberry - Love Is Everything: The Jane Siberry Anthology recent poll by the organization found that 70 percent of Americans 50 and older think Medicare and Social Security shouldn't be part of the upcoming fiscal debate.

Both proposals were discussed during secret negotiations between Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, in the summer during efforts to resolve the country's debt ceiling crisis. Those talks collapsed without a final agreement. But many political observers expect the proposals to surface again as Democrats and Republicans try to reach adeal over averting the "fiscal cliff" — the government spending cuts and tax increases set to kick in at the beginning of next year.

AARP opposes raising the age for M edicare eligibility on the grounds that it would increase costs for y o unger seniors while driving up premium costs for older ones.

The group opposes efforts to shrink Social Security costof-living increases, which it says would costolder seniors thousands of dollars a year in benefits.

A ARP's critics say i t i s looking out for current retirees atthe expense of future generations. But AARP argues that it is protectingbenefits vitalto both.

AARP and others say the recent economic downturn has made it even more urgent to protect entitlements. But b a l ances f o r younger workers have shrunk, meaning that more that half of all Americans could see their standard of living decline once they retire, the center said. A recent issue of the AARP Bulletin — t h e l a rgest circ ulation m agazine i n t h e world, sent to all its members — warned seniors that the proposed change to Social Security previously embraced by Obama and Republicanscould cost "a potential cumulative loss of thousands of dollars.

Dozens of Democratic senators are vowing t o p r otect Social Security — including Sen. This was widely viewed as a major departure for the group and welcomed by some as refreshingly realistic. But the statement caused a furor among the many interest groups opposed to such a change. He says it's important for AARP to advocate for its position but also to be flexible. Nan Hayworth, R-N. This would not be the first time that AARP has applied its political muscle with decisive effect.

The group's backing was influential in p a ssing what liberals called a flawed Medicare prescription drug plan in Bush's proposal to partially privatize Social Security.

And its support was instrumental in helping to enact Obama's health-care overhaul, which reshaped partsofMedicare. Aware of growing political support for entitlement changes, even among traditional D emocratic a l l ies, A A R P signaled a shift in t h inking. In 25 years, spending on Medicare and Medicaid is projected by the Congressional Budget Office to equal 10 percent of the economy — double the current percentage.

Over the same period, Social Security spending is expected to rise from 5 percent of the size of the economy to 6 percent, mainly as a result of the retirement of baby boomers.

LeaMond, AARP's top lobbyist now, said that Medicare savings can be found by slowing the growth in health-care costs and that Social Security can be strengthened without cutting benefits, though she did not say how. She said AARP members care deeply about the long-term solvency of the programs even if they don't want to bear the brunt of the cost of fixing them. Buehler lost to Obama, on th e assumption Democratic incumbent Kate that he was going to carry the Brown.

Here inCentral Oregon, unIn Central Oregon, however, like the state as a whole, more turnout was higher than the voters are registered with the state average.

More Republicans cast balpercent of Democrats cast bal- lots — 41, — than the numlots here. C entral O r e gonians w e r e A higher percentage of non. Here, T iny W h e e ler Co u n t y — home to the Eastern Oregon towns of Fossil, Mitchell and Spray — had the highest turnout of any county, 91 percent. To its northeast, Umatilla County had the lowest voter Goon Squad - DJ MBA AKA Young Jezus* - Beng! Beng! Districts releasehomelessstudent numders Homelessness amongCentral Oregon students has remained largely the samesince the school year, with some districts seeing more homelessand someseeing fewer.

Total homeless percent 2NO percent School district. Arntson said Bend offers regional support systems, including shelters, that aren't as sustainable i n s m a l ler communities. Those services can draw students from other a reas, like Redmond, into Bend, she said. School districts take steps to provide homeless students with a l earning experience without a n y di s r u p tions, Arntson said.

For example, if a student's family m o ves t o a n o t h er school zone in the middle of the year, the school district will offer transportation so. To help homeless students, schools in Deschutes County have the services of Family Access Network advocates. F AN advocates work w i t h students and their f amilies to help them f ind services such as rental aid, child care, health insurance and school.

