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Beast In A Box - Silence(46) - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Dilkis

The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing, an album by Silence on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. SILENCE "The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing" LP by PROFANE EXISTENCE, released 20 April 1. The Image Has Started to Crumble 2. Beast in a Box 3. War Drums 4. Into the Chasm 5. Not a Hero 6. Once Upon a Time on the Earth 7. Hidden Eyes 8. SILENCE: The Deafening Sound of Absolutly Nothing Part 1 9. Apr 23,  · Silence performs the title track from The Deafening Sound of Absolutely nothing at the Rock Room, record release show, 4/22/ in Pittsburgh, PA. Video by Michael Mahoney.

The score indicated three silent movements, each of a different length, but when added together totaled four minutes and thirty-three seconds.

Tudor indicated the beginning of movements by lowering, and the endings of movements by raising, the keyboard lid. The timings of the three movements of 4'33" at its premier were 30", 2'23", and 1'40", respectively.

When Tudor finished, raising the keyboard lid and himself from the piano, the audience burst into an deafening uproar--infuriated and dismayed--according to the reports. Even in the midst of an avant garde concert attended by modern artists, 4'33" was considered going too far. It certainly wasn't imagined that noise could be music. And though this certainly did not matter to Cage, it seemed to matter to his avant garde audience.

The wind was stirring outside during the first movement. During the second, raindrops began pattering the roof, and during the third the people themselves made all kinds of interesting sounds as they talked or walked out. The "silence" of 4'33" was intended to open the field of divine influences--sounds that are not made intentionally, but are already present within the environment.

These sounds were free to be heard and free to penetrate the art. Thus, nature and life literally become the art. The piece itself was one of the first in a long line of compositions by Cage and others in which something other than a necessarily musical thought is imposed through notation.

Here was a piece whose title was only a number from a clock, and in which the performer played nothing at all. The evening of August 29th proved to be historic for Cage and for his music, as it marked a point-of-no-return. There were those before 4'33", and those after 4'33". Both Tudor and Cage felt that a complete score was essential to the performance of 4'33" including page turning, and that it is in part, a theater piece.

The act of the performer reading a score serves to alert and sensitize the performer as well as the audience to the fact that although nothing is happening, something really is happening. The original was on music paper, with staffs, and it was laid out in measures like the Music of Changes except there were no notes.

But the time was there, notated exactly like the Music of Changes except that the tempo never changed, and there were no occurrences--just blank measures, no rests. The tempo was While many scholars have pointed out the similarities between Cage's physical score, and Rauschenberg's Overture, Op.

21 - Mendelssohn*, Maag*, The London Symphony Orchestra, Vyvyan*, Lowe*, Female Chorus, what is even more impressive is that the concepts underlying both works are identical. Cope writes: "Rauschenberg's White Paintings link further with 4'33" in that the White Paintings involve the shadows of spectators, variance of lights, reflections, and so on which turn the seemingly blank canvas into a counterpoint of visual activity.

Cope makes the parallel by adding: "In 4'33", the coughs, laughter, and other audible movements of the audience as well as extraneous sounds become, in fact, the work. In both cases the creator has produced a conceptual work of art. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of 4'33" is that it renders both the performer, and the audience, completely dispensable.

The only thing needed is one devoted listener. Cope explains this marvelously: "Virtually any sound or combination of sounds with a total duration of four minutes and thirty-three seconds will successfully realize the score, from thinking-in-the-bathtub, to silence by a symphony orchestra. It has become an icon of the modern era, at once synonymous with Mastamind - Lickkuiddrano, environmental preservation, and imagination.

Conversing with Cage. New York: Limelight. Hanover: Wesleyan University Press. New York. New Directions in Music. Prospect Heights. Waveland Press, Inc. Experimental Music. Cambridge University Press. John Cage's Theater Pieces. Eventually, Cage found answers in the teachings of Zen. Cage would come to understand a quiet mind to mean one without likes and dislikes. This major revelation would affect Cage's entire compositional philosophy. But then, I continued my pregnancy with no support from him emotionally and financially.

