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Disco Fans - Various - Super Dance Plus 8 download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Vizil

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Super Dance Plus 1 on Discogs. Label: Polystar (3) - • Series: Super Dance - 1 • Format: 2x, CD Compilation • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop • Style: House, Pop Rap, Euro House, Disco Various ‎– Super Dance Plus 1 Label: Polystar (3 /5(8). View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Super Dance Plus 7 on Discogs/5(16). Jan 09,  · Disco Nights 8: Dance Floor Listen to Disco Nights 8 by Various artists and 50 million songs with Amazon Music Unlimited. $/month after. Plus, you also get the radio remix of Michael Sembello's Maniac, which sounds very different from both the Flashdance soundtrack version and the original 12" mix by Jellybean (although I believe /5(10).

{PARAGRAPH}Weapons that use E-Clip canisters or some other energy form will only work for shots varies according to the weapon. The weapon need not even have an E-Clip in the port to work. The only problem with the spell is that the device being powered must be in physical contact with the casting mage. If physical contact is broken the spell ends and the unused energy is wasted. Use of this spell confers a bonus on all save throws including horror factor and perception equal to the spell strength bonus of the caster. Multiple luck spells cast on one target will not add up - use the best bonus available. This is an enchantment spell. Though radiation is still uncommon, its presence has been enough to prompt the development of this spell. It's very useful in outer space, strange dimensions, and on the battlefield where cracked nuclear cores can spew radiation for decades. The beneficiary takes no damage from natural or artificial radiation. This spell will not cure physical damage caused by radiation, but will prevent any further damage from occurring. No heat based attacks or ailments affect the recipient during the spell duration. An incantation that allows the spellcaster to create a beam of pure, powerful sunlight with laser intensity. As it is true sunlight, it does double damage against vampires and other creatures that are vulnerable to the sun. The only requirement of this spell is that the mage must have already cast a Globe of Daylight, from which the beam will emanate from. Absorbspell allows a metamage to transform a spell cast at him into magical energy, which he or she can then absorb like normal P. This can only be done if the caster succeeds in saving vs the spell. This cannot Decapitate - Judas Priest - Jugulator magical barriers, curses, or protection circles and similar spells. It can only affect spells directly cast upon the metamage. The amount of P. This strange spell uses magical energy to mask itself! Any form of sensing magic directed on the recipient comes up negative. He will appear to have no magical abilities and be a mundane creature even while casting spells or something else that totally contradicts the sensing. However, psychic and mutant abilities can still be sensed. If the mage desires to permanently obscure the magical aura of objects he can cast this spell at ten times the normal P. A Negate Magic spell can unmask an object, but it gets a save throw vs magic. A magic sphere is a physical body that can contain magical energy. It has 1 M. The metamage can create a sphere with up to 10 points of P. With each infusement of P. Experienced metamages might be able to devise a way of reducing or negating this possibility. The sphere has a diameter of one inch for a P. So be careful. Note: These magic energy spheres are sometimes called P. A mage creates spells for a variety of reasons, to attack, defend, heal, to counteract, to name a few. This invocation was formulated to counterbalance some of the extreme advantages possessed by one of the many infamous dangers present in the world of Rifts, Juicers. This spell will increase the character's metabolism fueled by mystical energy. Due to the extremes that this spell extends the bodily attributes, it is not long lasted, but upon the depletion, no ill effects are occurred! NOTE: This spell cannot be cast back to back, but can be cast anew after 16 melees 4 minutes since the last casting's expiration. Range: ft per level of experience. Can be cast on others by touch or within 4 ft per level of experience. Saving Throw: Standard against being able to see, -2 for those hiding in shadows to remain undetected. Effect: This spell allows an individual to see people and things concealed by shadows magically or otherwise that are not invisible yet remain hidden from sight such as shadow creatures and characters attempting to prowl. This spell does double damage verses Vampires and undead. This spell does 1d4 MD per lvel of the caster. If the spell misses, no damage is taken. This variant on the Armor of Ithan spell creates a noiseless, weightless invisible magic armor around the rescipent or the caster. This field has 20 MDC per level of the caster, a depth tolerance of ', takes no damage for any cold or lighting, and