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Bombing Eardrumz - The Stunned Guys - Always Hardcore Vol. 11 download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Tera

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Bombing Eardrumz on Discogs. Label: Offensive Records - OFF ,Offensive Records - OFF • Format: Vinyl 12 Stunned Guys* / DJ Paul* / MC Ruffian - Bombing Eardrumz (, Vinyl) | Discogs/5(). VA - Always Hardcore 11 () / Hardcore. Download links: The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul Feat. MC Ruffian - Bombing Eardrumz Core Pusher - World Class Brain Ovulation - Only Kick (Runnin' Mix) Evilcore - Original Style (DJ D vs. DJ Lux Remix). Jan 21,  · The Stunned Guys & DJ Paul - Bombing eardrumz Offensive Records OFF -

Hard Impact Sampler Vol 2. HI HC 21 Apr Prime Directive. Speed Drinking. Psychik Genocide France. Phenomen feat. Fucking Crazy Part feat. The Purge. Taste The Raw EP. Jungletek Mafia Vol 3. Mandidextrous - "E. The Album. SMPT 04 Jul Terror Machine Records Sampler 3. TMR 27 Jan Out Of Control. Hardcore Mafia Revenge. HMR 02 17 Dec Kit Williams.

Return Of The Darkness. Dom vs Dualcore. PKS 01 08 Oct Lucy Furr. Maleficarum EP. Igneon System. The Satan. Gangzta Cash EP. Indust We Trust. DJ Narotic vs Lenny Dee. Ring Around The Pit. ISR 03 Mar Mr Madness. No Way Out. ISD 10 Jun We Are Legion. ISD 17 Jun Stormtrooper: The Remixe Project. Weapon yield is typically increased with a tamper that increases the duration and intensity of the reaction through inertial confinement and neutron reflection.

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An inert bomb is one whose inner energetic material has been removed or otherwise rendered harmless. Inert munitions are used in military and naval training, and they are also collected and displayed by public museums, or by private parties. The first air-dropped bombs were used by the Austrians in the siege of Venice.

Two hundred unmanned balloons carried small bombs, although few bombs actually hit the city. The first bombing from a fixed-wing aircraft took place in when the Italians dropped bombs by hand on the Turkish lines in what is now Libyaduring the Italo-Turkish War. During World War II bombing became a major military feature, and a number of novel delivery methods were introduced. These included Barnes Wallis 's bouncing bombdesigned to bounce across water, avoiding torpedo nets and other underwater defenses, until it reached a damshipor other destination, where it would sink and explode.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Bombings. This article is about the explosive. For other Our Barriers - ThreeChainBreak / Another Way - Split CD, see Bomb disambiguation. For artillery and aerial bombing, see bombardment. For other uses, see The Bombing disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. See also: History of gunpowder. Main article: Fragmentation weaponry. This section needs expansion.

You can help by adding to it. June Main articles: Inert munitions and military dummy. In Ayn Embar-seddon; Allan D. Pass eds. Forensic To Be True - Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - The Very Best Of Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes. Salem Press. Military Technology: The Gunpowder Epic. You can only imagine what happens here. One boy is sleeping in his little cage when his boyfriend wants a piece of his ass.

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The man torturing him continues to click the winch tighter and tighter, then orders Jared to jerk the kid off. Topher cant believe the pain as his kidnapper removes the clothespin from his cock and balls and new rushes in. He winces in pain as Jared lubes up his injured phallus. Despite the pain, Jareds expert hands make Vo Hrušove Rastie Lipka Zelená - Ženská Spevácka Skupina Z Hrušova - Čardáše Z Hrušova rock hard until he finally busts a huge load of cum all over his smooth stomach and chest.

Somehow Topher thinks his performance has earned him release. Instead he is stretched even harder. Next week: to suck cock. Jared is just getting started. He pulls the chain around Tophers neck back, making it impossible for him to move and his ass higher in the air. Then Jared starts fucking the kid again. Fuck that ass, Jared! I want to hear him scream! Jared Rock Daniel - Joseph Spence - Glory up the pace, sending Topher into spasms of agony.

