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Ay Distress - The Baptist Generals - No Silver / No Gold download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

by Samuktilar

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of No Silver / No Gold on Discogs.5/5(1). View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of No Silver / No Gold on Discogs/5(5). The Baptist Generals, whose very name hints at a collared intensity, have produced an album that pulls at that restraint until it snaps. 'No Silver, No Gold' is haunted, clearly. On the first track, they introduce the mind that shapes this album. "Ay Distress" begins as a simple, weary sounding dirge.

The Ethiopic version reads, "we have none"; and so it Vo Hrušove Rastie Lipka Zelená - Ženská Spevácka Skupina Z Hrušova - Čardáše Z Hrušova the next clause in the first person plural; that is, they had no money either of gold or silver coin; they had none about them, nor any of their own perhaps any where; none but what was brought to them, and put into their hands as a common stock for the whole church, or the poor of it: nor indeed might any money be carried in a purse into the temple; See Gill on MatthewMark though doubtless they might carry it in their hands, or otherwise, for the offerings, or for the poor, or this man would not have lain here for alms.

But such as I have, give I thee ; meaning the gift of healing; not that he communicated that to him, but exercised the gift upon him, by curing him of his lameness; and which was much preferable to large quantities of gold and silver, had he had them to give unto him:.

Sabbat, fol. Bibliography Gill, John. Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I thee — What a lofty superiority breathes in these words! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk — These words, uttered with supernatural power, doubtless begat in this poor man the faith that sent healing virtue through his diseased members.

Copyright Statement These files are Love Will Find A Way - Various - Listen Listen ! derivative of an electronic edition prepared from text scanned by Woodside Bible Fellowship.

This expanded edition of the Jameison-Faussett-Brown Commentary is in the public domain and may be freely used and distributed. Bibliography Jamieson, Robert, D. Silver and Ay Distress - The Baptist Generals - No Silver / No Gold have I none. Though the early church had poured out its gifts abundantly ActsPeter had not enriched himself, and was a poor man, presenting a great contrast to the popes who claim to be his successors. He looked somewhat amazedly upon the mass of plate and treasure which he saw there.

Peter of old, 'Silver and gold have I none. In the name of Jesus Christ. Christ worked his miracles in no one's name. The power was his own, but with the apostles all things were done in Christ's name, and the power ascribed to him. Copyright Statement These files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website. Original work done by Ernie Stefanik.

First Ay Distress - The Baptist Generals - No Silver / No Gold online in at The Restoration Movement Pages. Bibliography Johnson, Barton W. The healing power is in that name Page and Peter says so. All rights reserved. Bibliography Robertson, A. Broadman PressRenewal See on 1 Peter Copyright Statement The text of this work is public domain. Bibliography Vincent, Marvin R. Charles Schribner's Sons. New York, USA. Then said Peter, Silver I Shall Be Released - Elvis Presley - The Complete Elvis Presley Masters gold have I none — How unlike his supposed successor!

Can the bishop of Rome either say or do the same? Bibliography Wesley, John. Silver and gold. Peter doth truly excuse himself, that he doth want that help which the lame man did require. And therefore doth he declare, that if he were able to relieve his poverty he would willingly do it; like as every man ought to consider with himself what the Lord hath given him, that he may therewith help his neighbors. For what store soever God giveth to every man, he will have the same to be an instrument and help to exercise love.

Therefore he saith, that he giveth that which he hath. This was at the first a trick of mockage, in that Peter beginneth to speak of his poverty, after All I Need - AIR - Twentyears he had brought the lame man into a rare hope, as if he meant to mock a gaping crow; but he comforteth him immediately, to the end the miracle might be had in greater estimation by the comparison.

That is horrible wickedness, in that the Pope, when as he is created, doth most unshamefastly [shamelessly] abuse this place, making thereof a comical, or rather a scoffing play. There be two cells, or places made of stone, in the one whereof when he sitteth, and the people ask an alms, using these words of Peter, he casteth abroad crosses in the air with his fingers. When he is brought into the next tell, or place, he hath bags full of money.

Then his angels cry unto him. I have made mention hereof, to the end all men may see that Satan doth questionless reign there, where they do so manifestly mock the sacred Word of God.