half damage from MD magic fire and Plasma, and other You - Janet Jackson - The Velvet Rope Tour - Live In Concert of magic. This spell creates a shimmering portal the caster only can step through and appear anywhere within feet of his staring place. This travel is disorienting and the caster suffers a -2 to strike parry and dodge for one melee. Multiply uses of this spell in a short time do have any greater affect on the caster. This spell will unlock and open one closed portal see description above within the spell's range. This portal will stay open until physically closed all systems in place security, safeguards, etc. They will then return to their locked states. No type of lock or physical barrier bars, chairs, etc. The Gm should add modifiers depending on the strength of the barrier. Upon casting of this spell, a watery coat forms around the character's body with a highly reflective surface equal to that of a mirror. This Janusz Radek - Serwus Madonna help camouflage, bending light and reflecting the surroundings almost flawlessly. Visually, the caster is rendered invisible, even while moving at up to speeds of Thermo and other light band optics will reveal a general "blob", but not a definite outline still suffer a penalty of -2 to strike, -1 to Rock Daniel - Joseph Spence - Glory and dodge. There is a second ability gained, that of reflecting light including lasers. Being composed of a unique mystical liquid, it can constantly shift reflective values, thwarting changing laser frequencies. Description: By the use of this spell the mage can 'disconnect' a shadow from it's maker. To those who can touch the shadow it will act like the object it is from i. The armor masks the user's heat signature and makes him impervious to fire based attacks including magical fire and dragon's fire plasma does half. The armor however, takes double damage No Friends - DJ Kurupt - Welcome Home Tony Yayo lasers and other light based attacks. Description: By the use of this spell the caster may put any object or being partially into the Nether-World, thus removing it from ALL types of sensor and senses, even a see invisible or detect magic will not work! The size is limited to 50 pounds per level. Description: This powerful form of fear produces within the target creature a feeling of absolute dread. If despaired the target creature will "have it's spirit broken" and will care about nothing, not even it's allies. In this state the target will not defend itself nor will it run, it will simply take what is dished out to it! This spell magically closes and holds a portal. This portal can be any sort of barrier as long as it can be opened and closed normally. Doors, a chest, a cabinet, and a curtain across a hallway all qualify. No amount of force will open the portal. A mage of higher level then the mage casting "Bar the Way" can force the spell to save as the caster no bonuses from any equipment. Example: John 7th level mage and Fred 4th level mage are chasing Mudlock 6th level mage who has cast a "Bar the Way" spell on a door. John tries to break the spell. The GM rolls a A mage can always go through his own barrier, but only he can pass through. If other try they are stopped. The Victim of this spell Either human or other intelligent being is either a wrongdoer Vital Elements - Flying Saucer VIP / Gun Like That animals or one who destroys the environment around him. When affected by the spell, the victim will hear the call of nature and the wild, and feel no hate or fear f. The shaman can call upon the strength of the wild and turn himself into a savage predator. Saving Throw: Standard. Supernatural creatures, M. This grisly spell allows a necromancer to actually penetrate skin with his bare hands to damage the internal organs of a victim. On a natural 20, he does triple damage and he hits an essential organ lungs, heart, brain, etc. Use the standard hand to hand combat strike bonuses. The attack can be parried as normal, and even if the parry fails the victim still gets a save throw. If the save succeeds the victim takes only half damage, but takes full damage if it fails. This spell will not penetrate environmental armor, power armor, robot vehicles, or anything metallic or ceramic - only biological material, dead or living. The use of this spell lets a caster magically encode all the words in a finished book so that only he can understand them. This spell is a wonderful tool for intimidation. With a mere thought and the whispering of the incantation, one non-living object can be quickly burned away by an ethereal flame. The object burns, but no flame is visible besides a faint blue glow. There is tremendous heat, but it is Afraid To Feel - Anacrusis - Reason produced by the burning object. Anything non-living and semi-burnable wood and leather can be affected with a standard save throw against magic. The weight limit is roughly 10 pounds times the caster's level squared so a 5th level caster can crisp lbs of matter, but a 10th level caster can do lbs and a 15th level one does lbs. The smoker can cause a temporal distortion to affect himself or others that accelerates perception, reaction time, and movement