Then he shoves the dildo in deep and leaves it in place. Topher cant imagine how things could be worse. Then Bombing Eardrumz - The Stunned Guys - Always Hardcore Vol. 11 older man whips the soles of his feet while he remains impaled. Poor, poor boy. Next week: Gut-Punching. Now that he's buck naked and totally vulnerable he can be fully retrained. We're going to turn this arrogant muscle stud into a fully compliant cock hungry whore!

Brad's genitals are bound up and squeezed so hard he finally submits to kissing Adrian. Sharp electric shocks are directed at his sensitive nipples and cock. More than the physical pain, the anticipation of the shock is absolute psychological agony. Dave delivers angry thrashes to his big round arse cheeks. Brad will do anything to stop this excruciating pain. He goes down on the erection presented to him while he's fucked from behind, but his body and mind are so horrified by this invasion he upchucks all over our floor.

Brad is so overwhelmed his face goes purple from the shock to his system. With his arse burning sore, gagging and dripping in cum, hetero Brad has been utterly ruined. Hes been whipped, stretched and fucked mercilessly. He can only imagine what his cruel torturer Jared is going to do him next. At first Jared just strokes his body and cock appreciatively. Then he announces: I love beating the shit out of pretty boys like you as he puts on a pair of boxing gloves. And these arent heavily padded, ordinary boxing gloves.

They are hard-rubber training gloves meant for the heavy bag. They hurt like hell, multiplying the of each blow. Jared, solid muscle from head to toe, pounds Topher long and hard. This it a gut-punching fantasy come true. Next week: Clothespins. Moments later he is lifted into place. For Cole, completely nude but for his boots, crucifying a muscle boy is his greatest sexual fantasy.

For now, Neills powerful legs can provide some relief, but he knows his strength will give out and he will suffer terribly for most of his eight hours on the cross. But first he will I Finally Found Someone - Bryan Adams - MP3 Collection utterly humiliated.

Cole grabs Neills cock. Despite the strain of the cross and his best efforts not to get aroused, Neills cock is soon rock hard. Cole continues stroking until the muscle stud finally busts a massive load of cum. Next week: Crucified muscle. Leo Edwards, now 21, had reported being captured, tortured and sexually abused but no one believed him, not the police, not even his own family. Not again! He knew he would suffer. But, still, he cant believe the pain of the whip.

Plus, he is doubly traumatized; all the pain he suffered at the hands of his abductors five years ago floods back into his mind as this powerful, muscular man whips his back and ass raw. Seths lean, fit body has almost no fat to protect his muscles and internal organs, so each blow not only rips his skin but feels like a punch. We lay into him feasting on his body and giving him sloppy wet kisses that utterly revolt this straight cunt.

His toes are tied to his cock and balls so that every time he thrashes out with his legs trying to kick us he only succeeds in tightening the restraints around his package. We tickle his feet in a way which is agonizing and makes him restrain his dick even more. His prick and ball sack quickly turn a deep shade of purple. Adrian rams a dildo down his throat to break his gag reflex and make him lubricate the instrument which will fuck him. Brad's throat tightens up as he resists the big dildo sliding down his throat.

It's rammed up his arse widening his sphincter to breaking point. Dave squeezes his cock and mercilessly teases the stupid fucker for the precum seeping out. His dick is suspended from the ceiling making his glans bulge. Ragtime Annie - Robert Shafer - National Flatpicking Champion 1983 covered in Bombing Eardrumz - The Stunned Guys - Always Hardcore Vol.

11 making all his muscles gleam as he helplessly fights against his restraints while he's being relentlessly shafted. Adrian takes a cane to his arse at the same time turning his cheeks red and causing the muscle head blistering pain. Brad is completely helpless to stop this never ending torment and searing humiliation!

Stefano experiences a whole new level of pain when his pecs are ringed with clothespins and his cock is lined with even nastier clips. At first, the personal trainer, in prime physical condition, can heave himself up and relieve the strain on his chest and his legs. But hour after hour he gradually weakens. His powerful body begins to distort: his armpits deepen; his ribs become more prominent; his lats flare; his biceps and pecs stretch to their limit.