And to the end I may return unto the former sentence, it is evident enough that Peter was instructed by a certain and sure revelation, when as he saith that he hath the gift of healing. In the name of Jesus. He saith that this is the work and benefit of Christ, that he restoreth to the cripple the use of his feet, for name is taken for power and empire, or government.

Neither must we dream that there is any magical force in the sounding or pronouncing of the word, as the Jews do dote about the word Jehovah. To be short, Peter meant to declare that he was nothing but a minister, and that Christ was the author of the miracle. For this ought to have been, and was his care, that Christ might be made known unto the world, and that his name might be sanctified.

But why doth he give Christ this epithet, or title, of Nazareth? I leave to other men their own judgment; but I think thus: Forasmuch as Christ was thus called in contempt, Peter meant of set purpose to express that that Jesus of Nazareth whom they had crucified, and whose name was despised and without glory amongst the Jews, and was to the most of them detestable, was nevertheless the Messias promised of God, and that all power was given unto him of the rather; as Paul saith, that he preacheth Christ and him crucified, 1 Sam Sparro - Sam Sparro (Album & Instr) Arise and walk.

This might seem to be a very ridiculous thing. For the cripple might have readily objected, Why hast thou not first given me legs and feet? For this is a plain mock, when as thou biddest a man without feet to go.

Whereby appeareth both the force of the word, and also the fruit of faith. The force of the word is double, both in that the cripple is so touched that he Youre The One I Need - Hixxy / Re-Con / Dougal / UFO - Hardcore Til I Die 2 forthwith obey without delay; and in that it giveth strength to his dead members, and doth, after a sort, renew the man. And faith also hath her reward, in that the cripple obeyeth him which commandeth him to rise not in vain.

Therefore we see how God worketh by his Word, to wit, when he giveth success to the preaching thereof, that it may pierce into the minds of men; secondly, when he giveth those things with his hand which are promised there. Moreover, he suffereth not faith to be void, but she doth indeed truly enjoy all those good things which she looketh for, and which are offered unto her in the same Word. And we must remember that which I have already said, that we have in this history a type or figure of our spiritual restoring; namely, that as the Word, laid hold on by faith, did restore the cripple to his limbs, so the Lord pierceth into our souls by the Word, that he may restore the same.

We gather out of Matthew that miracles must be thus handled. Bibliography Calvin, John. And when Pope Boniface VIII was taken and plundered by Philip the Fair, king of France, there was more store of treasure carried out of his palace than all the kings of the earth could show again, saith the historian.

Bibliography Trapp, John. John Trapp Complete Commentary. Man is, by nature, morally crippled and helpless; a beggar, a bondman, carried about at another's will.

Great bodily infirmities are the shadows of the sins and weaknesses of the soul. What a cripple is among men, a sinner is before the angels and pure spirits on high. There is a Name which can make us whole again, sound, glad, and free. Your soul wants precisely what that poor cripple's body wanted, power to stand, to walk, to leap, and to utter forth the praises of God.

And that power is in Christ, and in Christ alone. Light to the blind, strength to the impotent, life to the dead is He. The more you think of it earnestly, the more you will find that life is just what you need. A man whose system is worn out can be patched up for a while by the physicians, but a new gush of life into it is what it needs.

Give it that, or you patch and prop in vain. This is what Christ can truly do for your soul. I am not speaking now of the solace of His compassion, of the joy of His communion, of the sweetness of His love, of Electrodomésticos - ¡Viva Chile! glory of the hope which He inspires.

I sum it all up when I say, "In Him is life. It will be a power in the end, all-mastering, all-ruling, a power unto salvation. This is the time to believe on that Name, and to rise Ay Distress - The Baptist Generals - No Silver / No Gold and walk. Does God care for wrecks? Let that poor cripple answer. Let the Lord's works of mercy answer. They were mostly fragments, broken fragments of humanity that He gathered; they were mostly wrecks that He saved. Publicans, harlots, thieves, prodigals, whatever the world flung out as worthless, He gathered.

Such life is in Him, such power of quickening and re-creating souls, that wretched ones, whom Scribes and Pharisees cast out from the decent fellowships of earth, shall be reigning among the angels, white-robed, palm-crowned, through eternity. Lay hold on Christ and the Lord will lift you; you will stand up as a man, and look your tempters and tyrants in the face; you will find strength to defy them, and to win at first, at any rate, an easy victory.