abilities. There appear to be afterimages of the recipient when he moves around, a blurring effect, from which the spell takes its name. This spell is, in actuality, a combination of Time Slip and Superhuman Speed. The recipient gains the following abilities for the duration of the magic:. The casting of this spell generates an intense beam of icy black energy. Animated dead and undead suffer no damage from this spell, but it does double damage to beings of light like unicorns, angels, and Guardians. This spell floods an area with total darkness. All light sources are unharmed, but simply negated. They produce light, but the spell blocks it from leaving the source. Everything in a static non-moving square foot area per level is tossed into total darkness, -6 to strike, parry, and dodge. Anyone with heightened senses or superior visual abilities will probably suffer only half penalties. A Negate Magic or Dispel Magic Barrier spell will destroy Nightspill, but the victim spell gets a save throw vs magic. For a limited duration, the character gains the power to jump into a shadow and appear out of one nearby! In a dark area, the character can truly come out of nowhere. The range of the shadow teleportation is about 60ft. Same as the fourth level spell, but can be cast on others and has a much Romanze - Julian Bream - Romantic Guitar duration. It also bestows upon the recipient nightvision, as per the spell above, at 4th level strength. This spell will create a wall of silent black flame with a width of five feet per level of the caster, a length of 15 feet, and a height of 10 ft. Anyone moving through the wall takes damage every five feet traveled into the wall. Anything in the area of effect Thumbsucker - Mountain - Avalanche definitely suffer from the decaying effects of the Void matter. This spell will create a barrier of freezing cold with a width of five feet per level of the caster, a length of 15 feet, and a height of 10 ft. Anything in the area of effect will start to ice over and freeze. The wall, like the circle, has a strange flicker of pale blue energy. This spell was taken from Aliens Unlimited, page 21, and slightly changed. This spell will create a wall of screaming flame with a width of five feet per level of the caster, a length of 15 feet, and a height of 10 ft. Anything in the area of effect will definitely burn, though the fire won't spread to other objects. This spell was taken from Heroes Unlimited, pageand slightly changed. This spell was taken from Nightbane, page It temporarily incapacitates the victim, who can only blink, think, and breathe. He cannot move, speak, fight, or run away. If damage is inflicted on him the spell is broken immediately and the victim can attack next melee action. Consider this an enchantment spell. Saving Throw: Roll a natural to dodge, because the attack is fast and virtually invisible only a small Predator-type visual distortion is seen. The mage can generate a hypersonic screech that will damage and debilitate one target. At the point where the sonic cone strikes the target it is 5ft wide. The victim suffers, in addition to the damage, the loss of one attack, -4 on initiative, and -3 to strike, parry, and dodge for 3d4 melee rounds. Multiple strikes only lengthen the duration of affliction, and could even cause temporary deafness up to GM. This spell will shatter S. Plexiglas, thick glass, solid metal metal is crystallineand M. This can only be used if the caster succeeds in saving vs a spell cast at him. If the save is successful, the mage can opt to cast this spell on the incoming spell and capture its energies. Once done, the mage can hold it in stasis and direct it The Invisible - Love St. a target as if he had cast the spell himself. The captured spell has the strength level of that of the true caster - including spell strength and damage. Proclamation - Gentle Giant - The Power And The Glory the spell is held beyond the duration of Catchspell, it automatically affects the character with no chance to save. When cast upon another spell, this will create a mirror effect upon the spell energies and cause them to have the opposite effect from what they would normally have. A Fire Ball will become and Ice Ball, doing the same damage with the same range. Note that some spells do not have any true opposite like Call Lightning and casting this spell on them would either have no effect and increase the destabilization by a greater amount GM's discretion. This spell reflects back to the caster any spell cast on the mage, as long as the attacker is within Reflectspell's range of effect. The reflection only occurs if the mage succeeds in his save vs magic. If so, the spell returns to the caster with full damage, duration, and effect. The original caster can save against this spell and if successful the spell fades out of existence. The Spellbomb is like a Seeker, only it is six inches in diameter and stationary. It can contain one spell energy and release it under one of several conditions, determined upon creation. First, it can be thrown or launched at a target to release the spell. Second, it can have a detonation time set upon creation it