But the unrelenting strain continues, for hours more, causing constant, unbearable agony. When Neill is finally cut down, his magnificent body collapses to the floor, arms still spread, convulsing. He will never be the same. Next week: Soldier boy. Alexis is eager to start opening his arse right from the beggining, toy after toy, even taking a toy fist, it seems Casper never gets quite enough.

Alexis is well aware that making this bitch sattisfied isn't an easy task, So after a bit of wrapping him up, it's the machines time to finish the wrecking. Once satisfied by the performance of the machine, Alexis does what all of us would do, who wouldn't want to Bombing Eardrumz - The Stunned Guys - Always Hardcore Vol. 11 that open and juicy hole? Fuck you, Seth mutters over his shoulder as torture expert Jared approaches.

80 - Gonzalo Sanhueza - Mundo Perdido it, Jared replies and pulls off his boxing gloves. Seth is about to be Mi Vida Loca (Main) - Villa Capone - Mi Vida Loca / Flashy with hard fists, not rubber gloves a form of beating that is technically illegal and could get Jared into deep trouble, but he doesnt care; he wants to make this kid suffer.

A half-hour later Seth is collapsed on the floor, too weak to stand. Jared allows him only a few minutes of rest. He yanks Seth up onto his feet and bolts him to the wall again, this time facing out.

Please, Seth begs, just before the whip cuts into his torso. Next week: The flogging intensifies. With wax still on his balls he's moved over to the Saint Andrew's cross, tied up, and nipples clamped with some weights.

It's funny watching this young pup jump in dispair hoping not to rip a clamp off whilst his balls are being spanked. Obviously nobody likes a cock covered in wax, so let's whip it off! Same goes for the pegs! And for those that are resisting the whip, oh boy, you're going to love the sound Kaspar makes when Alexis Removes them! Lance Schafer is a military intelligence officer on his first mission. Barely 21, he is cocky and inexperience.

Now he has been captured by an unknown enemy. He is literally bolted to a wall by his wrists and ankles. Blindfolded and gagged, he has been stripped of his uniform, down to his military-issue jock and camouflage T-shirt. Like most young Army officers, he wears his T-shirts tight, proud of his fit, young body. You are going to pay for this, he blurts out when Jared rips off his tape gag. Jared just laughs and punches the young man hard in the gut the first of several hard blows to his body.

The young officer remains defiant. I am not going to talk no matter what you do to me. Well see if the whip will loosen his lips. Next week: Flipped around. Just because someone gave him a bailiff's badge he thinks he has the right to be a bullying cunt. I Was Living Dangerous - Blackwolff - Agains All Odds barges his way into our lair and makes demands as if he owns the place.

While this officer checks out Adrian's valuable goods, Adrian checks out this big fucker's body. It's impossible to resist an arrogant bastard in a uniform. With a little sly help from Dave, Brad is caught and strung up like a wild beast. Now we've got the fucker where we want him, Dave can take his time stripping him fully naked and pervily groping his body all over. It slowly sinks into this fucker's thick head that he's trapped.

No amount of useless warnings or pleading will stop us now we've got our hands on him. Dave swallows his cock stimulating him against his De Nattergale - Folmers Polterabend till he's got a big fat stiffy. Now he's filled with shame knowing a man is getting him off! We tame this massive hetero prick invading his arsehole and blowing him at the same time.

This barrage of stimulation totally fucks with his head so he doesn't understand whether he hates it or wants it! That must mean he's here to get opened. And this is not a normal box. It is filled with lots of Mr Hankey Toys! The world's finest professional grade silicone toys. Toy after toy his hole keeps getting stretched, so much we'll see Dominique jerking himself off inside the young lads ass.

He is completely helpless, bolted at his wrists, ankles and neck, his entire body exposed and vulnerable. The pain gets worse with every blow, the whip cutting into increasingly sensitive skin.