The FAN services help the district do a good job of identifying students in homeless situations, Arntson said. E very school d i strict Goon Squad - DJ MBA AKA Young Jezus* - Beng! Beng! n Oregon has a homeless liaison who helps families with. Homeless situations reach into s m aller c o m munities too. Online Continued from A1 Reaching that broader audience of eager learners — seeing students in Brazil and Thailand wrestle online with texts dating back millennia — is thrilling.

But he's not prepared to say they're getting the same educationalexperience. But the Internet-basedcourses offered by elite universities through Coursera, by a consortium led by Harvard and MIT called edX, and by others, are proving wildly popular, with some classesattracting hundreds of thousands of students.

The question now is what the MOOCs will u ltimately achieve. Will they simply expand access to good instruction no small thing '? Or will they truly transform higher education, at last shaking up an enterprise that's seemed incapable of improving productivity, thus dooming itself to ever-rising prices'? Much of the answer depends on the concept at the center of a string of recent MOOC announcements: course credit.

C redit's the coin o f t h e realm in higher education, the differencebetween knowing something and the world recognizing that you do. Without it, students will get a little bit smarter. With it, they'll get smarter — and enjoy faster and cheaper routes to degrees and the careers that follow.

Peter Struck, an associate professor of classical studies at the University of Pennsylvania, prepares to record a lecture on Greek mythology in Philadelphia. The class will reach 54, people around the world this fall. How do you gradeessays? How do you make sure students in a coffee shop You Keep Me Hangin On - Rod Stewart - In Performance (DVD) Kazakhstan aren't cheating on quizzes?

Last Tuesday, Coursera, which offers classes from 34 universities, announced the American Council on Education would begin As Good As New - ABBA - Voulez-Vous a handful of Coursera courses and could recommend other universities accept them for credit individual colleges decide what credits to accept. Two days later, Duke, Northwestern,Vanderbilt and seven other prominent universities announced a consortiumcalled Semester Online offering students at those institutionsand eventually others, though details aren't yet dear — access to new onlinecourses for credit.

These won't be giant classes, but the announcement is important because top I Need To Hear From You - Petra - Unseen Power, generally stingy about accepting outside credit, are signaling they agreethe technology can now replicate at least substantially some of the high-priced learning experience that takes place on campus.

The latest announcement will come today, and appears smaller but is potentially important: a fir s t -of-its-kind partnershipbetween edX, the MIT-Harvard consortium, and. EdX's popular introductory computer science course from MIT will provide the backbone of a class at the community college — a key.

This is where the rubber meets the road for transforming higher education. Community colleges are beset by waitlistsin California alone and bottlenecks in important introductory courses, as well as low success rates. So far, online courses have offered convenience, but they generally haven't scaled up any more easily than traditional ones; somebody still has to grade the papers, and answer students' questions.

If MOOCs solve the problem, they could upend those paradigms. But it isn't easy. Take assessment. Multiplechoice online quizzes are simple enough, but on more openended assignments, MOOC students now Ego In The Night - Suzi Quatro - Rock Hard mostly grading each other's papers.

When they have questions, they're mostly asking fellow students. MOOC leaders are exploring artificial intelligence solutions but admit many aren't fully baked. EdX's Agarwal even said. Tiny Bend violinist defies age t first, I cringed as 6-year-old C J Neary rested a tiny fiddle on his shoulder and pinned it down with his dimpled chin.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against violin music. But in my experience, kindergarten-aged kids with string instruments yield "music" only in the loosestsense ofthe word. So when C J lifted his bow, I braced for headsplitting squeaks and squawks. Then he started to play. Immediately, I relaxed. It's tough to reconcile C J's physical appearance with the sound of his music. He looks like a 6-year-old. But his music — no quotation marks needed — sounds much, much more mature. He hits each note with steady confidence.

He even has rhythm. Shortly after CJ was born, his parents, Tammy and Chris Neary, got their first inkling that he might have a special affinity for music. As a newborn, he stared, rapt, as Chrispracticed basic chords on an acoustic guitar. As a baby, C J wouldn't fall asleep unless he was listening to a special CD.