You will go forth to the old drudgery with a new and wonderful joy. The lame man. It is a fact that almost all the alms of the world are administered at the gate of the Temple. Almost all the charitable institutions of the world are dependent for their moral and pecuniary support; and almost all the benevolent movements of society are dependent for their success, on them that go up to the Temple at the hour of prayer.

When money is needed to assuage the world's grief, to relieve the world's distress, men go straight to the gate of the Temple to beg. Christianity is founded not so much in the powers as in the needs of the race. The cure of the lame man. The man sought alms—but the Apostles gave him what was better; they gave him health. Health without money is infinitely better than money without health.

Moreover, by endowing him with health, they were conferring on him the ability to earn money; by imparting the greater they were also giving the lesser. In this the miracle was a sign, and typifies to us the Divine method of saving the world.

The Gospel does not aim directly at improving men's circumstances, it aims at improving men themselves. But no sooner does it bring about a moral improvement in the men, than the men bring about a noticeable improvement in their surroundings. The Gospel converts the man, the man converts the house.

Men need better houses and purer air, and more wholesome water; but the great want of men is life—more life; and Jesus 80 - Gonzalo Sanhueza - Mundo Perdido came that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.

Utilitarianism does men good, Christianity makes them good. At that which Peter had not, "Silver and gold have I none. It was an essential condition of the prevalence of the Gospel that men should be holy, and if they were determined to cling to their sins it was a necessary consequence that the only way to peace should lie through contention. So, though it be the future of the Church to inherit the glory of the Gentiles, it is an essential condition of her power that she shall abandon all selfishness and covetousness, and if men will cling to selfishness and covetousness, then the only way to power is by stripping herself of her earthly possessions.

God only knows whether that be necessary for the Church. Now, if ever, we must gird up our loins and trim our Too Much - Boeoes Kaelstigen - Too Much (File), taking up the pilgrim's staff and scallop-shell, seeking upon the hard rough sands of the world's desert the way to the heavenly Jerusalem.

Notice next the positive aspect of the text. The Apostle did but speak, and straightway by the Almighty power of God—it was as if an electric shock had passed through him—the impotent man could leap and walk. And so it is in the conversion of the soul. Just at the time when His people are passing through gloom and sorrow, the highest heavenly power is wielded with a tenderest human pity, so that when we come in our weakness, our sin, our loneliness, and look up to heaven, we see not the naked blinding glory of the Deity, but the face of the High Priest who can be touched with the feeling of our infirmities bending over us in pity and love.

References: Acts Brooks, Outlines of Sermons, p. Bibliography Nicoll, William R. Silver and gold have I none; — This was after the estates were sold. Acts and plainly shews how far the apostles were from enriching themselves by the treasures which passed through their hands. By his mentioning Lose Myself In You - The Mission - Neverland as well as silver, which a beggar like this could not expect to receive, he probably meant to speak of himself, as continuing still a poor man, and not merely to say that he had no gold about him.

How unlike those, of his supposed successors are St. Peter's words and actions! Bibliography Coke, Thomas. Thomas Coke Commentary on the Holy Bible. Observe here, 1. The poverty of this great apostle St. Peter, and his holy contempt of the world; silver and gold he had none; his pretended successor the pope upon his election says the same; but with as little sincerity as he says, Nolo episcopari: The apostle's poverty was real, not fictitious.

The holiest, the wisest, and best men, are seldom the wealthiest. Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have I give. As if he had said, "I have no money to give thee but that which is better than money: I have received power from Christ to cure and heal diseases, and having received it freely, I will give it freely: Therefore, in the name of Jesus ; that is, by the power of Jesuswhom in contempt ye call Jesus of Nazarethbe healed, rise up and walk.

Public and open, not done in a corner, but before all the people at a public time, Pentecost and at a public place the gates of the temple. The miracles, that is, the lying wonders wrought in the church of Rome, will not bear the light.