Jared even whips Seths cock, which is technically illegal, but Jared knows hell get away with it. Ooops, hell claim, I missed. Soon, Seths lean, hairless body is completely covered, from his knees to his throat, with deep, red welts. Pure beauty. Next week: Clothespin Torture. He has been standing, bolted against a concrete wall, dozens of clothespin digging into his flesh, for 12 hours. The tip of his cock the most sensitive part of his body is clamped with a special alligator clip.

After all this time, the intense pain has subsided to a continuous throb and Seth has settled into a state of semi-consciousness. But that is about to change. Jared enters and removes Seths blackout hood, bringing him back to reality. He pulls off the clips one by one. Seth screams in pain as the rushes back to the bruised flesh. Jared, always the sadist, then slaps, squeezes and whips the pin scares.

Studio HardKinks 50 Clips. And they are ready to show our cameras their hardest attitude. Welcome into Hardkinks Universe. Lance Schafers captivity. After literally being shockedhe is now, hours later, gradually regaining consciousness. He lies on his stomach, tied down to a table, wearing nothing but a torn jock strap, his firm, young ass bare and exposed, when Jared, the young man who has been torturing him, enters and squeezes his ass cheeks, clearly appreciating them.

Lance is disgusted but there is nothing he can do. Jared cuts off the jock and steps back. Bombing Eardrumz - The Stunned Guys - Always Hardcore Vol. 11 Igors long journey from rebel to devoted slave as Master Steel binds, tortures and him again and again. Cute smooth Igor is punished into a new life of abject servitude. And he loves it! He knows the cameras are watching him. He knows the men torturing him are enjoying his body. He can feel the lust in Jareds touch and see it in the older mans lingering gaze.

Seth begins to work his cock. Im going to cum for you! Even after hours of torture, the young stud pumps out a huge load of cum, covering his abs. Please, he pleads, adding plaintively, I came for you. Jared just snickers. Its not my choice, hepulling Seth down and stretching him spread-eagled. His chest- and ab-whipping with the single-tail is next. Next week: Jared exceeds the limits. Go fuck yourself! Lance Schafer barks back, his beautiful chest and stomach covered with red welts from dozens of brutal whip blows.

Lance is determined to reveal nothing but his name, rank and serial number, as demanded by the Geneva Conventions.

The interrogator and his muscular assistant dont care one wit about such legal niceties. They will torture this young soldier until he breaks and theyll enjoy every minute of it. Lance is flipped around and bolted to the wall again. Hes punched hard in the kidneys, then his muscular back and firm, round ass, framed by his jock strap, are brutally whipped. We have all day, lieutenant. Talk or suffer: It is completely your choice.

Next week: The electric chair. Jared decides to get in a few more bare-knuckle punches, pummeling Seth up and down his body, when his boss appears unannounced.

Goddamit, Jared! Do you want to get us sued? I should put you on the cross for that! Under the law, all punches are to be delivered with padded fists. Sorry, sir, Jared replies, with a smirk. Ill deal with him later, the man thinks. Now it is time to ring Seths pecs and ball sack with biting clothespins and leave him bolted to the wall, writhing in pain, overnight. Next week: Next morning, pins off. Lance Schafer remembers is passing out in pain, bolted to a wall.

Blindfolded and in complete darkness, he has loss track of time. Regaining consciousness, he realizes he is sitting Bombing Eardrumz - The Stunned Guys - Always Hardcore Vol.

11 a metal chair in a cold room, bound by duct tape at his forearms and ankles. Then he hears the mans voice: Are you ready to talk, lieutenant? Lance replies. He feels the young mans hands on his chest and abs is that a sexual touch? His blindfold is removed. Hes in a dark room with these two men. The older man sits in a chair directly opposite him. He is calmly explaining how electric current is about to travel through Lances body.

Next week: Shocked over and over. Then Evan goes for a spin on the Rotating St. Andrews while being Step On Your Watch, Part II - The JB Horns* - Pee Wee, Fred & Maceo with a dildo, absolutely gorgeous bondage and domination. Cock sucking and a super hot fuck in the sling finish off this beautiful work of bondage art.

Jared, the muscular young man who has been torturing him, unhooks a long, black bullwhip from the wall and slaps the wall with it, causing a load crack. But Seth still has much torture to endure.