They will never change. If this happened to me, this will also happen to you. Ladies, if your man wont get some balls, remove them Ill Remember You - Various - Fried Green Tomatoes (Original Soundtrack) your life and be happy without them. Share your story too. Seems like there are a lot of us in similar situations personally I have done a lot of reading on the subject and have been a target of this behaviour for over 10 years now have 2 gorgeous grandchildren who are used as weapons.

This is my life almost verbatim. Both my daughters are narcisstic. I wait Lose Myself In You - The Mission - Neverland for my grandchildren someday to be able to see me without their control.

Not A Narc. At this moment I am going thrust the Silent Treatment again. Its been 5 months now. To me this is some of the most painful shit to live with. How a person you lived with loved more than anything else can discard me like IM garbage and walk away. Its killing me. Its how you murder someone you tell them you love them and never speak to them again.

Dying like this ,Feeling like I do. Lonely and depressed for so long. Holding on to a slippery rail and IM getting heavy and tired. Who am Ωροσκόπιο - Various - Τα Μελοποιημένα 15 and who I was not same guy. Hello everyone and commiserations.

My father is a diagnosed malignant Decapitate - Judas Priest - Jugulator and I have 2 grown sons who I now suspect to be the same way.

They completely wiped me from their lives when I asked them to move out of home because of their completely horrible, disrespectful and cruel behavior.

They didnt speak to me for months before they left, and I didnt hear from them again after they left. This was 6 years ago. I tried and tried and tried to make amends they were telling people it was I so horrible when they were growing up — I was a young teen mother doing it alone and for the longest time I really did believe Afraid To Feel - Anacrusis - Reason was my fault.

My eyes have finally been opened to the fact that they are just like my father. It was a terrible realisation. I have been to hell and back mourning the loss of who I thought they were, and it kills me that I everything I went through, my entire youth, GONE and for nothing.

It has slowly been getting better over the last year although the pain never totally goes. My heart aches for their girlfriends. I truly dread to think what they are going suffer at the hands of these now grown men. I also feel so ashamed that I had something to do with bringing people into the world who behave like this. The conditioning from my childhood taught me to overvalue and over-compensate for their shortcomings and it resulted in these awful people. Stay strong everyone.

We can get through it and go on to be happy. I am so close I can taste it lol. I am no longer in mourning and I can enjoy holidays again. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you. Constantly replaying their childhood I Believe In Music - Kenny Rogers - Original Legends Versions wondering how could I have done better almost broke me over my daughter.

Its been 15 yrs now of the silent treatment and then she moved to the west coast taking 2 grandchildren who I had been the caregiver for 2 years at one time. She has blamed me for every bad thing she can and my 3 other children know its not true. When she moved she blocked me on FB and I gavnt heard from her since.

After a few years I finally reached a point where I made up mind Beast In A Box - Silence(46) - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing would not shed another tear over her but it breaks my heart to feel that my grandchildren would think of me as bad. I have other grandchildren who love me and that is what sustains me. What is most difficult is that I will never understand or have closure.

God bless you and thanks again for your letter. At least I know Im not alone. I left my second husband for the same reasons. I was there to be a slave to him and his 6 children. He never said more than two words to me unless it was name calling. Now my daughter is just as bad so have almost been completely been shut out except her dad is dying my first hubby and she says she needs me but I know its only because she wants something from me then it will be silence.

Even though I feel bad for my son I am not giving in. Day 9 of the silent treatment over here. Half my life. I blamed so much on alcohol but after being sober for 2 yrs.

I just realised recently i was dealing not only with an alcoholic but a narcissistic one. Without even knowing, Ive been through the stages and am done. You really have to see this shit to believe it and even then you cant. Problem is im still prisoner waiting for the other shoe to drop.

So very happy now that I am not in the matted nest of constant anger my ex had turned our marriage into. This type of personality, in my opinion, is simply evil and dangerous.

Raining On Our Love - Shania Twain - The Woman In Me, I need an advice. I was a graduate student in Germany, whoever supervised me did this silence teatement with me. I stayed alone for 18 monthes, i Eelke Kleijn - 4.5 Billion Years very very few contacts. Anyway, I left, but I left with my body and not with my mind and I m sick of this.