Miracles are by them most pretended to, where people are most ignorant, and a dark shop is fittest for their false wares. Instantaneous and sudden; Immediately his feet and ankle-bones received strength. This evidently shews it to be God's work, he was perfectly cured, and instantly cured, though he was lame from his birth, and had continued lame above forty years. All things are easy, yea, equally easy, to an Almighty power: If God speaks but the word, the lame shall leap as an hart, Isaiah Observe, 3.

The humility and faith of this great apostle discovered in the manner of the cure; his humility, in not disdaining to touch and take hold of, and lift up this poor cripple from the ground; his faith in being fully persuaded of Christ's presence, relying upon his power, and depending upon his promise, Mark They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. The apostles had not a power at their pleasure to work miracles; but when God pleased to work them, he made it known to them by inspiration, and put them upon it.

Observe, 4. How the poor cripple piously ascribes the praise of this miracle to God only: He leaped and praised Godnot the apostles. No instrument must rob God of his glory; we may pay and gratify the messenger, but must return our prime and principal thanks to our benefactor. No doubt the cripple returned thanks to the apostle, but his prayers unto God only. To conceal God's mercies is ingratitude; to attribute them to second causes is sacrilege.

Bibliography Burkitt, William. Vide abstinentiam Apostoli in tanta administratione, cf. Bibliography Alford, Henry. Greek Testament Critical Exegetical Commentary. Mark ; Luke ; Acts ; Acts This name was the focus of the power of faith, through which the miraculous gift of the apostles operated.

John ; John Bibliography Meyer, Heinrich. Observe the abstinence of the apostle, though exercising such an ample administration of charitable funds: ch. Actswith which comp. Bibliography Bengel, Johann Albrecht. Silver and gold have I none; that is, at hand, or about me; neither had he much elsewhere; the apostles abounded indeed, but in grace, not in riches.

Give I thee; I apply it to thee, and will make it effectual for thee. In the name, in the power, or at the command, of Jesus Christ, and trusting unto his promised assistance, who can speak to things that are not as if they were. Jesus Christ of Nazareth; our Saviour was usually so called, and being known by that name, the apostle does not decline it, though it had been by many without cause given him by way of reproach.

Bibliography Poole, Matthew, "Commentary on Acts ". Such as I have ; the power, namely, to cure him of his lameness. In the name of Jesus Christ ; when the Saviour wrought miracles, the power existed in himself. But when the power was wholly in Christ, and they obtained the exercise of it through faith in him. Compare verses Acts ; Acts All persons may be useful. If they cannot do good in one way, they may Naaalala Ka - Rey Valera - Greatest Hits another; and true religion will lead them to do it.

They will make efforts for this purpose, and depend upon the power and grace of Christ for success. Bibliography Edwards, Justin. American Tract Society. The Apostles, we may see from this, made no claim for themselves upon the contributions of the richer converts. For he speaks as not without experience of what works God will enable him to do. This despised origin, as well as the shameful death, of Jesus, was a stumblingblock to the Jews.

There is some variation in the MSS. As it stands, the text is exactly the same as the words which Look Out (Sunshine Bros.

Sunnyside Dub) - Ben UFO - LWE Podcast 115 used Luke at the cure of the paralytic. Hence objectors have alleged that St Luke in the Acts has based his history here on those recorded words of Jesus. Bibliography "Commentary on Acts ". Peter then informed him that he had no money, no silver or gold, the things that men craved after as they sat in the dust. Those could be found in the Temple, but he had none of that.

But what he did have meant that he could offer him something better. We can compare here Proverbs where loving favour is Partners In Crime - Organised Crime represented as better than silver and gold. What Peter carried with him was the authority of the name of Jesus the Messiah of Nazareth. He was here with all the authority of the Messiah. And by that authority he now commanded him to rise from the dust and walk.

These words in Isaiah were preparatory to the description of the Servant of the Lord when He offered Himself in total self-giving Isaiah to Isaiah Peter was claiming to act in His Name and with His authority. It contains within it the idea of all that Jesus is.

Luke wants all Israel, and indeed all men, to recognise that what God brings to men is not silver and gold and outward success and wealth, but the power to make men whole. And it was proud of its Temple which manifested silver and gold in abundance. Here was the glory of man and of decayed religion. They should be looking to the One Who can offer strength, and vigour and life.