As a toddler, he demanded Tammy leave the radio dial alone when, flipping through stations in the car, she stumbled across jazz or classical music. CJ would sit and listen until the end of the song, even if they'd already arrived at their destination. When he learned to speak, he began asking for a violin. When I first heard 'Frere Jacques,'" he says, referring to a popular French nursery melody.

What he really wanted was to play the violin. But there was no violin instructor near the family's then-home inSan Diego. The Nearys moved to Bend six months later, and C J switched instruments. Now he studies under two local teachers, Joe Schulte and Miya Beckman. This summer, he attended a special string program at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston. Last month, he won first place in the 8-and-youngercategory ofthe Western Open Fiddle Championship, his first competition.

He was the first child to win by playing an original song in a competition noted for its strict adherence to tradition. That's right. C J also composes his own music. He runs to grab his violin and work out the tune How Long - Hii Fii - Teach The Right Thing he has it memorized. If he dawdles, he adds, "I'll forget it, and be like, 'Aw, my best song!

C J'sparents encourage hismusic but are careful not to shower him with praise for being "gifted. This isn't required, he just enjoys it. In the evenings, sometimes CJ jams with his dad, who plays the guitar. Tammy, with their 3-year-old daughter, dances. It's fun for everyone. The way Tammy sees it, C J's real luck lies not in natural musical ability but in having found a passion at.

The first job of the Sewer Infrastructure Advisory Group was to identify An advisory group of businesspeo- three priority areas for short-term fixes. It must be install part of a southeast Bend trunk possible to design and go to bid on the line before the City Council voted projects within a year, without addiunanimously in m i d-May t o d elay tional permitting through the Oregon construction of the southeast intercep- Department of Environmental Qualtor and re-examine sewer priorities.

However, the city has not identified To complete the southeast interceptor how it would pay for this work. The Bulletin. Overflows in North Bend The first priority area the advisory group identified is on the north end of the city, starting near Empire Avenue and U. Highway 97 and continuing up to the Cascade Village Shopping Center. Tom Hickmann, the city's engineer and assistant public works director, said there are a few manholes in the area where wastewater rises above acceptable levels during storms and other wet weather.

It may also bring strong winds, which could bedangerous for drivers headed east or west. Perfect Menu went on to win the audience favorite prize and a free class at Founders Pad, which assists entrepreneurs. By Sunday evening, Lorenzo Aiello's eyes were bloodshot and he was ready for a full night's.

Aiello got four hours of sleep Friday night and three hours Saturday, as he and Pure - Siouxsie And The Banshees* - The Scream team of hopeful. Nonetheless, Aiello and his group were full of enthusiasm, as they pitched their product and cheered on. The Perfect Menu group was one of seven that participated in a hour event called Startup Weekend in Bend.

The event was one of startup weekends taking place around the world this month. The local winner will go on to compete in a Global Startup Weekend. The goal of the event was to promote innovation, entrepreneurism andcollaboration in Bend, according to the event website. Aviv Hadar presented the businessplan for Perfect Menu. Many restaurants post their menus as PDF files, which Hadar referred to as "a mess. Well shot!

Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and phone number. Photos must be high resolution at least 6 inches wide and dpi and cannot be altered. Dave Goodwin worked for more than threedecades in corporate communications for Mead, the oNce and school-supplies manufacturer.

Goodwin, 81, loved the work and said the company treated its employees well. But now he is worried that corporations and other organizations have too much power in the American political system, after the Supreme Court ruled in that corporations and labor unions can spend unlimited amounts on campaigns during elections. That decision, known as Citizens United v.

Federal Election Commission, built upon a Supreme Court decision that spending money on political campaigns amounted to free speech. Goodwin and several other activists first approached the Bend City Councilover the summer and asked councilors to pass a resolution that would call on Congress to. Constitution to state that corporations are not people and money cannot be considered speech.

A majority of the council has repeatedly rebuffed the group, which calls itself Move to Amend of Central. However, its membership has continued to grow, and earlier this month, the group presented the council with nearly 1, signatures on petitions to pass the resolution.

A majority of councilors again declined. Mayor Jeff Eager said Wednesday that passing a resolution would not be the most effective way to encourage Congress to amend the Constitution, and it would not be the best use of the city's political capital. Activists would be more effective if they wrote to their congressional representatives,Eagersaid.