How can you do this? Then his chest and abs are whipped. He cannot believe the cruelty. He will remain like this, painfully stretched, muscles cramping, begging for relief, for hours. This is no ordinary whipping. Lance is being lashed with a bullwhip while his lean body is stretched, making it even more sensitive to the cutting power of the whip. Or we will crank you even tighter and leave you in agony for 10 hours!

Lance remains silent. He will suffer unbelievable agonies for his country and his soldiers and will tell these men nothing. The next day his body is so broken, he offers no resistance as he is unbound, flipped over and spread-eagled on his back. He then realizes the whole process will now be repeated on his chest and abs. Next week: Electricity. From double ended dildos, boot licking and hot guys pissing on themselves, you get to witness some of the hungriest, most capable bottoms showing exactly how they tackle that intractable, insatiable demand for deep penetration domination!

Cole caressing Perrys back with a long, weaved tail of leather. Perry is terrified, knowing this new whip will be ten times worse than the flogger used on him yesterday. But its even worse than that. Perrys cries of agony are music to Coles ears. Perry sputters. Because I can, Cole replies. Next week: and a longer single-tail. He is in a cold, damp room, naked, with two men a large, older man who appears to be in charge and a young, muscular stud who follows the older mans commands and seems to enjoy hurting people.

Topher is on his knees and elbows, clamped into some kind of device that keeps his butt up in the air. Then the man shows him the hard-rubber dildo that will be rammed into his virgin asshole. Oh, god. Next week: Fucked harder. You can see it most profoundly in his elongated arms and the serrations in his chest, his once powerful biceps and pecs stretched to the breaking point. He is in such pain, he is nearly silent, with just the occasional moan of agony. By the tenth hour, his abdomen is sucked in so hard his ribs look like they will burst through his skin.

By the eleventh hour, he is utterly collapsed, limp, in a state of shock, his abs fluttering in little spurts of deep, inner fatigue. When he is finally cut down, he remains in a state of shock for hours, too weak to lift himself up off the floor.

Next week: Cole tricks a trick. We all know human toilets need to be warmed up first before use, so Master Aaron decides to whip the boy nice and red whilst having him bark like the pup he is. After pissing down the funnel hydrating the pup, he's tied on the stairs and the whipping continues, but as if this torture was not enough now he gets some electro play on his dick, until Aaron milks the last drops of cum from this young pups dick and feeds it to him!

He has always fantasied about hooking-up with a hot guy and finally, today, sent some photos to a guy he met on Grindr, Cole. He cant believe his luck: Cole is young and boyishly beautiful his perfect fantasy and has a big, beautiful house all to his own. Perrys anxiety finally evaporates when he meets Cole and the boy immediately takes control, pulling down his pants and sucking his cock.

Fuuucck, this feels real good, Perry moans as Coles expert mouth pleasures his cock. Then Cole moves in for a kiss. Perry pushes him a way a kiss is way too gay for him. Whoa, dont fucking kiss me; just suck my dick, Perry says. Cole doesnt want to kiss him. He wants to hurt him and loves nothing more than gut-punching hard abs like Perrys.

Next week: Whipped and sucked. After instructing the bound boy to come out of the cage and prepare himself for a merciless facefuck, he momentarily gets to enjoy AJ's cock up his boy hole also. Of ocurse this is still just the beggining as ofer the next half hour he'll be put through his pases as he's spanked, clamped, fucked and made to make AJ cum in his mouth.

After receiving what probably was the softest of torments that AJ could have given him, Jasper is moved to the St. Andrew cross, where he's blindfolded for the final part of AJ's Torment.

Lets just say he's in for a hot one, as he receives hot poured wax all over his still tied body. We all know that goes on, must come off! So out comes the whip to literally whip off all the wax on the boys body. All this comes before AJ jerks the young lad off and has him cum in his mouth!