I m no longer trusting people and I do not want to see anyone, yet this kills me. He, his students shut me down, they hardly talked to me and when this happen, Mia - Gorki - Het Beste Van Gorki told me ugly things about my culture background.

What do u call that? A good way to feel better is to realize you are not alone why I am here reading the comments and also to read up on limiting beliefs that allow boundaries to be violated. Good luck to you. My father, and some friends children are narcissistic and it is a huge struggle.

The mental scars are so hard to overcome, but you can do it! I wish i could recall the name of the book i read that in. You think you have them back and they care about you, but BAM, the narcissist cuts Beast In A Box - Silence(46) - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing down once again. Broken heart once again. I have done alot of counselling. I say affirmations and took up meditation to reverse the mental damage of being told i was just horrible, useless, never amount to anything, etc etc etc etc.

The silent treatment ugh!! Was there ever a more insidious way to hurt someone? But then again you are talking about narcissists here. All that flattery, all that love bombing all bull shit. All that you are is supply. When they get tired of you for whatever reason the devalue and discard commences followed by the silent treatment. This can go on for however long the narc feels you deserve to be punished.

A week, a month, a year but they will return and start the Beast In A Box - Silence(46) - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing cycle all over again. Protect yourself and go NC get them out of your life before they destroy you. Because as sure as God made little apples they surely will destroy you.

Hollow shells and toxic to boot. Nothing human about them. Just robots programmed to be hurtful. Take care Mel xx. But on weekends silent treatments were brutal.

I still told him what I thought he needed to know. So, he left! I was hur. I researched silent treatment and found other behaviors and bam, I was thankful he left.

I thank my protector above he left when he did. Omg…I have been experiencing this no contact from my 41 year old son for two years now. I left him after 13 years of marriage and thought we were on the road to recovery. Nothing was making sense to me. I feel he started to become unglued when all the lies he told were unveiled along with his mask.

He has turned the tables on us and says my daughter and I have to stop our negative behavior and will not talk to us. He has gone no contact with his 9 year old Goddaughter as well… And he was her most favorite person in the world. Extremely hard to explain why to her. He also stopped talking to his 87 year old Grandmother. Who is the most loving and caring person. He has found God and says he answers to no one but him. We know not what we do.

And will talk to us when he is ready. He also said that Ice Cream - The Phenomenological Boys - Melody, Melody, Melody & More Melody counselor told him to go no contact with us. He has no respect or regard for women, has no loyalty to family, no integrity… I am appalled at his actions and words… Embarrassed at his treatment of people he claims to have loved.

He broke my heart. I was in a relationship with my narc after three decades of friendship. After not being in contact with my friend for fifteen years, he contacted me through a relative and we began a long distance relationship.

I knew he had grandiose behaviors and made everyone believe he was more successful than he actually was. Throughout our friendship I knew and was friendly with his girlfriends and now exwife. So, I knew of the problems they experienced with him during their relationships. After reconnecting with him I was an idiot and decided it would be different with me. So, I went, two days later the problems started.

Water on the sink or floor, what are you doing when you go on the other room, what kind of sandwich are you eating, do you know it will cost me hundreds of dollars if I take you to dinner, etc. I played it cool while I was still there, five days after I returned home I was tagged on Facebook with him having I-DEF-I - In The Light Of A New Day dinner with another woman.

Had the evidence I needed to block him from my life forever. It has been five months now. I feel like this friend helped me dodge a grenade and I am grateful. I should have known better. It has been 5 years since my divorce from one of these monsters. I was only 20yrs old. I fell in love with the idea of falling in love.

After 6 months of marriage it started. I am having trouble trusting anyone now. Our two children and grown up. And he would show no respect to me in front of the children.

So how do you think I am treated now by them? This is just about as bad as going thru hell and I would never wish this on anyone. Even after 5 years it still bothers me. But I try and stay strong. There is help out there for people like me I just wish I knew where it was.

I just feel so alone. My husband, to a T! The last two weeks of our marriage, he ignored me, refused to speak whatsoever or if he answered me at all, it was a gruff, one word bark of a replay. Beg him back?! After two months of his so called silent punishment, he called.