Our T h anksgiving brunch will feature holiday favorites including local turkey and juicy prime rib as well as our chef's wonderful pu m p ki n cheesecake. Sunday that the sport utility vehicle had hit the home on southeast Sixth Street. According to police, year-old Cesar Jahir. Continued from B1 "Updating your m enu, sharing it online, currently it's a messy experience," Hadar said.

Search engines can't read your menus Yelp sucks. Reviews suck. They muddy up the user experience. All the group needed was help marketing and selling the product. The overall Startup Weekend winner was H20 Photo, a startup company whose founders want to manufacture anew type of camera housing fo r u n d erwater.

Police believe Carmo. Noonewas injured, butthe homeand the Durangoweredamaged. Have astoryidea or submission? The Bulletin Call a reporter: Bend Emailannouncementsof teens'a cademicachievements to youth bettdbttlletin. Emailcollege notes,military graduationsandreunion info tobulletin bendbulletin. Details: Schoolcoverageruns Wednesday in thissection.

Allow at least10 daysbefore the desired date ol publication. Details: Thecalendar appears onPage 3ln Community Life. Contact: Canyou work a camera, and capture a great picture? And canyou tell us a bit about it? Email your color or blackand-white photos to readerphotos bendbulletin. Submission requirements:Include as much detail as possible — when and where you took it, and any special technique used — as well as your name, hometown and phone number.

Almost certainly not. The group would need to collect valid signatures from at least15 percent of Bend's registered voters, which would be nearly 7, voters, according to data provided by Deschutes County Clerk N ancy Blankenship. Goodwin said this would be difficult. Mayor Pro Tem Jodie Barram and Councilor Jim Clinton both said they were open to considering a r e solution on Citizens United, although Barram said she wanted to review the proposed EwQQ - Graffiti Mechanism - cdr. Goodwin got i nvolved in the cause after he attended some Occupy Bend events.

At a training event for activistsafter Occupy Bend ended, Goodwin said a large sector of the population was absent. He and other people who participated in Occupy Bend. Of all the issues Goodwin discussed with students, his concerns over the C i tizens United ruling seemed to resonate the most. It was also a concrete issue on w h i ch Goodwin could take action, he said. And my one became overturning Citizens United. Judges included a local business consultant, a patent attorney, an a djunct professor and one of the cofounders of Founders Pad.

The business ideas that people pitched Sunday evening included a new shared workspace for people who would otherwise work from home, and survey software to help doctors at small medical practices gauge patient satisfaction. There was also an artisinal chocolate maker trying to expand, developers of a website that will allow people to adapt recipes for specialized diets and developers of a software application for carpet cleaners and other service industries.

Troy Smith, of H20 Photo, said the company's innovative underwater camera housing would relyon a USB cord tocontrolcamera functions and would fit many different cameras. Existing models fit only certain cameras, so photographers must purchase new underwater equipment to fit every new camera, Smith said.

Every couple of years, they come out with more models, and these guys have to stay up-to-date. Ronald R. Reynvaan v. The County of Deschutes, St. Charles Medical Center, St. Charles Immediate Care, St. Charles Family Care-Bend, St. Charles Bend, St. Charles Medical Center-Bend and St. Charles Memorial Hospital Inc. Gabrielle I. Scott C. Denney,Cathy C.

Denney, N. Randal L. Kevin R. Cailen J. Andrew N. Duranand Bruce C. Trust HE6 mortgage pass-through certificates series HE6 v. Forty-six m u nicipal g overnments across the country have passed similar resolutions, according to the Move to Amend website.

Warehouse Prices mortgage backedcertificates series v. Keith A. Dietrich, Karen C. Ringer and Naomi M. Ringer v. The group is part of a national coalition called Move to Amend, which seeks an amendment to the U. Constitution stating that "inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that money is not a f or m o f p r otected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated in political campaigns,". Monday Noon GO! Magazine Monday 5 pm Friday Tuesday Noon Saturday Tuesday Noon Sunday Tuesday 4 pm Monday Wednesday Noon At Home Tuesday Wednesday Noon.