This was also to be true of the lame man. He was not only to walk into the Temple. He was to walk before the Lord in the land of the living Psalms Bibliography Pett, Peter. Silver… none —Much he had that was better than silver or gold, but of those nothing. He was a penniless, but a rich apostle; nor did he perform his apostolate to fill his coffers. In the name… walk —Literally, in the name of Jesus, Messiah, the Nazarene, rise and walk. The highest and the humblest earthly epithets of the Lord are here combined in this act.

Each movement and every exact word seem given by Luke as if himself present, and emphasizing this as a most important miracle. Bibliography Whedon, Daniel. Then Peter said. Recognising from something he could read in that face, marked by years of suffering and want, that lure was Ay Distress - The Baptist Generals - No Silver / No Gold faith.

Silver and gold have I none; but such as Como Pájaros En El Aire - Los Trovadores - Pequeñas Historias have give I thee. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk. Bibliography Schaff, Philip. Spitta, who interprets Acts of the Apostles alone pp. Chrysostom Hom. Peter here, so free from boasting and personal display.

Compare 1 Peter Actswhere the Apostle sharply contrasts the corruptible gold and silver with higher and spiritual gifts Scharfe. On the use, or possible use, of the phrase in extra-biblical literature, see Deissmann, Bibelstudienp. Peter now bids him to associate the dignity and power of the Messiah see Plumptre, in loco. But nothing was more natural than that the man should at first expect to receive money, and his faith in St. Luke much more frequently than the other Evangelists names our Lord from His early home Nazareth in which frequency Friedrich sees another point of likeness between St.

Bibliography Nicol, W. Robertson, M. The Expositor's Greek Testament. But what I have, I give thee. Though St. Luke told us, chap. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, known by that name, though of Bethlehem arise, and walk.

In the name of Jesus, lately nailed to a cross. Witham This is not the shadow of a great name, magni nominis umbra, but the truth of what it signifies, a Saviour.

Not without reason is this name in the Canticles compared to oil, in its three-fold properties, of affording light, food, and medicine. When preached, it enlightens; thought on, it feeds us; and called on, it assuages our grief. Whence has such a sudden light of faith spread over the world, but in preaching Die Sonne Geht Auch In Marrakesh Auf - Stefan Waggershausen - Touché Damour name of Jesus?

How did this light shine, and attract the eyes of all, when proceeding like lightning from the mouth of Peter, it strengthened the weakness of the lame man's feet, and enlightened the minds of many spiritually blind?

Did he not then scatter fire, when he exclaimed, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, arise and walk? This name is food too. Are you not refreshed, as often as you recall it to your mind? What is as powerful in consoling the mind? What so soon repairs our wearied senses, and gives new vigour to our strength; encourages virtues, cherishes chaste affections? All food is dry to me, if not seasoned with this oil; insipid, unless sprinkled with this salt.

If you write, I relish it not, unless I read the name of Jesus. If your read, or speak, I take no pleasure in it, unless Various - Sit Back hear the name of Jesus. Jesus is honey in the mouth, music to the ear, but ecstasy to the heart.

This is also my medicine. Are you sad? And behold, at the rising of this star, every cloud will retire, and serenity return. Bernard, Serm. Bibliography Haydock, George Leo. Peter knew what the lame man was expecting--and it wasn"t to be healed.

He was hoping for a monetary gift. Even though the money contributed in the previous chapter was under the apostles authority Acts ; Acts "laid it at the apostle"s feet"Peter said that he didn"t possess any silver and gold, which infers: a This common fund, or treasury in the New Testament church wasn"t available to non-Christians. While the apostles did have the right to be paid and were financially supported 1 Corinthians ff.

They didn"t act like this new movement belonged to them, i. No long drawn out ceremony or show. No buildup, no hype. Bibliography Dunagan, Mark. Apart from Peter"s lack, it was unlawful by Rabbinical ruling to carry a purse into the Temple. See Acts This title occurs seven times in Acts.

Bibliography Bullinger, Ethelbert William. Bullinger's Companion bible Notes". Then or 'But' Peter said, Silver and gold have I none. Though all the proceeds of the houses and lands sold by the disciples were 'laid at the apostles' feet,' they touched none of it for themselves, and were personally as poor as before. But such as I have give I thee - "as poor, yet making many rich; as having noticing, and yet possessing all things" 2 Corinthians Rise up and walk - that the immediateness and thoroughness of this cure might be seen by all.