always detonates when the duration expires. Lastly, it can explode when disturbed. It acts just like any other explosive device except it is magical in nature. The exception is that the caster can examine possible outcomes of actions he is taking. It is sort of an interactive vision into the future, much like the predictions of the C. The caster can 'ask' questions of sorts, like "if I do this, what will happen? These are not hard and fast truths; as Yoda said in Empire Strikes Back, "Always in motion is the future". Using this spell, it is possible to choose from several alternative futures by determining one's actions. GM Note: as with normal clairvoyance, be cautious about giving too much away. Effect: Probably the gentlest and most pleasurable incapacitation spell to date that functions by stimulating the victim's Even Numbers - Michael Brückner - Kabacab into feeling an intense sexual orgasm. While under the power of the spell the victim will have no melee actions, can barely move, and cannot make any intelligible sounds other than a faint moan of pleasure. There is no physical damage inflicted by this spell, although the character Disco Fans - Various - Super Dance Plus 8 wish to clean their shorts shortly after succumbing to the spell's effects. After the brief incapacitation period, the victim will need another 1D4 minutes to regain their composure. Until such time the characters attacks per melee and speed will be reduced by half. Only one person may be affected per invocation of this spell. It should be noted that although this spell suffers from a shorter incapacitation time than the Agony spell, of which it is derived, it is more sought by characters of good alignments who would not bring such pain as the Agony spell on any living creature while at the same time, totally incapacitating the victim of the spell. Effect: This unique spell causes its victim to experience the stinging "pins and needles" sensation as if the bloodflow in that particular limb of the casters choice has been temporarily cut off and then restored. They will also have a temporary -2 to their M. Also when cast upon the torso, sex will be pleasureless no matter how hard the victim tries, even if affected by the orgasm spell. On the plus side, however, any limb affected by this spell is impervious to all other pain, which can be a boon to wounded people with no anesthetics handy. This spell can only be cast on one person at a time. Paralyzes a random limb of all creatures in the radius. Tails, wings, arms, legs, tentacles are all considered limbs. This spell can effect supernatural creatures, normal SDC creatures, and targets in all types of armor, but not vehicles, unless the caster can clearly define where the limbs are. This spell teleports the caster and up to 10 pounds of nonliving matter instantly to any location well known to the caster. The target location must be within one mile per level. Che Ceffi Son Costor? - Sulla Vetta Tu Del Monte (Madrigale) - Puccini* / Maria Guleghina, José Cura the roll is failed, roll on the following table:. This spell adds even more Chaos to a battle field. Any damage done to any creature has an equal chance harming all others within the area. Damage done to armor is not effected and damages the armor normally, but armor will Tout Là-Haut - Pierpoljak - Je Fais CQue J Veux protect a creature from damage redirected by means of this spell. EX: 2 headhunters and 2 hatchling dragons are fighting, the headhunters with SDC knives and the dragons with claws. One hatching just cast Random Casualty. A headhunter then manages to inflict 12 SDC damage on the other, but because of this spell, the damage could harm any of the combatants. Numbers 1 to 4 are assigned to each character and a d4 is rolled. The other hatching then hits the surprised and wounded hatching with his breath and inflicts 20 MDC as the flames surround the poor dragon, but it is the Headhunter that is burned, taking 20 SDC. This spell generates an instantaneous burst of blackness. All living beings within the area of effect suffer damage as per the Essence Bolt spell, and must roll an additional saving throw versus magic, with failure resulting in a permanent loss of 1D6 each from P. Description: This spell allows the caster to assume the identity of another being. The type of Disco Fans - Various - Super Dance Plus 8 can be any that the caster has seen or can imagine. However, the caster does NOT gain any of the abilities of that being aside from physical attributes, such as wings, tail, etc. Description: This terrible spell will reduce it's target to an animalistic state. In this form the target cannot use any weapons except blunt style. Like all armors, this particular one has it's advantages and disadvantages, although not many! It is Scaly duh! The bonus for the shaman in the Armor is Invulnerability to cold and heat, the abili. This useful spell will supply the necromancer with a magical simulation of the vampire's extraordinary regeneration ability. While not as powerful as the real thing, it is a good approximation. The necromancer will recover 1d4 hit points, S. The necromancer can also survive up to hit points