Thursday, Nov. Not only was it his first time filling out a general election ballot, but his name was on it. In a bold and surprisingly premeditated move, the teen decided to run for mayor of Gervais. He lost, but it hasn't deflated his spirits. If anything, it's done just the opposite.

When the early results were posted and he saw that he had captured 33 percent of the votes for mayor, he was relieved and. Considering that his only campaign methods w ere through social media and word of mouth, he thinks he could have had a real shot at winning had he invested in yard signs.

He should Back Stabbers - Various - Philadelphia Sound Vol. 2 listened to his mother, who suggested he do just that. Johnson comes across as the serious type. He speaks slowly and articulates each word, breaking into the occasional shy smile. He is admittedly an introvert by nature. Дурочка Лулу - Весёлые Ребята - Люби Меня, Как Я Тебя. job as a courtesy clerk at the Woodburn Walmart has helped him break out of his shell during the past year and a half.

His job entails collecting l oose shopping carts in t h e parking lot or helping customers carry big items to their cars. He also deals with the bottle returnmachines. He probably was being serious. Johnson seems genuine. He's a smart young man who honestly wanted a shot at being mayor of the small town that has raised him and kept him safe the past 19 years.

He still lives Neil Sedaka With Dara Sedaka - Your Precious Love Gervais with his parents and is attending Chemeketa Community College,where he's studying to be an accountant. The teen graduated from Gervais High School in and has fond memories of walking with friends to the market to pick up chips and soda. Johnson enjoyed growing.

He and hisbrother Joe,18,departed for California in August. Driving is one of Johnson's I-DEF-I - In The Light Of A New Day activities, and he took the wheel the entire 1,mile trip. The pair visited several attractions and cities, including San Francisco, which proved to be a bit overwhelming for the teens.

He was never so happy to return to Gervais, where he knows people by name and isn't just another body caught in the rush of the crowd. By early August, Johnson already knew he was running for m ayor. He had already collected 10 signatures and completed his petition for nomination to have hisname on the November ballot. He asked his parents, three uncles, grandmother and several friends for their signatures.

He had them verified at the Marion County elections office and then turned in the paperwork to Gervais City Hall. And just like that, he made it on the ballot. His mother, Vicki Johnson, wasn't shocked in the least when she learned her oldest child was running for mayor. I knew the potential to be a politician was in him," she said. Micheal Johnson's opponent, incumbent mayor of Gervais, Shanti Platt, on the other hand, was surprisedonmorethan one level: first, that a young person was taking interest, which she thought was exciting, and second, that he hadn't yet served at the city level in any capacity.

Platt, who has been mayor of Gervais sincesaid she is planning to encourage Johnson to fill an open seat on the city's budget committee. Her advice for him is to attend council meetings, read the city charter and take advantage of volunteer opportunities within the city.

She also hopes he doesn't give up the dream even if he leaves Gervais. Johnson certainly isn't the youngest person to ever run for mayor. The youngest mayor ever elected was Brian Zimmerman, who was 11 when he became the honorary mayor of a s m all unincorporated Texas town, inspiring the film, "The Lone Star Kid.

Berry tried to punch an officer in the face when they confronted him. Simpson said that after a brief struggle, he dropped the knife and was taken into custody. As Berry was beingput in the patrol car, police say he kicked an officer in the chest. They then looked around the building and found cut window screens and pry marks consistent with someone trying to breakin. Berry was booked into the Multnomah County jail on suspicion of attempted burglary, assault and criminal mischief.

The plan will take one year to complete and will involve input from our staff, physicians and the community. The new hospital will be both efflcient and accessible. The best news: We'll be staying in the same location where we have been serving the community since That was the year that the hospital's parent company, Tennessee-based Community Health Systems, bought out Cascade Health Solutions'20 percent stake in the hospital.

Community Health Systems is one of the largest publicly traded health care systems in the country. McKenzie-Willamette was. To liott State Forest, pending the us, that suggests that public outcome of a lawsuit filed by agencies like the Department environmentalists.

Coos Bay World reported. The state would have to "It's certainlynowhere near drastically adjust its forest what was proposed in the management plan if the judge annual operating plan," de- decides in favor of the envipartment spokesman Kevin ronmental groups.