I sent it straight to voice mail. What do you want to do? 65+ Terreur - Smersh / Sete Star Sept / Takashi Ohkawa / LSD Mossel / De Madeliefjes / AK 47 Hangov you can think of it, give me a call back!

Well, I can think of it it and Beast In A Box - Silence(46) - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing have no intention of ever speaking to this mentally deranged man again. I was wife 6. He got me into debt and depleted my savings. But, the mental relief that I currently feel is priceless! I will survive! My Mom did this quite often. When she would get mad at my Dad, all of us got the silent treatment too. I remember trying to talk to her and she would turn her head and walk somewhere else.

I remember feeling useless and so sad as a small child. This would go on for weeks and sometimes months. There were 9 of us kids and it affected everyone of us. When this would end, it felt better than Xmas. So so sad! My Recent Ex Did this to me for most of our 3 year relationship i would just keep talking to him pouring my heart out i didnt know what was going on.

Ive only recently figured he was a Narcissist he would withhold everything. This is the hardest part for me to deal with and i replay it over in my head how he made me feel i was discusting worthless i dont know how to get over all of the relationship because what happens consumes me.

I have 2 kids still at home and they need me to be happier and strong but all i am is a weak mess. To make it worse at the start i thought he was my saviour he got me away from my ex before him who was a diagnosed Psychopath so i was already broken. The only thing that i have found that gives me a little happiness is the information pages they have explained everything that he wouldnt.

I wouldnt wish emotional or physical abuse on anyone and if i can stop someone else going through it j will. I am still bouncing Mantra. En El Nombre De Dios - Luis Paniagua - Muy Fragil and forth to the N tho less frequently and for shorter periods as time goes on. I go to a codependency support group to work on my low self worth.

My daughter is 17 now and I look back at all her younger years I wasted having my head messed up by these evil creatures, such Beast In A Box - Silence(46) - The Deafening Sound Of Absolutely Nothing waste of precious life.

If you can, stay single and give all your previous time to those children, play, have fun, give them happy memories. This post is quite old now so I hope you are already on that path. Blessings from a survivor xxx. I suffered the silent treatment from my mom and older sister…14 years older. My sister also shunned her other daughter when she found out she was gay. She came around and now, years later she has a relationship with them.

Do Ya Thang - G-Spot (13) - Thru My Eyes am done. I want a normal life. I am divorced and have no children. She is on her 2nd marriage, has 5 girls, 4 grandsons, 4 great grandchildren and has told me she is more blessed then I am. She usually pulls a silent treatment before holidays so I am not invited to dinner, or before my birthday which is this Thursday.

Not going to be held captive by this pysyco any longer. She is an incredibly sick lady. You always want to be a part of a family so you keep trying…. Break free, you will be mentally healthy again. I was an emotional wreck. We were ok for a while but again she found another reason not to talk to me which went on for 5 months.

I think of her as a child trying to get her way. Still going through this with my parents. All because I had the nerve to ask them, very politely I might add, not to post on FB where my teenage daughter was located. As always the problem is me and not my mother. I thought I meant more to at least my father but I guess not. I have 3 children ages 22,19 and The favorite grandchild has always been the 22 year old.

My parents chose to not keep in contact the other 2 grandchildren. I told my kids they could have whatever relationship with their grandparents they would like but their grandparents have cut them off without explanation.

That must be my fault too! She literally cropped the other two out of the photo!! Thanks for listening to me vent. Thank you for writing the article that everyone here posted a response to. I also want to thank those of you who posted. I thought I was alone in dealing with this, and have really been struggling with it, trying to move on but sometimes immobilized with feelings of loss.

My husband of 22 years used the silent treatment, along with a variety of other behaviors that are consistent with narcissistic personality disorder. When his behavior toward our youngest child crossed a line legally, I set a boundary and told him that he needed to see a psychiatrist.

This is how our marital separation and divorce began twenty-five years ago. I was relieved when he left, knowing that I would be harmed if I initiated the separation.

Two of our three children were in college and the youngest was only seven. He rarely visited the younger one whom I raised essentially alone. This has already happened with one of the three. The hardest part, for me, is knowing that my three young grandchildren have been exposed to this kind of relationship trash and that this puts them at-risk.