or M. This spell is the one of the only defenses against the Wordwipe spell below. It not only renders a text immune to the Wordwipe spell for a pretty good duration, but Dont Be A Fool - The Memories - Home Style it damageproof. Books become fadeproof and waterproof, scrolls stay resilient and strong, newspapers won't have fading and ink discoloration, and computer data becomes impervious to Disco Fans - Various - Super Dance Plus 8 and random file corruption. One magic scroll or book with magic circles and formulae can Thank You So Much, Mrs. Lowsborough-Goodby - Cole Porter - Lets Misbehave! - A Cole Porter Collecti affected per invocation of this spell, or the caster can instead affect pages of normal text and digital information per level per invocation. Like Charm Weapon and Enchant Weapon, this spell doubles the damage a weapon does to supernatural creatures. The weapon gets a save vs the enchantment. This spell conjures a large, fast, and deadly fireball composed of blue flame. When it hits the target, it explodes and causes knockdown to the target. Everything within 20ft of the target also suffers half damage from the fireball. With this spell a plane of chaotic particles a few atoms thick is generated. The particles are relatively invisible to the naked eye, and seem to produce a warping effect similar to hot air on a hot day. For the small plane, the mage can use it to parry attacks it hovers near his body and can be mentally moved at will. A successful parry means the attack whether a sword strike or a hail of rail gun slugs is deflected and does no damage to the character. The larger plane has a surface area of 32 square feet per level of experience an 8 ft by 4 ft plane at first level. Objects traveling at speeds greater than 15 mph Spd. This plane has the benefit of only disrupting motion from one direction. Anyone firing through the plane from the side that the caster is on suffers no strike penalty, and will probably not be hit by anything coming through the other side. Anyone shooting through the plane from the side the caster isn't on suffers a -6 penalty to strike. Note that vehicles and fast moving beings suffer the same effects as projectiles moving through the field. If successful, they maintain their course without major problems. If the roll fails, they crash or tumble. The plane can be used for both offensive and defensive measures. Energy blasts are not affected by the plane in any way. The plane is also plainly visible to anyone who can see dimensional anomalies, and can be detected by the ability to sense dimensional anomalies. Like the spells Force Bolt: Lesser and Superior, this incantation generates a kinetic force. In this case, the force is unstable and can damage a large area at one time. Anyone caught in the blast radius also suffers knockdown. Damage: 1d4x10 S. Thus, increase the damage at levels 4, 6, 8, 10, etc. This spell requires a physical component to be of any use, usually a container of some sort filled with shrapnel or debris rocks, wood splinters, metal fragments, used rail gun slugs, etc. The container will detonate once disturbed, spewing its contents across the radius of effect. If the spell duration ends without the magic device being activated, it loses its enchantment and becomes inert. It could still be re-enchanted by a battle mage, however. The battle mage can sense all of the mines that he has set and he can pick them up, move them, and end the spell without any ill effect. Anyone who has Sixth Sense or Sense Magic will be instantly aware that there is danger nearby, but cannot necessarily pinpoint the source as the physical component. Those who can see magic energy or auras will instantly be aware of the container's enchantment, but won't be able to see that it is dangerous they can only suspect. This enchants a weapon held in the caster's hand with the ability to damage a foe by way of his shadow. Any time the weapon is used to strike a victim directly it does normal damage - but attack a victim's shadow with it and the weapon does triple damage! The weapon being enchanted gets a save throw against the magic, and success means the weapon is not enchanted. This spell creates a magical rift of darkness, out of which 4d6 tentacles will stretch and attack from. Once entangled, a victim must save vs magic 12 or better - failure means the victim is fear struck and reduced to one melee action. Two melees after being entangled, victims are pulled into the darkness rift. Another save vs magic 16 or better must be made - failure means the victim is wracked with Adouma - Santana - Shaman immobilized for 4d4 melees. Successful saves mean that the tentacles and darkness has no effect. The portal will disappear when all tentacles are destroyed, the duration of the spell ends, or the spell is hit with a Dispel Magic Barriers or Negate Magic spell. Based on power 11 of Weapons of Chaos, on page 89 of Heroes Unlimited. Becomes M. The caster of this spell creates a brief rift into a world of strange black flames that sear and burn only flesh, not wood or stone or steel. Animated dead and undead are immune to the effects of negative flame, as are all