Now his dream has turned into a nightmare. He is strung up in a damp, grey room, completely naked. His fantasy boy has become a cruel sadist. Is this romantic enough for you? Cole sneers sarcastically as he flogs Perrys abs, pecs, back and ass. Perry screams through his saliva-soaked gag as his once-flawless, creamy skin turns crimson. Cole is fiercely turned on be the sight of Perrys lean body writhing in pain. He stops to caress the boys hard muscles, twitching under the red skin. Then he sucks that amazing cock again, getting the boy hard so he can whip him again.

Next week: 2. Teil, Allegro Con Brio - Eduard Erdmann, Berliner Philharmoniker, L. van Beethoven* - Klavierkonz back. Hes been in the dungeon so long, hes lost track of day and night and has no idea how long he has been held captive days, weeks? Then suddenly his mind focuses again: Jared enters, muscles rippling, carrying a basket full of clothespins.

Ring his pecs with pins! Topher screams as his pecs and nipples are covered with dozens of pins, causing a intense, throbbing pain. Then Jared does the same to his ball sack and the pain is even worse. Then Topher sees the spring-loaded wood clamp, the kind that can crush a finger. Jared clamps it to the tip of his cock.

Next week: Crushed cock cums. Once gagged, the torment for this young ginger twink begins, pinned by the 3 wheeled pin wheel, and balls clamped by a vice, Jasper is in for a painful day today! But in case you're worried about Jasper being a bit cold in the warehouse, Master Aaron turns the flame throwing heater straight at him.

Rest assured that's not the only hot and sticky situation he'll be in today, as shortly after he is mummified, tortured and milked whilst wearing a blacked-out Russian gas mask. A single, powerful wood clamp crushes the tip of his cock. He literally throbs in agony, his legs shaking, his breathing heavy. How you liking it, boy? It hurts. It hurts Close Your Eyes - Moonbeam - Space Odyssey - Mars bad, Topher replies.

Do you want to take them off? Please, please! Topher begs, not knowing removing the clamps will cause even more pain than putting them on. Jared unshackles Tophers right hand and the poor boy moans even deeper as he removes each clip. Show me some I Just Wanna Hear - Incurabili - Fine With Me. You have five minutes. As Topher gets his huge cock hard, the man makes him stop and show it off, but he still managers to pump out a massive load of cum just in time.

Good boy. But hes not going anywhere. Next week: Mormon boys. Lance Schafers chest and abs with the single-tail. At this point, the man in charge barely bothers to demand the young army office talk; he just lets his young sadist, Jared, torture him for their mutual pleasure.

Lance is delusional with pain and fatigue, his powerful torso crisscrossed with deep, red welts, as Jared kneels next to him and plays with his cock. At least they have stop hurting me, Lance thinks, but he is terribly mistaken.

Hook up the electrodes, Jared, the man orders. Electric cables are attached to the cuffs at Lances left ankle and wrist, their copper alligators clips touching his skin. Lances convulsing body never looked so good. Next week: Cums on command.

Total size: 1. Most in p quality. In contrast, young Kaspar Hauser dreams about being abandoned in a remote location so that he can be used and abused by strangers. If only his folks back home could see him — no question about it, they would be so proud. Steel Dungeon Vol. Mill slaves Comeaux, Hare, and Burnam are delivered to boss Dawson chained and dang- ling together high above the mill's concrete floor from a football field long moving ceiling crane RubClub Vol.

Jan gets whipped and his tits mistrated. Mister O. There is a hot bondage scene and thesub is suspended motionless while his cock and his eggs getting treated!

In bed he celebrates with some champagne and some vigorous fucking from his lover Kai Cruz. But Nick's joy is premature, as he is abducted by masked mercenaries, who suddenly storm the room.

Gangster boss T-Bow wants his credit card back und subjects Nick to an intense interrogation with ball torture and electroshock. Nick then gets brutally fucked and covered in piss. Nick's accomplice Nicolas Torri doesn't get off any easier: Skinhead Rod crams his rod into both of Nicolas' holes. Then a masked gorilla of a guy shows up and rams his fists up Nicolas' ass. Ben Taylor pounds hunky rubber pig Christian Herzog with his enormous tool.