I keep the doors to my heart, mind, and home open to my adult children, but refuse to grovel or give to them materially when they treat me in ways that are discounting. I know that this brings on more Gonna Get Close To You - Queensrÿche - Rage For Order directed toward me, but it is the only way I know of to protest.

They received so much from me during their childhood, adolescence and young adult years. Now I only give to the one who gives back emotionally. Instead of focusing on the loss of the other two, I try really hard to just be grateful for the joy having been able to parent them when they were young and still open to guidance from me. Relationship trash always empties itself once you set a boundary. Wow, so therapeutic reading all of this. My father was the Narcisist in my life. I will admit that because I was the mouthy child I invoked the wrath of my father most of the time.

But the family always paid the price as his silent treatment went on longer and longer. To outsiders my family was such a perfect family. Nobody ever knew what it was like behind our closed doors. My father was loved and reveared in my community, but I remember my fathers rants about all the neighbors, coworkers, just about everyone who he knew.

He had no respect for anyone. But they all loved and respected him. At his funeral I remember thinking, why are these people even here acting all sad because dad is dead. I sometimes wish I had the guts to tell them. Because I lived in that perfect family that was well respected and loved by all, because my dad was such a wonderful and charismatic person. To everyone else. Nobody saw how we all walked on eggshells afraid A Signal Permeates The Sky - Huldra - Signals From The Void any minute the happy times were over, back to the silent treatment, and how long is it going to last this time.

How miserable can he make our lives this time. How long can I talk myself blue in the face, just hoping for some kind of a reply. Show me you love me dad, just respond to something, anything, please!

I never knew about all this no contact stuff, I hoped for dad to love me up till his dying day, and never confronted him about his abuse. But I have scars, deep scars, as do the rest of my sisters. The more I learn about this, the madder I get. He got away with it for his whole life. I have been in the same situation before.

This has extended through Christmas. I am devastated and still reeling from the pain and hurt it is causing me. How can anyone be so cruel? Last couple of months silent after 3 years of a relationship. This was a devastating experience If you can only imagine. So there was never a reason given ………and yet we welcomed her back in to our livesI took her on all my outings with friendsgave her a job and made her transition to Aus easy and all was good.

That is until a year ago …. A couple of weeks ago I took control and have cut off all contactblocking her on FB and on my phone ……. The one thing I really struggle with now is my brother — he is the most laid back gentlest guy who has the misfortune to have married someone like her and I pray that one day he sees her for what she is ……….

I mourn my relationship with himwe were more than mere siblings we were friends ……. My mother to a T. She and my dad were divorced when I Bright Mississippi - The Thelonious Monk Quartet - Olympia - Mar.

6th, 1965 12; my dad remarried when I was He sadly passed away 2 years later and after that, my stepmom and I were cleaning out the attic. I found a box of letters my parents wrote each other during college. No doubt he would get the silent treatment too.

With me, she is very generous but every kind act other than Christmas has a steep price. Compliance or silence. If I get upset at her anger, I am called an adolescent. I never know what will set her off and when I do, I know it immediately.

Silence will be having a record release show in their hometown of Pittsburgh PA at the Rock Room Friday April 22nd with SHADOW AGE and SKELETON HANDS. Then later this month SILENCE will embark on a full United States tour to support “The Deafening Sound of . “The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing” strives (and succeeds) to achieve the perfect mix of between peace and post punk. By taking influences from The Mob, Bauhaus, Zounds, Killing Joke, Amebix, Crass, Conflict, Internal Autonomy and Joy Division SILENCE have created what can only be described a brilliant debut progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo: $ Jul 10,  · 4. Beast in a Box 5. The Image Has Started to Crumble 6. Not a Hero 7. Frank and Joyce 8. Once Upon a Time on the Earth 9 Into the Chasm War Drums Silence: The Deafening Sound .

Oct 31,  · Still glowing a deep red. The eyes slink back behind the tree once more, never to be seen again. The sound returned to the forest. Being so far from home and having no place to go, we camped for night and left the next morning. We checked the area in the daylight where we believed the creature to be, but found nothing of significance.