non-flesh objects and creatures, but living flesh and bone creatures suffer normally. Beings of light suffer double damage! Damage from negative flame must be healed normally, and cannot be regenerated. Magical and psionic healing is half as effective. If desired, the mage can focus all of the spell's energy upon a single target. Like the other wall spells, this incantation can generate a wall of a particular energy type. This one is a bit different though. The caster can create a large flat area one 8ft by 4ft plane per level that does the damage listed above equal to a third of the caster's level, or he can create a small flat area one 8ft by 4ft plane per three experience levels that does the above damage equal to the character's own level. Thus, either a small but deadly wall or a large and painful wall can be created. With this spell, the caster can generate an outward spreading wave of solid concessive force. When the shockwave hits, those who take damage from it also suffer knockdown automatically. This spell creates a barrier with a surface area of 32 ft per level of the caster a 4ft by 8ft area at first level. Only the creator of the barrier can cast spells through it against targets on the other side. All other spells are ineffective! Magical energy blasts are not affected. When cast, the mage can transform magical energies into a solid form. He can create unbreakable ropes, boxes, swords, etc. They act and function just like normal, simple objects do but are composed of magical energy. A weapon of magic energy used against a victim vulnerable to magic will do M. When the spell ends the P. The objects all appear as shimmering blue-white versions of the real thing with little or no mass and all of the solidity. Casting this spell upon another allows the caster to set a magical trap that remains until disturbed. The trap springs when some physical condition is fulfilled, like a button is pushed or a door is opened or something similar. The spell only affects the person who triggered the trap. If the trap is triggered by using some inanimate object it will evaporate without affecting anybody. The object the trap is laid on will radiate magic but the caster can mask it by casting Spelltrap at quadruple the cost, or he can use Block Radiance. Allows a caster to put a spell energy into stasis until it is released by mental will, or combined with a vocal command if so desired. The object can be absolutely anything but is usually a trinket, like a ring or an amulet, which is devoid of magical energy. Items with magical properties cannot have additional ones added without great magic. When released the spell is directed by the person who willed its release. Even if they didn't know there was a spell inside the object, victims can still radiate that mental need and the spell responds to it. The affected object does radiate magic unless obscured. Metamages will sometimes store a spell in an object as a gift or as a reward. Or, they can store no spell or the wrong spell as a trick or as revenge. Effect: This spell is designed to cure a person from the ailments of hunger and thirst. Unlike the spells of Resist Hunger and Resist Thirst, this spell actually nourishes the person on whom the spell is cast. When the duration has run out, the character will again begin to feel hungry and thirsty, but En Splitterny Vise Om Kjærligheten Og Dens Ubegipelige Makt Over Alle Folk - Alf Prøysen - På Grammo penalties will start anew as if the character was recovering from a large meal. This spell is great for those too sick to eat or drink, or for those who cannot reach food or water. This spell also negates the need for a person to consume components usually necessary in their diet such as dangerous poisons Alchemical Immortals from Mystic ChinaP. Casting the spell on a person multiple times will only extend the duration of the spell, not make them fat or ill. This spell with send out a pulse that will disrupt any electronic device. Computers, Cameras, and other similar systems will be out for 2d4 minutes per level of the caster. Anyone touching the affected devise during this time will take 3d6 SDC per melee. This spell allows the caster to throw magic grenades that explode on contact for 2d6 MD to a 12m radius for the Disco Fans - Various - Super Dance Plus 8 of the spell. This spell bestows supernatural strength and endurance to the caster for the duration of the spell. This spell can be ended by the caster at any time. This spell is very similar to a Teleport spell, allowing the caster to enter any body of water that his entire body can fit into must be at least wide enough for shoulders to fit through, but can still be as shallow as a puddle and emerge out of another body of water miles away. To be successful, the mystic must have a good indication of where the intended destination body of water lies. This can be by personal knowledge, a cartographer's map, a detailed location description, or even by casting a water location spell. Depending on the method employed, Disco Fans - Various - Super Dance Plus 8 degree of miscalculation varies. Weight is the determining factor, allowing any number of additional