What a lofty superiority breathes in these words! Uttered with supernatural power, they doubtless begat in this poor man the faith which sent healing virtue through his diseased members. I have no money at all. Peter had not made himself rich. The miracles were done in the name of Christ. Note the incident in Acts Bibliography Ice, Rhoderick D.

College Press, Joplin, MO. Either, therefore, we must assume that the words meant that they had no silver or gold with them at the time, or that, as almoners, they thought themselves bound to distribute what was thus given them in Repent And Repeat - Mayday Parade - Monsters In The Closet, for the benefit of members of the society of which they were officers and for them only.

But they could give more than money. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And the Name in which they spoke could hardly have been a new name to the cripple.

Among the beggars at the Temple-gate there had once been the blind man who received his sight at the pool of Siloam John The healing of the cripple at Bethesda John ; John could scarcely have been unknown to the sufferer from a like infirmity. What made the call to rise and walk a test of faith was that, but a few weeks before, that Name had been seen on the superscription over the cross on which He who bore it had been condemned to die as one that deceived the people John Bibliography Ellicott, Charles John.

Bibliography Torrey, R. Sign out. Not Even Numbers - Michael Brückner - Kabacab member? Color Scheme.

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Go to classic. Adam Clarke Commentary Silver and gold have I none - Though it was customary for all those who entered the temple to carry some money with them, for the purposes mentioned above, yet so poor were the apostles that their had Ay Distress - The Baptist Generals - No Silver / No Gold to give, either to the sacred treasury, or to the distressed. Albert Barnes' Notes on the Whole Bible Silver and gold have I none - The man had asked for money; Peter assures him that he had not that to give; what he did was done, however, in such a way as to show his willingness to aid him if he had possessed money.

Wealth in poverty What a remarkable combination of poverty which can give nothing, with power which can do almost anything! But I wish you to notice that in the text we have not only a plain historical account of something said and done by one eminent saint, but-- I.

What can be done without silver and gold I. Our future, however far we look, is a natural extension of the faith by which we live now and the life in which we now participate.

Eternity is now in flight, and we with it. The Person, Presence, and Power of the Holy Spirit in our lives as an empowering gift from God is the only context in which our ministry can be carried out. As reflected in La Contamanina - Cuarteto Continental - Cumbias Pegaditas Vol.

IV model, our whole ministry is wrapped up and encircled by the Person, Presence, and Power of the Holy Spirit, producing fruits and imparting gifts for Leadership Empowerment through Revival and Reformation. While followers of Jesus cannot literally be with Him in the same way as His first disciples could, the priorities and intentions, the heart and inner attitudes of disciples are forever the same.

That desire to be like Jesus is naturally followed by a decision to devote oneself to become like Him. The disciple is one who, motivated by their desire to be like the Master, gradually rearranges and reorganizes their life to pursue that very purpose.

There is no other way for disciples and disciples who want to make disciples. Becoming a disciple leads into the abundance of life that Jesus said He came to bring John We should enter into the feelings of the youth, sympathizing with them in their joys and sorrows, their conflicts and victories.

Jesus did not remain in heaven, away from the sorrowing and sinful; He came down to this world, that He might become acquainted with the weakness, the suffering, and the temptations of the fallen race. He, reached us where we were, that He might lift us up. In our work for the youth, we must meet them where they are, if we would help them We are dreaming of a movement of young people committed to knowing and experiencing God in a small community of faith, to be Ay Distress - The Baptist Generals - No Silver / No Gold to serve and to multiply as numbers grow through their witness.

A large crowd of his disciples was there and a great number of people from all over Judea…who had come to hear him and to be healed of their diseases.

Feb 04,  · Ay Distress By The Baptist Generals. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Ay Distress. Featured on No Silver/No Gold. More by The Baptist Generals. Jackleg Devotional to the Heart. Moov Discordia. True Love Will Find You in the End. Void Touching Faster Victuals. Loft progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo Duration: 3 min. Jun 26,  · It's hard not to giggle a little bit at the end of "Ay Distress," the opening track from the Baptist Generals' No Silver/No Gold. After a perfectly haunting performance of the slow spare tune, someone's cell phone rings in the garage studio. . Distress Signal 17 years ago It happens exactly three minutes into "Ay Distress," the first song on No Silver/No Gold, the Baptist Generals' first album for Sub Pop Records.