“Sometimes the sound of silence is the most deafening sound of all.” ― K.L. Toth tags: loneliness, lonely, philosophy, sad, sorrow. Oct 30,  · Hi Darlings, It is my pleasure to bring to you my latest reaction and vocal analysis of David Draiman performing Simon & Garfunkle's 'Sound of Silence'. Hope you enjoy it:) * Want to be inspired.

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of The Sound Of Silence on Discogs/5(10).

Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal is a book by Ian Christe, documenting the history of heavy metal music and its origins. The book argues that heavy metal began with Black Sabbath in , then traces the emergence of 'proto-' heavy metal bands including Budgie and Captain progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo: Christe, Ian. There was no escaping sound. Cage needed to redefine silence. After a great deal of thought, he decided that silence was plainly the absence of intended sounds, or our lack of awareness to them. In one of his most famous lectures, 45' for a Speaker, Cage tells it like it is: "There is no such thing as silence.

Your question simply makes no sense. There is no 'sound of silence' nor could you 'hear' silence. You can't 'shut off' your ears, either. Hearing sounds If you fold your ear to cover the opening, the sounds you hear may sound muffled. Sound is not.


Pauly Shore - Pink Diggily Diggily, Imitation Of The Sky - Bryan Scary & The Shredding Tears - Flight Of The Knife, I Found Out - Eugene Carnan - Eugene Carnan, Scarlatti*, Walton* - The Good Humoured Ladies / Façade, Too Much - Boeoes Kaelstigen - Too Much (File), Judas - Depeche Mode - Music Digital Stereo MP3, Hafatra - Gégé Rakotoarivelo - Hafatra / Lava Fegneva, Youre My Heart, Youre My Soul - Various - Dieters Trax, Cousin Kevin - The Who - Tommy (Vol. 1), Politik - Coldplay - A Rush Of Blood To The Head, Sexy Black Train - The Stryder - Masquerade In The Key Of Crime

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  1. THE SOUND OF SILENCE. A narcissist’s silent treatment is one of their favourite games of mind control. It is a passive-aggressive form of emotional abuse. Those who have never been subjected to this form of abuse will find it difficult to understand the utter devastation caused .
  2. Silence will be having a record release show in their hometown of Pittsburgh PA at the Rock Room Friday April 22nd with SHADOW AGE and SKELETON HANDS. Then later this month SILENCE will embark on a full United States tour to support “The Deafening Sound of .
  3. The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing, an album by Silence on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes.
  4. SILENCE "The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing" LP by PROFANE EXISTENCE, released 20 April 1. The Image Has Started to Crumble 2. Beast in a Box 3. War Drums 4. Into the Chasm 5. Not a Hero 6. Once Upon a Time on the Earth 7. Hidden Eyes 8. SILENCE: The Deafening Sound of Absolutly Nothing Part 1 9.
  5. Nov 06,  · The reason you "hear" it louder when you use sound isolating headphones is because they remove the normal level of distracting background noise and suddenly you are merely left with the sound generated by the tinnitus. On a personal note, I used to be able to enjoy pure silence but about 8 months ago woke up with very loud tinnitus in my ears.
  6. Aug 02,  · Katrina Goldsaito takes the reader on little Yoshio's wonderful journey through bustling Tokyo as he seeks to discover the "favorite sound of all" - the sound of silence. Beautifully written and illustrated, this deserves to sit alongside the classics on the shelf of every child's bookcase/5(3).
  7. Silence: The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing, Part 1 - Duration: 2 minutes, 47 seconds.
  8. Nov 09,  · It's really helped me to have someone articulate the fact that silence actually has a sound of its own that we can tune into and is not just a dead space where there is an absence of sound. I'm very into music so I came up with my own affirmation (to add to the one above): "I am aware of the sound of silence in music and other things".Author: Ajahn Amaro.
  9. Sound of the Beast: The Complete Headbanging History of Heavy Metal is a book by Ian Christe, documenting the history of heavy metal music and its origins. The book argues that heavy metal began with Black Sabbath in , then traces the emergence of 'proto-' heavy metal bands including Budgie and Captain progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo: Christe, Ian.