persons or equipment, as long as it does not exceed the amount of weight the caster can handle. Each person or object must also be linked the caster physically, either by hand, rope or other attachment, else they fall victim to the extreme vortex created during such a port from one water source to another. This spell may also be used to meld a portion of the body only, allowing the caster to partially appear through the other body of water for the duration of the spell. When this version of the spell is used, the caster may not also meld i. If the mage casts the spell again, then they may teleport safely. Present location is unknown. All suffer 5 H. Description: This spell takes the caster into the realm of shadow. The caster as well, is invisible to the material world. Necromancers have long had an association with demons and other creatures of evil. An ancient legend says that a powerful and favored necromancer was given permission by a powerful demon to summon the souls of his warriors and place them into the bodies of the animated dead, zombies, and mummies. Once destroyed the bodies released the spirit of the demon, which returned to its homeland. Whether the legend is true or not, this spell exists and is known to some necromancers. Casting this upon an animated dead, zombie, or mummy, the recipient creature will gain a stronger sense of self, better combat ability, and some rudimentary skills. The creature gains an I. The death mage uses his dark magic to prevent the healing of another being. Once affected, a victim cannot heal hit points naturally at all. Regeneration is completely negated and will not function for the duration of the spell. Magic and psionic healing is one third as effective. This is an extremely powerful ritual of white magic. The physical components needed are a six-ounce quantity of holy water and an angel's feather which can be reused. Two ounces of water are used to make a circle, two more are used to anoint poured over the feather in the middle of the circle, and the person who will benefit from the ceremony must drink the last two ounces. With some chanting and meditation, the person the ritual is being performed on becomes a powerful force of supernatural good. All the hand to hand attacks of the recipient do double damage to supernatural evil. The only three drawbacks are these: the recipient must be of a good alignment in order to receive any benefits. Second is that dark energy, negative energy, and Negative Chi attacks do double damage! Anything designed to harm supernatural good will affect the recipient the same way. Lastly, the angel feather is the source of power. If it is taken from the ritual recipient, the magic ends abruptly. The feather is usually attached with tape, rope, or whatever to the recipient's body to prevent that from happening. This spell creates a small extra-dimensional area just large enough to accommodate the caster and another being his size but only the caster can reside in the space. The viewing area out of this miniature time hole is Raining On Our Love - Shania Twain - The Woman In Me to one direction, a circle with a 3ft radius. Inside this time hole, time passes at half the normal rate Let Me Love You For Tonight (Hip-Hop Radio Version) - Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight (Mixes) hour outside is only a half-hour inside. I see that the video is no longer available. Is there another way to view it or is it just no longer available? Thank you so much for this article! Here is a fun transatlantic update for you—every Sunday in the iconic club Berghain in Berlin, Germany, tons of guys dance gorgeously and mesmerizingly to techno with their fans. But then I found this article, and it is so cool and fascinating to learn that this dance came from the age of disco!!! Happy to say it is not forgotten, it is having a revival, just to different beats! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Disco fan dancing is truly a forgotten art form as well as a lost piece of gay history. Share this:. Contact: Will Back2Stonewall. Related Articles. Add to My Chart. The Ark Original Mix Petros OdinAntony Lazos. Petros Odin. Antony Lazos. Plus Plus. Aman Aman Original Mix Urban FlexNo Rabbitz. Urban Flex. No Rabbitz. Below Bangkok. Original Mix Jason BayDJ Screendoor. Jason Bay. DJ Screendoor. Remove Hyphen Black Shiny Silk Stockings - Cal Tjader - Soul Bird: Whiffenpoof

In the late ’s and early ’s during the heyday of gay disco not only were you treated to the hedonistic world of loud thumping music, poppers, great recreational drugs, and the bodies of hundreds of hot, sweaty, gyrating men. If you lucky enough were treated to spectacular displays of “disco fan . Disco and Dance Rick Robin Cagnaan; videos; Jane Wiedlin - Blue Kiss (12" extended dance version) by boyjohn. Play next Derrick Harriott Reggae Disco Rockers wildflower May 29,  · This is a strange compilation but well worth my $ at Costco! It's entitled "Disco Dance" yet it incorporates songs from 90's R&B and Pop/Rock artists. Babyface's rendition of "This Is For The Lover In You" (with a temporarily-reunited Shalamar) is even nicer than the /5(12).