Weeks said. B u t en v i r onmental as habitat for e ndangered groups say deferred logging species. The state managed means another Our Barriers - ThreeChainBreak / Another Way - Split CD of protec- the Elliott State Forest with tion for the endangered mar- a habitat conservation plan bled murrelet sea bird.

But it was scrapped The lawsuit, filed by Casca- last year because the National dia Wildlands and other envi- Marine F i sheries S ervice ronmental groups in May, al- would not approve it, saying leges the state's logging prac- the plan did not adequately tices violate the Endangered protect Coho salmon. Species Act. Currently, all areas of the "All the current scientific state forest are open to logi nformation s u ggests t h e gingifno endangered species seabirds' population is con- live in the immediate vicinity.

McKenzie-Willamette is doing better financially than its nonprofit brethren in Oregon, but its profit isn't out of line with other for-profit hospitals throughout the country, said Frank Morgan, an analyst who follows Community H e alth Systems for investment bank RBC Capital Markets.

Opinions on the page draft review are due to the Siuslaw National Forest by Dec. It's a popularplayground for riders of dirt bikes, dune buggies and four-wheelers. Over the years, however, riders have carved out a D5-mile web of trails through the vegetated sections. Now the Forest Service is cracking down on riding in unauthorized areas. The plan aims for something of a compromise that likely would include a modest expansion of the authorized trail network and the open riding areas while enforcing rules for unauthorized areas.

The areas proposed for reallocation to open riding already tend to be popular with users of etated with invasive species, Morris said. Route additions. The 1 bed h o spital Re-Enter - iFormat - As The Lines Break (File, Album) not publicly spelled out plans for an expansion, but Chief E x ecutive O ff icer Maurine Cate said in the hospital's springcommunity newsletter: "Our most exciting announcement is You - Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Tour - Live In Concert we're.

Save now and stay warm! Zone heaters starting atjust II'es wI ore with less. That's the mantra these days for most businesses across the nation. So should it be for government. The Bend Fire Department is trying to do more with less. Funding from the city is basically flat, while projections for service calls show an increase. Expenses per employee don'ttrend down. The department has lost 10 people through attrition and anticipates laying off maybe 6 people in the next two years. The total staff is currently about The worrying trend for Fire Chief Larry Huhn is his department got slower.

Inthe departmentresponded to 80 percent of calls within 9 minutes and 59 seconds. Inthe same category was 9 minutes and 22 seconds or 37 seconds faster. The department is looking at what it could do. Should the city fire department merge with the rural district, as happened in Redmond? What else could the department do to be more efficient? Huhn is waiting to see what the study finds, but believes merger with the rural fire district could improve funding.

The merged fire district would get its money from a dedicated source that wouldn't have to compete with other city priorities. Huhn believes he could also save money by contracting out some of the services his department receives now from the city.

The study should provide a useful evaluation of alternatives. But we have two concerns. If a busi. Bend's study is not explicitly doing that. There's to be "an overview of existing personnel, positions, salaries, benefits and any additional cost shall be completed to establish a financial baseline.

Is that best for the residents of Bend? If it meant there would be a guaranteed improvement in fire protection, that would be something to consider. There are also costs. It would mean a new fracturing and factionalization of government. The Bend City Council now tries to make difficult choices prioritizing various needs of the city. It tries to balance police, fire, roads, water, sewers and more. Bend's parks have already been split off into their own district. Bend's schools, of course, are also separate.

Isn't setting priorities for the whole c ommunity i m p ortant? Parks is about parks, so of course, it developed a park bond it was enthusiastic about. The same can be said for schools. A new independent fire district may be good for firefighters and fire protection, but will it t r uly produce better governance of the Bend community'? It's not clear. Council wise to decline Move to Amend resolution o far, the Bend City Council has declined to take a stand on the Citizens United controversy.

It's a wise choice, and councilors should stick with it. Bend activists want the council to pass a resolution endorsing a constitutional amendment to declare corporations are not people and money isn't speech. It's a move to overrule the controversial U. Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, which threw out limits on corporate spending on campaigns. The ruling asserted that corporations, like individuals, have a right to spend money supporting or opposing a candidate.