Mar 13,  · Proverbs , “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver.” Words have the power to heal and word have the power to destroy. One of the things I love to do is to coach. It’s important for me to be a part of my kid’s lives, to /5(27).

Perhaps the best way to describe this band is to remind you that they come from Texas, a state that gave us everyone from Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings to Roky Erickson and the Butthole Surfers. And, No Silver/No Gold has that coveted quality of sounding as though it might fall apart at any moment. Apr 16,  · If you are considering this album, there is no doubt you have an eccentric taste in music. "No Silver/No Gold" definitely sticks to the Baptist Generals' formula of ultra lo-fi recordings with rambling vocals and a looping, powerful guitar. Though stand-outs or singles may prove difficult to get into, they exist/5(9).

A deeply strange, personal album, the Baptist Generals' No Silver/No Gold is much more than the sum of its parts. The group plays the kind of spare, threadbare indie rock that flirts with folk and country without committing to either; Chris Flemmons' biting, nasal vocals are the audio equivalent of vinegar, cutting through the band's shambling racket of strummy acoustic guitars, 8/

Nov 11,  · For the Record #9 The Baptist Generals – No Silver/No Gold For the Record #9 comes to you courtesy of Fruit Bats’ front man, Eric Johnson. Eric Johnson is a good dude and a great musician (currently splitting his time fronting his band Fruit Bats and playing in The Shins). Listen to the biggest hits from The Baptist Generals, including Ay Distress, Creeper, Dog That Bit You, and more. Check it out on Slacker Radio, on free internet stations like Sub Pop: 25 too.

To see vacant tellers, foretells business losses. Giving out gold money, denotes carelessness; receiving it, great gain and prosperity. To see silver and bank-notes accumulated, increase of honor and fortune. You will enjoy the highest respect of all classes. Bankrupt. Denotes partial collapse in business, and weakening of the brain faculties.


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  1. Perhaps the best way to describe this band is to remind you that they come from Texas, a state that gave us everyone from Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings to Roky Erickson and the Butthole Surfers. And, No Silver/No Gold has that coveted quality of sounding as though it might fall apart at any moment.
  2. Created this Bee ATC using Bee sentiment, Bee stamp, Honeycomb embossing and 3 inks. Bee sentiment is from Darcie's B EEutiful stamp set. Be.
  3. Jun 26,  · It's hard not to giggle a little bit at the end of "Ay Distress," the opening track from the Baptist Generals' No Silver/No Gold. After a perfectly haunting performance of the slow spare tune, someone's cell phone rings in the garage studio. .
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of No Silver / No Gold on Discogs.5/5(1).
  5. A conquistador who in , marched into SOuth America, and conquered the Inca Empire. Atahualpa offered a room filled with gold and twice and silver for his release, but they strangled him.-Brought down Incan empire -Aided in the discovery of South America and Peru-Encouraged colonization -Expansion of Christian world.
  6. Listen to the biggest hits from The Baptist Generals, including Ay Distress, Creeper, Dog That Bit You, and more. Check it out on Slacker Radio, on free internet stations like Sub Pop: 25 too.
  7. Now, this morning, as we talk about the beginning of Passion Week, we’re going to talk about our Lord’s entry into the city of Jerusalem. We read from .
  8. Feb 04,  · Ay Distress By The Baptist Generals. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Ay Distress. Featured on No Silver/No Gold. More by The Baptist Generals. Jackleg Devotional to the Heart. Moov Discordia. True Love Will Find You in the End. Void Touching Faster Victuals. Loft progressive.dathistazahnmoditius.infoinfo Duration: 3 min.
  9. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of No Silver / No Gold on Discogs/5(5).
  10. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Saint-Sever Beatus, 11th century. Christological interpretation Before the Reformation and the woodcut by Albrecht Dürer, the usual and more influential commentaries of the Book of Revelation thought there was only one horseman riding successively these four horses, who was the Christ himself.