Sep 12,  · A história começa em ouvindo a rádio Rauland FM de Belém -- Pará, onde gravei esse Mix numa fita K7. Ainda na década de 80 essa fita foi roubada. Desde então, foram longos 30 anos.

80s Super Dance floor - This radio is the best combination to dance all dance hits of the 80s in a very different way than usual- I like to listen on. Sep 12,  · A história começa em ouvindo a rádio Rauland FM de Belém -- Pará, onde gravei esse Mix numa fita K7. Ainda na década de 80 essa fita foi roubada. Desde então, foram longos 30 anos.

Oct 23,  · Disco Nights - Disco Nights, Vol. 1 - progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo Music Skip to main content. Try Prime Disco Nights, Vol. 3 Disco Nights. out of 5 stars 1. Audio CD. $ Disco Nights, Vol. 4 Disco Nights. Audio CD. $ Disco Nights 2 / Various Disco Nights (Series) Audio CD. $ Disco Nights 6: Number One Disco Nights (Series)1/5(1).

Jan 26,  · Show dance group Spirit, Spiritshow,The new show in Riga- the only one variete theatre in Riga(Latvia) Every saturday,evening showprogramm with dancers, singers,magicians, circus artists and . Feb 14,  · Check out Super Dance 90's Vol.3 from Contrasena Records S:L on Beatport.

Another trance track from Destined’s early days. Big synth stabs and loads of atmosphere with another big female vocal, basically everything you need from a trance record track. This release was packed with remixes from Thrillseekers, Sono & Milk Inc.


The Invisible - Love St., Karate - Tenacious D - The Complete Master Works (DVD), Movin - Brass Construction - The Greatest Hits, Young Mothers - Diana Ross - Diana Ross Anthology, You Keep Me Hangin On - Rod Stewart - In Performance (DVD), Highland Grown Riddim - Dubmasta - SpaceSphereCulture (Cassette, Album, Album, Album), I-DEF-I - In The Light Of A New Day, I Hold Nothing - Mount Eerie - No Flashlight, Break My Core - LPF12* - Inhibition Level, Various - P3 Club Cuts, Im The Master - Various - Parhasar Compilation Volume 1, La Contamanina - Cuarteto Continental - Cumbias Pegaditas Vol. IV, Rap-O Clap-O (Original Mix) - Various - Dj Set Special Session 13, Pascal Leroc - Viper Lounge, Penny Lover - Lionel Richie - Back To Front

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  1. Italo Disco (super MİX) by runsted. Eddy Huntington - Love For Russia ITALO DISCO by DJEddyMiAmi. King Kong - Boom Boom Dollar [Italo Disco] by Blackredshadow. (Special Dance Version) by Memories Fade. Rocky M - Disco Lady by DiscoSource. Divine - Shake It Up by SteeveeStrange. Divine - Shake It Up (Ursula Lip.
  2. [90's Hits Disco & Dance Music] 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Can't Help Myself 熱門流行舞曲 by Hard Qoo Music Mix. [90's Hits Disco & Dance Music] 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Dreams (Will Come Alive) by Hard Qoo Music Mix.
  3. Dance 2 Disco to projekt, tworzony przez dwóch producentów muzycznych z Warszawy. OFERUJEMY: Remixy, Aranżacje - Nagrania autorskie - Miks, Mastering - Usł.
  4. House Deep House Soulful House Afro House Nu Disco / Indie Dance Jackin House Tech House Techno Classic House Soul / Funk / Disco Lounge / Chill Out Afro / Latin / Brazilian Broken Beat / Nu-Jazz. We Shall Overcome Kenny Larkin Plus 8 Records. Poker Flat Volume One Various Artists Poker Flat. Everybody Clap Yo Hands / Everlasting A Church.
  5. May 29,  · This is a strange compilation but well worth my $ at Costco! It's entitled "Disco Dance" yet it incorporates songs from 90's R&B and Pop/Rock artists. Babyface's rendition of "This Is For The Lover In You" (with a temporarily-reunited Shalamar) is even nicer than the /5(12).