That provision Stand Up > Fall Down > Get Crushed - The Impossibles - Return been derided by opponents as a declaration that corporations are people and have the same rights. It's also been blamed for giving the rich and powerful another tool to impose their will. The request to the Bend City C ouncil comes from M ove t o Amend ofCentralOregon, a group that presented nearly 1, signatures urging council action.

The local group of about 27 people is part of a national movement called Move to Amend. Although at least two councilors — Jodie Barram and Jim Clinton — havebeen open to the idea, the full council has repeatedly said no. Mayor Jeff Eager said the advocates could be more effective by addressing their congressional representatives. Concern about the impact of money in political campaigns is widespread, although this particular idea is bound to be controversial.

Most important in this context is that it's not the city's issue; better to concentrate on water, sewers, police protection and fire budgets, and the many other issues for which the City Council bears primary responsibility.

It's time for the GOP to stop its childish posturing and denial of why it lost. The party needs to accept what the electorate voted for: a fairer America. President Barack Obama ran on a consistent message — the wealthy need to pay a little more, their fair share. This was repeated in his ads, stump speech and all three debates. Mitt Romney ran on cutting the taxes for the wealthy and for corporations under the theory that that will create jobs which, in turn, will increase tax revenue.

In other words, a back-to-the-future Reaganomics and "W's n economy, both of which exploded the deficit and hurt the middle and working Youre On My Mind Baby - Rusko - O.M.G.!. The president brought Bill Clinton on the campaign trail with him after Republicans lionized Clinton as the bipartisan model Obama should have followed in his first term.

What they forgot is Clinton, with no GOP support, raised the tax rate and instead of the sky falling, we had the first surplus since President Ronald Reagan, who turned us from the world's largest international creditor to the world's largest debtor nation.

As Ann Romney said, "This is hard. You want to try it? Get in the ring. I am utterly amazed! And now I read that the U. Talk about rapid response! Go Obama!

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Select the First Letter of the Fantasy Football Team Name: You may filter the list below to only display the the team names that start with a certain letter.

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Nov 19,  · The Bulletin Daily print edition for Monday November 19, 11 attack on ers who attended the meetthe U.S. Consulate in Beng- ings, Petraeus said the referhazi, Libya, and why a .

Jan 17,  · Mr Ng Beng Hwee Michael. UPON FINDING that Mr Ng Beng Hwee Michael, CA (Singapore), had breached Rule of the Institute (Membership and Fees) Rules, in that he self-petitioned as a bankrupt on 23 July and is still an undischarged bankrupt, the Disciplinary Committee ordered that his name be removed from the register and that he shall cease to be a . Beng Beng Cocktail * Booking *'s profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.

Oct 26,  · Bang Yong Guk's older twin brother Bang Yong Nam commented on the B.A.P member's hiatus from the group due to an anxiety disorder. The B.A.P members themselves have already addressed the issue.


Good Life - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - The Best Of Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth [Good Life], New Level - Marius* - Nu Soul Adventures EP (File), Bobbys Girl - Various - Hits Of The 60s And 70s, String Of Pearls - Benny Goodman - Solid Gold Instrumental Hits, Cuando Sali De Cuba - Roberto Delgado & His Orchestra - Sun, Holidays Y Ole!, Chor: Der Herr Gab Das Wort - Georg Friedrich Händel - Stephanie Buyken, Alexandra Thomas, Wolfgang, Abysmal Goatfeast - Burial Hordes - Devotion To Unholy Creed, Back 2 Back (Willie Graff & Tuccillo Dub) - DJ Pippi, Tuccillo* & Kiko Navarro - Back 2 Back, Im The Master - Various - Parhasar Compilation Volume 1, Ballad Of London - Alasdair Clayre - Adam & The Beasts, Station To Station - David Bowie - An American Duke, Vier Zu Viel - Silv-R & DaJule Steilz - Dein Rap Ist Kein Rap, Lonesome Gal - Margaret Whiting - Hello Young Lovers: Capitol Singles 1950-62, Shriner Cows (Dial.) - Stan Rogers - Home In Halifax, I Finally Found Someone - Bryan Adams - MP3 Collection

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