VA - Арлекино Records - CD Collection [, Dance, EuroDance, Trance, House, Rave, Club, Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance, Hardcore, MP3]. TRAX CD01 Stunned Guys, The Always Hardcore - The Real Hardcore Compilation (CD). 10 stunned guys and dj paul - bombing progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo3 11 bodylotion - neighbourhood progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo3 12 headbanger - progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo3 13 j.d.a. vs bass-d and king matthew - survivors of progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo3 va-the stunned guys present always hardcore vol cdfront progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo

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Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu) - Gipsy Kings - Greatest Hits; Betty Ruth - Leon Everette - This Is Leon Everette; Rocks Off - The Rolling Stones - We Cant Turn You Loooose!

Artists and bands to stay after the next database refinement The Stunned Guys - Albums in database: 10, Next to review: Alwais Hardcore vol. 5 CD1, Always Hardcore V [Disc 1], Always Hardcore V [Disc 2], Always Hardcore Vol. 8 CD1, Always Hardcore Vol. 8 CD2, Always Hardcore vol. 6 - . Juno Download Gabba bestsellers chart This Week.

11 horny men meet for a fierce Piss-Party. A lot of sucking is going on till the first guy start to piss into the hungry mouths. Tight holes get fucked open and fisted. Piss flows from every dick and overflows bodies, rubber and lycra. A boy experiences his first catheter action and screams in joy. Loads of Piss, loads of cum. A great gangbang.


The Sea - Ghostorm - Frozen In Fire, Ronnie Hawkins - Ronnie Hawkins, Laat Je Ketjien, Ketjien... - Various - 14 x Knotsgek + 4 Gouwe Ouwe Extra, Move Your Ass (Matiz Remix) - Scooter - Музыкальная Энциклопедия, Ascension - The Solsonics - Jazz In The Present Tense, David Gilmour - Blue Light, Have You Met Miss Jones? - Oscar Peterson - The Genius Of Oscar Peterson, Sweetness - Marcel - Greatest Misses (Rare And Unreleased Tracks 2003-2010), Suite From The Natural - Keith Lockhart, The Boston Pops Orchestra - The Red Sox Album, Look Out (Sunshine Bros. Sunnyside Dub) - Ben UFO - LWE Podcast 115, I Am A Sound - Cool Devices - Double Ep, Coffin Fornication - Various - Earache: Extreme Musick 2004, Rebecca - Démis Roussos* - Forever And Ever, Softly - Paul Smith Quartet - Softly, Baby

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  2. VA - Арлекино Records - CD Collection [, Dance, EuroDance, Trance, House, Rave, Club, Techno, Hard House, Hard Trance, Hardcore, MP3].
  3. ACUP Collection Vol ~ ~ A Cute Wearing Erotic Orchid Been Attacked By Another Ball Patience Wearing Erotic Idle; ACUP Collection Vol ~ ~ A Cute Wearing Erotic Orchid H Of The Erotic Sphere Patience Anymore To Figure Wearing Idle; ACUP Deluxe Vol.1 Pickpocket Wearing Erotic Miko Minutes.
  4. Comes in a slim double jewelcase with transparent fliptray. Release title appears as "Masters Of Hardcore X" on spines. Track is listed as "Stunned Guys vs. DJ Paul - Bombing Eardrums" on the back cover and as "Stunned Guys vs. DJ - Paul Bombing Eardrums" inside the booklet.4/5(42).
  5. what's in ALWAYS HARDCORE compilation v 32 tracks: Bodylotion, Tommyknocker, Art of fighters, The Stunned Guys, Noize suppressor, Evil Activities vs Endymion, Gabber Mafia, Nico&Tetta and many others don't miss this unrivalled compilation!! inside the cd FREE traxtorm hardcore patch.
  6. ★ VA - The Stunned Guys Present Always Hardcore Vol CD ★ VA - Technodrome Vol CD ★ VA - Tanzpalast Dance Compilation Vol ★ VA - Syndicate The Compilation CD ★ VA - Super Italia Extended ★ VA - Strictly Jump All Stars EP-Vinyl ★ VA - Stars EP Part 6-VinylAuthor: Jetion.
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